Are You Analysing Social Data Wrong?

Why social data matters

Social Data for any brand comprises all types of content posted by them for their audience and by their users/followers. Here are a few examples of what comes under social data.

  • Product launch posts on social media platforms
  • Any type of content for feedback and engagement: Posts, quizzes, giveaways, polls
  • Feedback on your engagement posts by users: Comments, Q&A, and poll answers
  • Audience engagement with content: Likes, subscriptions, follows, memberships, saves, links
  • Financial engagement of users: Products bought from social media stores, merchandises, affiliate links, and deals
  • Your followers’ most used hashtags on their posts
  • Social media activity and engagement hours for your followers
  • Your channels growth and AdSense Analytics

These are a few examples from the large pool of social data that affects your brand’s engagement & growth.

Analyzing social data

Analyzing social data manually can get tricky when trying to build the brand name. Hiring individuals to do it for you requires a huge team, and there’s still a high chance of inaccuracy for your brand’s social media analytics.

If you’re facing issues in analyzing your brand’s social media analytics, Social Listening and monitoring Tools make digital brand management impactful, insightful and economical using Social Listening capabilities at their best. Platforms like Locobuzz and SproutSocial will change the game of Social Media Marketing Performance for your brand.

Categories of social data to analyse to understand brand-audience connection

Understanding how efficiently your social media content and product/service management work in your favor depends on what social data categories you’re analyzing. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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Social media analytics

Social listening and monitoring tools generate accurate statistical data for your brand’s social media analytics. This helps you take calculative steps in managing brand data by keeping tabs on the audience engagement factors.

These tools give an understanding of what your target audience has been enjoying at a particular time and the trends that have been popular. Some tools that look after overall brand engagement give you details about how many customers you’ve gained or lost in a set time frame. These reports also give you tips on how to retain audience attention.

Social sentiment analysis

Social Listening Tools, like Locobuzz, are fused with AI-Powered, Machine Learning Capabilities. This enables automatic user data filtration to segregate it into packages. These packages or lists carry data in order of sentiment and importance. Spam, emotional gratitude posts, user queries, complaints, and harmful data makes for some of the categories that are identified by a Social Sentiment Analysis Tracker.

These Trackers look for keywords and other features to alert your brand about things that require immediate attention; as well as things to be handled later. For Example, a grief note or complaint posted by a user can cause reputational damage to your brand. In such a case, you’ll be immediately notified on all connected devices that immediate attention is required to resolve the complaint.

Hashtag tracking

You can track trending hashtags used by your followers by using Social Listening Tools like Locobuzz. Social Listening Tools also track Hashtags of prospective followers and Social Media users that are engaging with your brand on any public platform.

Hashtags = Trending Content = Possible Virality of your Brand

After getting an analysis of the most used Hashtags, you can incorporate them in your posts and blogs to appear in user feeds who don’t already follow you.

This is one of the best products provided by a Social Listening Tool. Why? Because it not only helps attract prospective followers but also caters to a better understanding of the type of content they’re interested in.

Social media marketing performance

How do I Analyse and Improve My Brand’s Overall Social Media Marketing Performance?

That’s one of the most Frequently Asked Questions when the topic of Social Data Analysis comes up.

Your Social Media Marketing Performance is regularly analyzed by the Social Listening tools you’ve access to. These tools check all your Social Listening activities and help you make informed feedback responses to user data.

How about we tell you that there’s a tool in the market that will not only perform as a Social Listening Tool but will also help promote automated Brand Engagement among prospective users?

Yes, a platform like Locobuzz is primarily a Digital Customer Experience Management Platform. With capabilities like CRM Integration, Automation, Chatbot, Analytics, Social Listening, social media management tools, Reports, and Feedback Analysis it has a beneficial impact on your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Performance.

Which Social Listening Tools Provide the most Accurate Social Media Analytics?

There are many Social Listening Tools available for Social Media Analytics. While the designing of these tools serves similarity in its core purpose, every different tool has some kind of newness and variation to it.

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The accuracy of Social Media Analytics is very important. It’s the key step for improving a brand’s Social Media Marketing Performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to have knowledge about the Top Social Listening Tools available. The standpoints discussed above are some of the major things you must look for when choosing a Social Listening Tool.

While features like Social Sentiment Analysis can help your brand prevent Reputational Damage, Hashtag Tracking helps you boost Brand Reputation. Staying up to date with stats for Social Media Analytics while helping your brand grow are some of the best features offered by a Social Listening Tool.

Some tools in the market, like Locobuzz, work as more than just a Social Listening Tool to give you multiple benefits in a compact price deal while improving Social Media Marketing Performance. Turn your venture into an established well-known brand by analyzing social data through Social Listening Tools.

With Social Listening Tools, analyzing social data is made easy so as to create an engaging and immersive Customer Experience to grow your business into a brand.

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