Top 5 Brand Monitoring Tools for Your Business

A strong brand is a treasure for any firm. Whether you are an agency or a brand that wants to ensure a successful reputation of your brand, you can do so by analysing and managing the brand’s reputation.

Find out how brand monitoring may help your agency or clients, and learn about various technologies that make it easier for you to track and respond to brand mentions.

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What is brand monitoring?

The technique of tracking various channels to find out where your brand is discussed is known as brand monitoring. Knowing where and how your brand is being discussed will help you better understand how consumers feel about it and enable you to gather insightful customer feedback. Additionally, you can keep an eye out for future issues and reply to inquiries or criticisms before they spiral out of control.

This technique gives you a more thorough picture of consumer perceptions of the brand. Additionally, it improves your capacity to address unfavourable opinions and maintain the brand’s reputation. You’ll also be able to assess the success of your efforts to raise brand recognition.

A thorough brand monitoring approach often entails monitoring multiple channels in various fields like:

  • Social media
  • Websites and blogs
  • Online forums
  • Review sites
  • Broadcast and print media

What does the brand monitoring tool allow you to do?

The brand monitoring tool provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard with various measures, such as gender, sentiment analytics, and reach. Additionally, thanks to its API interface, you may integrate analytics into your tool or website.

1. Google Alerts

Monitoring Google search engine results for your brand is done with the free Google Alerts tool. This is ideal for looking for mentions of your business or its items on other websites. It looks up blogs, news, movies, forums, and books.

You’ll receive an email notification when your business reviews are discovered. You must fill out the Google Alerts form to sign up for the notice. Include in it:

  • The keywords you’re looking for (the same as you do when you search for something in the Google search engine).
  • What types of platforms need to be considered?
  • And how frequently you should receive notifications.

Unfortunately, Google Alerts won’t give you social media mentions. So, if you need such results, you should consider alternative methods. Additionally, this platform does not permit you to export data to a file so that you can independently develop the information and prepare a report.

2. Brand24

With the help of the premium service of Brand24, you may search through many articles, tweets, posts, and other online content for references to your company. You’ll learn how frequently and what customers write about you outside your online property.

This platform provides several tools that let you analyse reports and gauge the tone of an opinion. Without having to read through comments, it automatically does a sentiment analysis for statements so that you may assess the general idea of customers toward your brand.

With the option to filter by sentiment or other personally significant categories, you may return to the mentions whenever you need to do more image-focused activities and easily view them.

Users of Brand24 can produce a thorough report in PDF format. The tool is also offered in a mobile device form.

3. Sprout Social

The Sprout Social platform allows users access to mentions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest and makes social media monitoring accessible. You can monitor website traffic analyses simultaneously because the application is integrated with the free Google Analytics platform.

The general sentiment of opinions is revealed, along with the percentage of excellent and negative mentions, much like when utilising Brand24. Additionally, Sprout Social examines posts and remarks made in Facebook groups.

Other valuable features of this platform are plentiful. The most significant benefits include sophisticated reporting and analytical capabilities. The tool conducts an audit with a specified goal (e.g., it can check the mentions of competitors or assess user engagement). You can also make visualisations using the information gathered from social media. The trend analysis will highlight your business’s popular hashtags and subjects that your potential clients will find interesting. You gain access to the data crucial to your company and a planner for planning your post-publication timetable.

4. Sotrender

The premium Sotrender program allows you to monitor social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can use it to see the precise reach of your material and how well-liked it is among social media users. Additionally, you’ll discover how engaged the visitors to your accounts are. The platform keeps a close eye on your audience. It’s beneficial to learn more about your target audiences so that you may use this knowledge to segment users and personalise the content on your website in the future.

When using the tool, you can tag and filter the content you can view. It also offers suggestions for enhancing social media communication. Using Sotrender to respond to Facebook messages and comments can significantly improve your productivity.

You can use the platform to keep tabs on what other businesses in your sector are doing on the aforementioned social media. You can also create a report on your brand’s presence if necessary.

5. Mention

You can use the Mention tool to look for mentions of your brand across multiple websites, blogs, forums, and social media platforms. Simply start a new project and give it a name to begin working with it. Then you must:

  • Cite the terms you find interesting.
  • You should specify the sources you want to check.
  • You can also specify addresses you should not use while looking for mentions in a particular project.

It will present the output as a concise list. Before compiling the list of mentions, the Anti-Noise Technology feature will eliminate duplicate information. Simply delete any notifications you no longer find useful, and the application will stop displaying similar remarks in the future. Email is another method by which it can notify you of new brand-related information.

Additionally, Mention enables the management of social media publications. You can access the portal via a mobile application as well. You can try out a restricted trial version of the product in addition to the paid choices.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what consumers think of your brand can be more straightforward with brand monitoring. This information can assist you in making smarter marketing choices and developing campaigns your target market will adore. When you recognise unfavourable remarks, you can more effectively provide support, respond, and manage the message being spread. You’ll learn more about your industry and how your brand performs compared to the competition.

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