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Bringing the ‘Art’ in Artificial Intelligence, the Locobuzz omnichannel chatbot is the modern resolution to large-scale customer experience management. With superior intelligence, our conversational smart bots are the most compelling way to manage customer experience in the digital realm today.

Smart Conversations

The Locobuzz chatbot is easy to use, build and implement. It is designed to engage users intelligently with contextual conversations. Our AI chatbots increases the deflection of chats and agent productivity by routing issues to a chatbot automatically, reducing call volumes and increasing efficiency.

Consistent Brand Experience

The remarkable quality of our conversational smart bots is that once written, customer journeys are run across all integrated platforms. This results in truly consistent omnichannel experience upon all essential customer touch-points such as websites, mobile apps, and social media messengers like Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Telegram, and WhatsApp!

Seamless Support

With CRM Integration, Bots can identify your customers and provide a wide range of contextual answers to customer queries. Bots can take service requests from a mere conversation, enrich CRM with conversational history and update new customer attributes to create a rich and relevant database.

Trusted by the best!

Easy-to-train Chatbot

The Locobuzz bot is in the truest sense a DIY-chatbot service. You don’t have to be a coder to build a bot on the Locobuzz platform. Locobuzz has easy-to-use conversation designers that enables marketers to build a wide range of conversational journeys for the users to experience.

The AI capabilities of the bot prompts queries that are untrained so the brand can quickly equip the bot with new intelligence to address all future interactions.

Chatbot as your frontdesk!

Use the Locobuzz chatbot to better your chances with lead generation.

Let AI educate customers about your products through rich media storytelling. This allows you to acquire valuable, lifetime customers.

Ensure high conversions leading to outstanding ROI and business growth. This way you can easily connect, converse and qualify leads to deliver MQLs. Deploy the Locobuzz bot to use other features like scheduling a meeting, sending notifications, and more.

Why is the Locobuzz chatbot the perfect CX solution?


The AI-Powered bots integrate seamlessly into innumerable digital ecosystems.


They are purposed to aid real-time and unified customer experience management.


They are a versatile solution that enables businesses to efficiently save time and money in both personnel and upkeep.

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