The primary achievement for Locobuzz with any brand is the seamless end-to-end integration with
existing products and services to improve the overall customer experience for the business! We enable brands to:

Checked Listen, Analyse and Engage with their customers
Checked Automated customer interactions using AI
Checked Realtime Data Analytics Hub, Research and Insights
Checked Marketing and Advertising intelligence

Locobuzz’s powerful analytics algorithms have helped seasoned brands establish a strong foothold in the digital hemisphere and transformed their customer experience journeys.

With the establishment of Locobuzz’s AI-powered technology in versatile customer-oriented innovations, we introduce our three central products:


Social Media Analytics and Engagement

Engage as a product is most relied upon by brand managers for social listening, brand health monitoring, industry level competitive benchmarking and of course, Online Reputation Management. The data that is derived and processed through various augmentations are not just valuable for its real-time status, but for being a unified cx platform equipped with multiple workflows designed for efficient response management and crisis aversion.
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Digital Command Centers and War-rooms

Best used to crisis management, The Locobuzz Digital Command Center is remarkably immersive. Think of the DCC as a term insurance - a mechanism where brand health and performance are viewed in versatile analytical algorithms and beautiful visualisations, over a spread of 16 screens. Not only is it possible to know what drives conversations, but also study live campaigns and track competitor behaviour - all in real-time. Many major brands and key industry players have instilled data analytics hubs using our technologies.
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Omni-channel intuitive Smart bots

The Locobuzz AI-powered bots simply put, are one of the most seamless bot technologies designed in the world. Purposed to aid real-time and unified customer experience management, the Locobuzz bot in its fullest ability is a customer experience support marvel. So, go ahead and deploy these easy-to-build bots on social messengers, websites, mobile apps such as WhatsApp! Resolve intent-based queries, generate leads, and make AI-driven conversational commerce exciting!
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