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How Forever 21 utilized the Locobuzz ORM system to engage customers & deliver during lockdown

Forever 21 is synonymous with fast-fashion retail. One of the biggest fast-fashion retailers in the world, Forever 21 has stores across the globe alongside online shopping which is available worldwide.

In India, Forever 21 is the go-to brand for young people who appreciate the low cost of the latest fashion. Through their online India store, Forever 21 serves customers in over 300 towns and cities.

The Challenge

During the pandemic and intense lockdown of 2020, Forever 21 found itself in a major pickle as the shipping and delivery of existing orders came to an abrupt halt while new orders were concurrently being accepted. For any brand, especially a fast-fashion retailer like Forever 21, delay in deliveries and slow updates regarding stuck orders can do extensive damage to the online reputation. To avoid such a situation successfully, Forever 21 utilized Locobuzz’s robust Online Reputation Management (ORM), powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI), and accurate Social Listening.

Customers from across India inquired about their deliveries while those looking to place fresh orders had specific queries for the brand. With the sheer volume of queries, questions, and complaints, Locobuzz assisted Forever 21 by sorting through thousands of online mentions based on specific keywords as defined by the brand.

Forever 21’s main objective, besides keeping customers satisfied, was to convert negative social mentions into positive ones and promptly answering questions about pending refunds. Forever 21 also focused heavily on keeping customers updated on the status of their orders.

The Solution

Locobuzz stepped in to assist Forever 21 with its objectives through the myriad of exclusive features it provides. To make sure that the brand’s image and reputation stay intact, the Locobuzz ORM effectively tracked, analyzed, and engaged with every incoming customer query and complaint in real-time while flagging the ones needing immediate attention.

Using Instagram as the main platform of communication, Locobuzz lets Forever 21 constantly communicate with customers about status updates and pending refunds. The brand replied to over 150 direct messages every single day during the pandemic and, in the process, maintained its brand image and customer loyalty.

To solve the issue of negative mentions, Forever 21 employed Locobuzz’s Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis to stay on top of the matter at all times. Targeting negative mentions, the retailer managed to turn them into positive or neutral. In turn, all these methods applied at once helped Forever 21 increase social media engagement, customer retention, and brand advocacy.

The Outcome

Using Locobuzz’s advanced AI-powered data analytics, Forever 21 managed to remain at the top of their game during one of the most difficult periods of recent times.

While the pandemic raged on, the fast-fashion retailer, despite the tough circumstances, succeeded in gaining followers and increasing engagement by leveraging real-time consumer insights.

Knowing that they were being heard, is what mattered most for many brand loyalists and customers alike. It was also nice for many customers to talk to a brand that did not sound robotic.” – Nigel, Team Lead, ORM, Locobuzz

The brand saw a significant drop in its Turnaround Time (TAT) during the period of quarantine and lockdown while converting negative consumer sentiment to neutral and/or positive.

In the end, Forever 21 took advantage of Big Data and Analytics to turn a potentially damaging situation into a fruitful one.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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