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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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Earn your customers’ trust and loyalty with Locobuzz’s AI-driven ORM platform.

Get complete control over your brand image by receiving a real-time and extensive assessment of your brand’s online perception. Use our ORM solutions to engage with your consumers thoroughly, obtain a competitive advantage, and prevent crises.

Leverage our cutting-edge ORM features to manage your brand's image on key social channels!

Before we begin, what is ORM, how does it benefit modern business?

ORM, put simply, is the process of actively monitoring mentions of your business on websites and social media to respond to any unfavourable or misleading remarks. It is highly beneficial for the modern business looking to portray themselves in the best light possible. ORM helps companies ensure that small fires such as negative comments or low star reviews don’t amount to significant damage.
ORM helps you:

Locobuzz’s ORM, managing your reputation has never been easier

Provide instant assistance across all channels

Execute response management like a pro! Leverage real-time customer engagement, alerts, and reports across social media and deliver a thorough omnichannel customer experience.

Automate conversations across social media

Our AI chatbots can be trained once, and journeys can be applied across all integrated channels to ensure a uniform customer experience!

Robust ticketing system

Share the responsibility of tickets while maintaining visibility. Invite coworkers to a conversation directly inside the ticket to handle it accordingly for better resolution.

Handle online reviews

Monitor and respond to customer ratings and reviews across different platforms, enabling you to build trust and drive sales.

Align your reviews and star ratings with Locobuzz’s ORM

Get rich insights and robust CX solutions for the best brand reputation!

Key features of Locobuzz’s ORM

SSRE takes ORM to the next level by automating data collection, interpretation and response. As a result, SSRE is a highly effective tool for maximising customer service. It completes the job of a single agent at one-third of the price.

Benefit from:

  • Reduced turnaround times as queries are replied to instantly with 99% accuracy, helping reduce the workload on your customer service agents.
  • Always on and always ready technology that handles your customer queries and needs at any time of the day.

With our CRM integration, you can create customer profiles and generate leads while tracking and analysing customer interactions. Understanding your customer history enables improved customer service, increased personalisation, and greater efficiency for all teams involved.

Gain customers’ trust and improve your brand’s reputation with our ORM experts!

Here’s how our ORM makes a real impact

Enable your staff to take care of your customers by dividing conversations across agents to balance the burden and loop in divisions for in-depth queries.
Our reply approval procedure for the agent dashboard ensures total consistency by having a team leader review replies before sharing them on social media.
By seamlessly integrating team interactions throughout our platform, you can ensure that queries are handled at the appropriate level. Customer queries are constantly being handled flawlessly with our auto-escalation and team leader approval systems.
Gain access to first-level response and turnaround time reports and better understand your team’s handling and performance.

Engage with customers, manage teams, get reports & insights with Locobuzz’s ORM Platform

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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