• Use the Power of Machine Learning
    and NLP to converse effortlessly.

    Discover a new age of Customer Experience.

  • Manage your entire social media identity
    using an intuitive command center.

    Discover a new age of Customer Experience.

  • Engage in real time on
    a true omni-channel platform

    Discover a new age of Customer Experience.


Locobuzz is an award winning social media analytics and engagement platform, which can be effectively deployed to listen and respond to online buzz created by the brand and assess effectiveness of a given marketing campaign. Locobuzz not only helps in 'Listening' to social media but also 'Engaging' with users on personalised basis using inbuilt CRM features. Powerful bucketing of data generates insights and provides actionable data.

Complete Social Media Management

A comprehensive platform to Listen, Analyse and Engage. Locobuzz has a plethora of rich features to help you save time and do more with data and continue to delight your customers. 'Engage' offers social media insights, competitive intelligence, response management and scheduling features along with customer feedback and accurate sentiment analysis.

Historic Data and Local Languages

Locobuzz allows you to collect data in most of the popular vernacular languages with the ability to get reliable sentiment analysis. 'Engage' can instantly fetch historic data for your campaigns, research or customer engagement. Data coverage provided is very detailed and exhaustive.

Team Workflows

Locobuzz has some powerful workflows enabling you to manage different team roles, escalations, alerts and even auto ticket closure. The analytics help you address concerns like working/non working hours TAT, SLA breach analysis, email based team participation for wider and easy adoption.


We contrive a one stop digital intelligence hub for your brand. This eases the efforts taken to drive your digital strategy and brand identity with structured and powerful analytics & visualizations, free from the excess of complex social data.

Real Time Experience

A truly powerful real time brand immersion experience. In 5 minutes you can get the pulse of your brand and be on top of its social health. Understand the key drivers, topics, influencers and areas which need immediate attention. This is a truly transformative product to upgrade your CX and any CXO's delight.

Thought Leadership

Immerse enables proactive engagement, influencer identification and opportunity to establish one as a thought leader in your area of business. The real time alerts of influencers, key topics and trends across the digital world can help you with perfect content plan and engagement strategy.

Crisis Management

Immerse is the perfect tool to help manage any crisis related to brand reputation, key employees or even marketing campaigns. The series of real time visualisations and insights give you unprecedented ability to manage and reduce negative chatter, identify important conversation drivers and control negativity.


Locobuzz enables businesses to leverage from the power of machine learning and NLP for creating an interactive experience using multilingual chatbots. We believe that the potential of conversational commerce can refine productivity by incorporating human intelligence into machine by means of AI.

Round the Clock Services

Customers are always active, they can post a mention or comment at any time, but you can’t always be online. Chatbots are an effective way to be able to respond to your customers as they can be deployed in no time. This helps in minimizing turnaround time and maximizing results.

Great opportunities for Precision Marketing and Lead Generation

Precision marketing is a process of being able to target your customers accurately using AI. The Bot can be trained on the fly to respond to your customers with offers, schemes or any unique feature that you wish to share with your customers, thus creating opportunities to pitch something new and generate leads and sales.

Extremely Cost Effective

Our Chatbots can save on customer service cost by quick responses and freeing up agents for more demanding work. Customers demand answers at any time and it is not always possible for you to stay online. Chatbots eliminate the need for human interaction in most situations in turn leads to saving costs and time when responding to customers.

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