Listening is Key!
Know Your Customers Better

With Locobuzz’s AI-powered social listening abilities, track and analyze billions of online conversations about topics most important to you. With Locobuzz, you can turn volumes of data into relevant, customer-centric business insights.

Measure all your social metrics and key performance indicators on one platform

With our social media analytics tools, you’re able to track social metrics such as impressions, engagement, and pageviews across several digital channels on a single-view dashboard.

  • Understand your performance with your brand’s activity summarised into a single interface.
  • Deep-dive into rich, actionable consumer insights for data-driven business decisions.
  • Flexible time frame selection makes it easy to collect and arrange data for periodic reporting.
  • Improve your social media marketing and Engagement strategy with real-time monitoring.

Brand. Strategy. Made. Easy

Make intelligent business decisions with real-time data, insights, and information at your fingertips. Apply what you’ve learned through social listening to other areas, such as product and customer relationship innovation, to benefit your business on all levels.

Stay ahead with social media brand performance reports

Obtain insights on your social media performance, enabling you to fine-tune strategies and approaches. Gain access to several simple yet powerful report formats to make data interpretation effortless. We also give you the ability to customise your reports, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business.

  • Set up automated reports that present relevant data for all of your KPIs.Choose from a wide range of reports focused on several topics, including Twitter, marketing, ORM, influencers, campaign insight and performance, turnaround time, etc.
  • Enhance your knowledge of your consumer segment by mixing and collating multiple widgets, scheduling and customizing, and saving templates and formats with our DIY reports feature.
Social Media Reports

AI powered social listening tool shaping real-time consumer data into actionable insights

Handle it with care

We help you manage public-facing and internal crises with unparalleled speed and alignment. Additionally, make reactive modifications and correct social media efforts as needed. All this is made simple with our digital command centers that present real-time data and analysis through dynamic visualizations on up to 16 monitors!

Benefit from real-time monitoring of viral alerts, consumer mentions, brand health, influencers, and more.

Enhance your brand’s social media listening, monitoring, and engagement now!

Schedule and publish content to remain in control of your narrative

Engage more effectively with your customers by understanding them and their needs better. We gather big data from multiple sources and arrange it into several categories, including context, intent, sentiment, and more. This data is modeled into graphs and further refined with AI providing actionable insights.

  • Benchmark against competitors – Uncover insights on where, when & how audience is talking about your brand v/s competitors
  • Build customer profiles and generate leads with our CRM integration, enabling you to track and analyze customer interactions.
  • With our Advanced Workspace Analytics (AWA), we sift through large amounts of data surrounding your brand’s online engagements. Our AI then processes it and conveniently presents it in various forms, including visuals, charts and, reports. AWA gives you the ability to gain insights and make data-driven decisions that were previously impossible.

Start using our social listening platform that brings data and management from 20+ channels into one tool today!

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