Social Listening and Brand Monitoring

Listen to everything that impacts your brand on autopilot & non-intrusively. A must-have capability for all brands that automatically find every piece of content that mentions your product, brand, or company.

Engage and retain your customers


Value-Driven Data

In a time of crisis, seconds matter. Brands require immediate access to relevant channels in order to listen, engage and reach their audience. Locobuzz ensures data is collected, analyzed, and routed to the right teams for proper action. All of this in real-time!

Completeness of Social Media Data

It’s difficult to generate accurate analytics with partial data. Insight teams are highly dependent on the completeness of collected data. Incomplete data is more harmful in the time of crisis as teams make poor decisions with a high degree of confidence.


Locobuzz automatically enriches all mentions with the following information:

  • Language
  • Sentiment
  • Location 
  • Demographics
  • Visual Logos
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Category Tags

Historical Data Coverage

There is a significant advantage in gathering and analyzing social media data from the past when trying to derive long-term insights from the audience. It’s useful to compare campaigns, discover audiences and analyze consumer behavior.

Promoted Content

Locobuzz enables listening to brands’ promoted content to analyze engagement on those posts. These include Facebook and Instagram dark posts!

Win With Social Analytics

Monitor Brand’s Online Reputation

Keep a close real-time tab on everything users say about your brand online.

Track and Engage Influencers

Easily find the right influencers for your brand and turn them into advocates.

Discover Market Opportunities 

Thoroughly understand market segments and find fresh business opportunities.

Top-Notch Lead Generation

Identify and analyze the social behavior of potential customers to bolster lead generation.

Extract Important Competitor Strategy

Keep a track of your competitors in real-time and compare performances.

Stellar Consumer Insights

Instantly receive valuable insights about any product, topic, or content.

Boost Online Engagement and Presence

Track and analyze social media campaigns and boost online strategy for better and improved performance.