Social Media Monitoring

Locobuzz provides comprehensive social media Listening and monitoring capabilities to help you achieve your social media goals and help improve the brand presence.

Real time listening across platforms

Easy to integrate and get started real time social media listening with all the popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., millions of data sources for news, blogs, etc. Fetch historic data across platforms on demand and instantly start working on creating Global business Strategy and influencer Insights.

Never miss a single conversation!

Enriched audience and influencer Insights

Locobuzz uses advanced Machine Learning Algorithms to enrich every single conversation in real time with a series of attributes like influencer, topic, location, gender, sentiment, priority, toxicity, etc. Locobuzz helps you get instant powerful analytics for any topic filter by language, influencers, demography, location etc. The real time powerful insights help you to identify thought leaders, brand ambassadors, detractors and develop complete understanding of your brand’s social health.

Social Media Campaign Measurement

On the key facets which brand managers must work on are social media campaigns. Locobuzz allows you to easily measure the campaign performance in real-time – this can help brand managers to correct, benchmark & further fine tune brand strategy and get better results and gives better value for your investment and effort.

Platform with automated alerts and advanced analytics report, which will help you save time and focus more on strategy.
Enhance your brand’s social media listening,
monitoring and engagement now!!

Stay a step ahead with Competitive Benchmarking

In this connected world, it’s not enough to track your brand performance – one needs to proactively benchmark their social media performance against the competitors, learn from the ecosystem.

With smart interactive dashboards that give you a clear understanding of the competitive landscape, discover the success and failures of your close competitors and make business decisions which can keep you ahead of the curve and establish your brand as a thought leader.

Evolve your business Strategy

With real-time analytics, insights and intelligence at your fingertips assist you in making informed business decisions. You can apply these learnings beyond social media marketing into product and customer relationship innovation and revamp customer care, product development along with outreach strategies.

Locobuzz is a powerful unified platform which is future ready and an ideal Social media Listening, monitoring and engagement platform!
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