Technology that bridges the gap between brands and consumers. 

Locobuzz is a powerful consumer experience platform committed to connecting brands with their consumers. Utilize our SaaS products, powered by state of the art technology, to better understand and serve your consumers. Our scalable technology stack processes millions of data points augmented with microservices to ensure efficient workflows. Based in India, our operations have expanded across the globe, including in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, United States, and Emirates.


Mission Statement

We endeavor to shorten the gap between brands and their consumers with holistic AI-powered technology.


Vision Statement

By democratizing access to technology, we envision empowering companies to foster lasting relations with their consumers.


Origin of Locobuzz

Locobuzz is a platform set to guarantee a win-win partnership between brands and their consumers. It is not just our technology that provides the best consumer experience – it is what we are built on.

Social media platforms changed the way brands and their consumers communicate with each other. Our founders saw an opportunity in utilizing artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning to tap into the vast reservoirs of social media. They aspired to create a platform that would streamline and optimize consumer experience on social media.

Our Founders

From an idea to an accomplishment, our founders talk about Locobuzz.

CEO Locobuzz Solutions

I always wanted to be a part of something fresh and original, so we co-created an organization where we have creative freedom. The constant chase of outdoing ourselves has always been a driving force. Initially, we did some interesting work with location-based analytics and saw the potential in real-time analytics. I quickly stitched together how social media and analytics together could be a catalysing tool, andLocobuzz was born!

CTO Locobuzz Solutions

We gauged early on that machine learning will be paramount to our future in technology.. Our top priority is making sure our customers can utilize the adaptable technology we offer to strengthen their brand-consumer relationship. This remains the premise of any growth-oriented objectives we set as a brand. Along our trajectory, we aim to become a go-to and preferred platform for digital customer service experience management.

COO Locobuzz Solutions

We strategically work towards making Locobuzz an innovation hub and creative powerhouse. We encourage freedom of expression, and contribute to an environment of thriving minds and initiative that escalate our business. As a woman-led startup, most of our key positions are held by women and we guarantee a fair, discrimination-free workplace with equal opportunity and credit.

Work Culture

At Locobuzz, our community consists of employees and directors who dream with intensity and continue to be fueled by joint initiative. Our work culture fosters teamwork, encourages honesty, values individuality, and breaks organizational hierarchies. With integrity and accountability as our guiding principles, our employees decide their own deadlines and set their own goals. In addition, we strongly believe in brand-wide collaboration to sustainedly improve, adapt, and optimize brand-consumer engagement.

Day-to-day life at Locobuzz


Meet our Teams 

The Online Reputation Management Team
The Online Reputation
Management Team

Meet the digital firefighters! Our ORM team is an in-house auxiliary workforce positioned to conduct engagement operations for brands and resolve queries, especially in times of crisis.

The Client Onboarding Team
The Client Onboarding

Always on the move, the Client Onboarding team is the backbone of the after-sales support. Flying around the globe to meet and support clients, say Hola to our reps in their pinned locations!

The Data Science Team
The Data Science

Introducing the tech-wizards, the masterminds behind every Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services developed at Locobuzz. The Data Science team builds and designs groundbreaking AI-Models and algorithms to consistently upgrade the quality of our product.. Come say hello––hopefully our response isn’t encrypted!

Meet our Teams 

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