Enjoy a range of service programs tailored to meet your business needs.

Enjoy a range of service programs tailored to meet your business needs.



Ace the game of rapidly-growing business models and rise above the competition with innovative data analytics and insights integration.


Expand your technological horizons with the advanced services of a 360-degree marketing suite.


Capitalize on our technology to step into the global market and set a benchmark for yourself.

Startup Programs

This package is designed for small and medium-sized startups and businesses to leverage powerful Customer Experience Management and business intelligence at an economical cost. Our Startup Programs minimize the learning curve by employing user-friendly technology to make consumer experience central to your business ethos. We will meet you where you are, and help you grow!

Agency Programs

This collaboration package is designed for tech-savvy marketing and digital agencies to scale their offerings for clients across industries. Maximize our partnership potential through seamless onboarding, platform support, flexible pricing plans, insightful reports and data mining. Treat all your clients to a view of their customers through a single interface, and pave their potential for business growth through our varied AI-led capabilities.

Reseller Programs

Through our reseller programs, we seamlessly integrate our platform with the technology you already use. Make end-to-end solutions easier, unify data management systems, enjoy speedy customer experience solutions, and ensure high-value outcomes for your brand. We want to partner with you based on your needs––and make the process easy and unified.
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