Unify your business functions on the single, seamlessly integrated Locobuzz platform

Unified Platform

With Locobuzz, you have a single view and management of your digital presence and customers and therefore spend less time maintaining your infrastructure, and more on developing your services and growing your business. On the Locobuzz platform, it is possible to combine different business activities, from engagement to marketing, manage projects and view brand performance, sustain real-time relationships with customers to gaining strategic growth insights!

Locobuzz’s Unified systems streamline internal processes, automate manual tasks to increase efficiency and productivity, and support to align teams. As a result, we facilitate a better, more consistent customer experience.

With us, there are numerous applications to be explored, including the following:

Social Presence Management

Stay engaged on the channels actively used by your customers, and never miss out on chatter pertaining to your brand in the digital ecosystem.
Social Presence Management

Editorial Calendar – Plan your social media posts and smartly control content publication using our Visual Content Calendar.

Smart Scheduling – Schedule your posts on all your favorite social media platforms without missing out on any important event/date.

Content Curating – Keep your brand communication relevant by assimilating trending topics in one place.

Collaboration – Align your multi-functional teams seamlessly on a unified platform.

Asset Annotations – Easily access your creative content by tagging it.

Digital Asset Management – Streamline your brand compliance strategies and manage approved content resources effortlessly.

User-Generated Content – Track and curate UGCs for remodeling, building perpetual relationships, and strengthening brand loyalty.

Instagram Scheduling – Plan, schedule, and manage end-to-end user lifecycle on the most popular social platform in the world.

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Engagement and ORM

Experience a powerful ORM system that gives you a holistic view of your customer by collating cross-channel interaction history, and insights on keywords, locations, and sentiments.

Smart Inbox – Adopt a more consolidated and uniform view of all your actionable conversations garnered from all integrated digital channels.

Deviation alerts – Safeguard yourself against any unanticipated spike in conversational volume, sentiment shift, and influencer activity through receiving clinical alerts.

Review Management – Efficiently manage review channels such as Playstore, App store, GMB, Amazon, Tripadvisor, and more.

Ticket Assignment – Assign tickets based on the categories and queries, so agents can swiftly look into the matter with the needful response.

Message and Mention Tagging – Automate the classification of your mentions across digital channels into closely grouped categories.

Social CRM – Monitor social updates, listen to what customers are saying about you, and keep track of mentions so you can respond as quickly as possible – all in real-time.

Escalation Management – Ensure that issues get resolved on the right level by easily connecting back-office teams via email to your priority consumers.

Feedback management (NPS, CSAT) – Request feedback from your customers that you can view in your social CRM.

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Engagement and ORM

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Derive detailed social insights for brands, customers and competitors in order to strategize brand positioning, build engagement, and most importantly gather detailed analysis of the digital ecosystem.

Audience Analysis – Be a step ahead to track consumer behavior and online market shifts related to your brand and your competitors.

Customer Feedback – Collect valuable feedback from across digital channels and record consumer voice to catalog to gain an upper hand.

Influencer Recognition – Identify influencers who create chatter around your brand, gather sentiment, analyze engagement trends, and stay alert when activity around your brand spikes.

Sentiment Research – Uncover consumer sentiments through their posts, replies, and reviews.

Campaign Analysis – Audit campaigns, assess ROIs, watch their progress and identify influencer insights around your brand messaging. 

Competitor Comparison – Benchmark your competitors on various social media metrics available.

Trend Identification – Spot trending topics, hashtags, keywords, and more to develop relevant marketing intelligence.

Historic listening – Get social media data from the past for the comparison of brand performance over time.

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Digital Command Center

This data intelligence hub visualizes, in real-time data movements across digital channels. Most effective in the prevention and managing of any brand crisis. The Locobuzz Command Center can be scaled to 16 screens with voice controls!

Social Influencers – Identify emerging trends and comprehend how customers talk about your brand across social media on a real-time basis.

Geographic Trends– Learn more about your global audience by focusing on mentions by region.

Top Images – View an up-to-date social feed of popular customer photos related to your brand. Our platform allows you to further use Image recognition to direct brand images for UGC monitoring.

Social Customer Care – Quickly identify top issues affecting your brand at any given time to provide swift responses for resolving queries.

Word Cloud – Obtain a better understanding of your customer connection by examining the most common words associated with your product. These views can be further filtered by Location, sentiment, Products, Audience, etc.

Complete Multi-Channel Views – Gain a true understanding of your customer relationships with the multichannel command center to consolidate investment in marketing technology.

Brand Health – Fetch real-time view of quantitative (email, Chatbot, Google analytics, social performance) and qualitative (social listening) data quickly and effortlessly.

Crisis and Campaign Management – Manage public-facing and internal crises with a quick resolution and unprecedented alignment. Moreover, you can also execute reactive changes and fix marketing campaigns.

Sentiment analysis – Decode the EQ of your brand by performing accurate sentiment analysis.

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Digital Command Center

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Analytics and Insights 

Stay updated and insightful to safeguard your brand against the latest and emerging threats to mitigate risks by keeping up with current events.
Analytics and Insights

Audience summary – Understand your audience demographics with considerations to their keywords, platforms, and countries.

Topic analysis – Identify the most associated themes with your brand.

Sentiment & emoji analysis – Discover the positive, neutral, and negatives with AI-enriched analysis for sentiment and emojis, to better understand brand perceptions and associations.

Image recognition – Use AI-led image analytics to transform objects, scenes, attributes, or emotions into actionable insights. Analyze thousands of images and learn how social media users feel about your logo and brand as well as view other topics they discuss at the same time.

User interaction insights – Exercise theme analysis to understand the CX expectation and brand conveyance for better visibility to devise action plans and generate interaction insights basis the volume of conversations driven by CX on each social media platform.

Social Media Analytics (Page Insights) – Analyze data metrics – Impressions, Engagement, Page Reach, Page Views, and Video Views on Social Media Analytics for 8+ social platforms on a single page level to help brands understand its current progression.

Listening Insights – Trendspot the needful approach for crisis and analyzing Influencers, Top Prolific Users, and Brand post insights.

Sentiment uplift and NPS Scores – Understand and uplift the entire journey of the customer basis his interactions with the brand based on sentiment uplift score.

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Conversational automation

Automate both conversations and build journeys to enable your customers to provide adequate information about your brand instantly. In addition, gather journey insights, sentiment analytics and a history of repeating visitors to gain holistic customer profiles!

Do it Yourself – Create your own bots to easily plug and play your editor during your conversational journey.

Enterprise-grade Agent Support – Unleash the ability to enable handover to a human agent for critical support functionalities.

Real-time analytics – Conduct a real-time analysis based on location, tag cloud, active conversations, and user insights

Powerful Notification Engine – Explore opportunities for cross-selling and smarter marketing across multiple channels with respect to Action and Attribute-based notifications.

CRM Integration – Amplify the intelligence of your bot and make it smarter by making it read and analyze the previous history.

Conversational automation