7 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools To Save Your Time in 2021


Looking for the best social media scheduling tool to publish posts and boost social media presence? Want a tool that automatically publishes posts when you’re offline? If that’s the case, you need the best social media scheduling tool to help you out.

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen rapid growth of social media attracting several types of businesses to transform into a brand.

According to a recent study by Data Reportal, 53.6% of the world’s population, which is 4.20 billion people, love spending a longer time on social media.

Considering more than half the world’s population is on social media, businesses have aggressively entered the space to get their products and services seen.

With a proper social media scheduling tool, you can easily manage and operate social accounts without any hassle. The social media scheduling platform you select decides your social media game!

Several tools come with unique features such as team collaboration, publishing, analytics, and more, but only a few offer functionalities your business is looking for.

Selecting the best social media scheduling tool is a challenging task. Hence, we’ve listed the best social media scheduling and publishing tools with pros and cons to make it simple for you. So let’s get started.

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    Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

    Below are the list of best Social Media Scheduling tools used by brands. If you are looking for Social Media Management tool here is the list.



    Sendible is a tool designed particularly for agencies and brands to manage social media marketing and accomplish great results.

    Sensible has one unique “Social media scheduling” feature that helps schedule social media posts in bulk or advance. Unlike other social media scheduling tools Sendible plans your entire offline campaign and imports it to the platform’s scheduler in bulk.

    Everything you plan is stored in an interactive calendar. This tool comes with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that interacts with influencers and connects in real-time.

    Sendible gives a roadmap from planning to publishing using its compose box feature. The integrated dashboard features a wide range of collaboration, analytics, CRM, and listening tools to keep you away from confusion.

    You can connect with several social networks as it supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and posts directly on blogging platforms like Medium, WordPress, and Tumblr.


    1. Helps manage multiple users and clients
    2. Completely dedicated towards brand monitoring and reputation building
    3. Allows you to publish content over various social networks
    4. Dedicated tracking and integrated analytics feature
    5. Effective in lead generation and scheduling posts


    1. Free 14 day trial
    2. Easy to use
    3. Interactive and exceptional social listening features
    4. Powerful integrations
    5. Excellent for agencies


    1. It takes time to get familiar with Sensible

    Considering all the features & Pros collectively Sendible can easily be said to be one of the best social scheduling tools among its competitors!



    Locobuzz is yet another robust and excellent social media scheduling tool that monitors conversations and scales presence over multiple social media channels.

    It comes with a social media editorial calendar that helps plan, schedule, and publish content over several digital channels.

    The best part about Locobuzz is that you can collaborate with internal and external teams to enable a crystal clear process and find rogue posts, spelling errors, and more before hitting the “publish” button.

    Locobuzz even allows you to measure campaign performance and delivers better results and value to your investment and effort.

    Locobuzz provides advanced analytics reports and insights to help make informed business decisions. It also saves your precious time.

    Locbuzz also comes with a mobile app that is easy and convenient to use. It manages your entire process from social media mentions to customer queries just from your mobile phones without any trouble


    1. Social media editorial calendar helps with everything; from planning to publishing content
    2. Collaborates with teams
    3. Free trial to help you get started
    4. Single interface to unify social media process
    5. Delivers insights to maximize reach and engagement.


    1. Free trial
    2. Offers sentimental analytics reports and insights
    3. Measures campaign performance
    4. Easy to use interface
    5. Helps collaborate with your teams



    Agorapulse is a social media scheduler and CRM tool crafted for agencies and teams at an affordable price.

    It comes with a flexible scheduling option and unlimited reports. The best feature is its “social box” that allows you to scroll through social media mentions quickly and effectively.

    The flexible social scheduling platform of Agropulse gives you a way to plan and schedule content in advance. All you have to do is select the date & time, and you’re good to go.

    With their queue function, you can constantly publish evergreen content to maintain a regular content stream. Agropulse can listen, report, collaborate and publish content on various social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

    Another feature that many other social scheduling tools don’t have &  Agropulse offers is “Queue Categories” which organizes queued content to get a better insight into what content will be published.


    1. Manages social interactions across social media
    2. The built-in CRM feature delivers in-depth insights into audience responses
    3. Constantly monitors individual progress and facilitates collaboration
    4. Dig out recent trends, hashtags, and keywords for your content
    5. Schedules and queues content on your Android or iOS device


    1. Suggests the best time to publish content
    2. Easily manages your account
    3. Uploads urgent posts instantly through its mobile app
    4. Quickly uploads bulk content
    5. The Queue feature shares evergreen content again and again


    1. Doesn’t transfer data while switching to another social media scheduling tool



    Loomly is a reliable and effective social media scheduling tool for small businesses and solopreneurs to uplift their brand to the next level.

    Its simple and easy-to-use interface improves your team’s workflows in approving and publishing your content on various social networks.

    Loomly helps you organize and create all of your social media posts in one easy-to-use calendar which makes it one of the best social publishing tools out there in the market. With the help of this platform, you can easily schedule your social posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and more.

    The process of creating a post is easy and simple for every user. You can either start by creating a post from scratch or using an RSS feed to pull all post ideas and automatically create draft posts.

    It also gives you the freedom to create a rough copy before posting on several social networks. So, for example, if you’re looking to create a paid post from Facebook, Loomly will become your companion.

    All you have to do is customize your audience and set the right budget for your campaign, and this platform will find all the relevant data to help you out.

    Another beneficial feature of using this platform is its highly interactive screen, allowing you to manage all messages, comments, and more without any trouble.


    1. Recommends post ideas derived from social media or trending topics
    2. Allows you to plan and publish your content in advance
    3. Replies to all reactions and comments of followers on various platforms
    4. Helps manage all social media content from a single unified platform
    5. Gives a step-by-step guide to create and publish posts


    1. Ability to edit and previews posts for each channel
    2. Supports several social media networks
    3. Suggests RSS feeds to inspire 15 days free trial
    4. Helps set various calendar workflows


    1. Does not have automated response or chatbot features


    When it comes to selecting the best social media scheduling tools, SmarterQueue offers unique solutions to all its users.

    The primary purpose of building this software was to schedule social media posts and updates on social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    It comes with several different categories that allow you to manage all different types of content, i.e., quotes, blog posts, promotions, and much more.

    Every category features its queue and has its posting plan, which means that all your scheduled posts provide different types of content to your lovely audience.

    With its evergreen posting feature, you can schedule your content uniquely so that it doesn’t leave your queue empty.

    Once your post is scheduled, it directly saves your post in the library to reuse later.

    The best thing about SmarterQueue is that all its categories are color-coded, which means you can easily take a look at how your schedule looks like in the calendar.This small but effective feature makes it stand out among many other social publishing tools.

    If you’re looking to fix or need any adjustments, you can simply use the drag and drop feature in your post to a revised time and date.

    Apart from categories, the built-in analytics report delivers actionable insights to show how your content performs on several social networks.

    Plus, the additional benefit is that you can discover the best-curated content with their smart search feature and share it easily.


    1. Allows you to pause the queue to stop publishing your content for a while
    2. Evergreen recycling feature helps you save your time in reposting
    3. Visualize scheduled content with the help of a drag-and-drop calendar
    4. Built-in analytics reports deliver actionable insights
    5. Uses several categories to manage various types of content


    1. Helps add content with their tools
    2. Easily organizes your social content
    3. Manage all content in an easy manner
    4. Works with several social media platforms
    5. Easy to use interface


    1. Does not have any social inbox to track conversations



    Buffer is an application designed for web and mobile-based users. It helps schedule content to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from its simple dashboard. Buffer is one of the best social media publishing tool among many others available in the market.

    As the name indicates, Buffer lets you select the relevant posts you want to share and, later on, schedule at an appropriate time for your audiences. All your scheduled content is lined up in the calendar that allows you to see what type of post is lined up for each social platform.

    However, this tool works great in scheduling posts for Instagram. You can plan your posts and get reminders, or you can schedule directly to various social networks easily.

    Besides scheduling, it even allows you to customize all your messages on each social network. The best thing is its mobile-based app and web browser extension, making it simple to add images, titles, and links to your Buffer schedule.

    Buffer gives you a suggestion to post at suitable times for each social platform and provides analytics to showcase the success rate of all your posts.

    For beginners, you set an advanced schedule for every account that will help you to get your content posted at the optimal time.


    1. Helps create and publish content on several social networks
    2. Helps collaborate on content with your team
    3. Create an advance publishing schedule for every social account
    4. Integrates easily with several social media platforms
    5. Highly responsive customer support


    1. Affordable pricing plans
    2. Clean and easy to use interface
    3. Offers customization for every social network
    4. Comes with a mobile app and web browser extension
    5. Suggest suitable times for posting


    1. Does not have a content curated feature to find the latest, trending content

    Sprout Social

    Sprout Social Social Scheduling Tool.

    Sprout Social is an all-in-one powerful and reliable social media scheduling tool that allows you to both post and schedule posts across multiple social media networks.

    Several marketing teams use this tool to get hands-on experience to schedule content across multiple social networks. Sprout Social also has a mobile app, which means you can schedule content easily by managing it on your mobile phone.

    Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface can help you manage all your post across multiple profiles and networks from a unified, beautiful calendar. If you’re looking to schedule your content across several social media platforms, you can use Sprout Social as a collaborative marketing tool among your marketing team.

    Furthermore, you can even get access to Social Media analytics and trend reports, which will eventually help you to boost your social media game.


    1. It allows you to both post and schedule posts across multiple social media networks.
    2. You can use Sprout Social as a collaborative marketing tool among your marketing team.
    3. Manage all your post across multiple profiles and networks from a unified, beautiful calendar.
    4. Intuitive and Easy-to-use interface
    5. It comes with a mobile app which means you can schedule content easily on your mobile phone.


    1. Easy to use
    2. Comes with a mobile app
    3. Acts as a collaborative marketing tool
    4. You can both schedule and post across social media networks with this tool
    5. Beautiful calendar to manage all multiple profiles


    1. It integrates with fewer social media networks

    Wrapping It Up

    Choosing the right social media scheduling tool for your business is essential in 2021. There are a plethora of tools out there to select, but we’ve made it easier for you by introducing these five best social media scheduling & publishing  tools in 2021 and by saving your precious time.

    Take your own time, and walk through our guide, test and try these five tools to see if you are comfortable with them or not.

    However, all these tools offer a minimum 14 days free trial so that you can have an entire walkthrough of every tool.

    So go and transform your business with these best social media scheduling tools TODAY!

    Locobuzz is the best social media scheduling tool for your business because it monitors conversations and scales presence over multiple social media channels.

    Locobuzz provides advanced analytics reports and insights to help make informed business decisions. It also saves your precious time.

    A social media listening tool is software that tracks and analyzes multiple online conversations happening around your brand, competitors, or anything else related to your company.

    These are the five best and powerful social media scheduling tools that you must really consider for your business:

    • Locobuzz
    • Sendible
    • Agorapulse
    • Loomly
    • Buffer
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