What is a Social Media Management Tool?

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a process of managing your social media accounts & maintaining your online presence. It involves analyzing the audience on social media & developing strategies to create, publish & promote the content. It is one of the most important aspects of a holistic approach to growing & maintaining a brand’s image in public today!

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    The Importance of a Social Media Management Tool

    With the constant growth in the trends and the type of Social Media Content that brands and influencers are producing, monitoring Social Media Analytics is no longer a manual job.

    It’s impossible to manage every aspect, from Audience Engagement to Financial Growth Tracking, when your followers increase from a few hundred to thousands. A Social Media Management Tool helps not only track a brand’s Social Media Growth but also boosts it.

    From CX Tools to Social Listening, Social Management Platforms like Locobuzz cut down overall Social Management to just content generation according to the analytics given. You can do your bit and leave all the rest to these tools.

    Listed below are some essential features to look for when choosing a Social Media Management Tool for enhanced Customer Experience and Brand Engagement.

    1. Statistical Analysis

    One vital way in which a Social Media Activities Tool helps grow a brand’s image is through the production of Customer Engagement Reports. Only when you know your brand’s engagement can you work on improving it.

    The more comprehensive and well categorized the Statistical Analysis Reports are, the easier it is to work on priority data first. AgoraPulse, Brand Mentions, and Locobuzz are the best tools for this purpose. Locobuzz has a single-view dashboard where you can view brand performance, consumers, communications, appeal, brand presence, and a lot more.

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    2. Social Listening Properties

    Social Listening Tools use techniques like tracking and analyses to gain a better understanding of audience needs and perspectives. Some of the Top Social Listening Tools have the properties listed below.

    Social Media Management

    3. Hashtag Tracking

    Social Media has dozens of new trends popping up each week. While your brand has a certain niche, curating your content following what’s currently popular among your audience is the best way to increase engagement. Social Listening Tools like Brand24, Locobuzz, and NetBase track the hashtags popular among your current and prospective user-base. You can use these in your content to engage & attract users.

    4. Tracking Customer Activity and Engagement Hours

    Knowing Social Media Activity and Engagement hours for a large chunk of your audience is a vital social listening feature. Any tool which offers you this helps you know when to post new content for maximum engagement.

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    5. Sentiment Analysis

    Brand Image is largely affected by hate posts or user complaints on Public Social Media Platforms. Sentiment Analysis Tracker tracks categorical mentions of your brand for positive, negative, and neutral mentions through suggested keywords on all public platforms. To help you protect your brand image, this data is sorted categorically according to user sentiments. You can not only tackle reputational risk but also highlight the positive user feedback in the form of surprise giveaways or acknowledgment posts.

    6. Prioritization of Alerts

    There is no use of Social Listening or Data Analysis features until it enables you to tackle reputational risks on priority. With real-time alerts, a Social Media Activities Tool helps you build your brand image in the right direction, tackling every risk in your way and seizing every opportunity at growth.

    7. Competitor Analysis

    Being aware of your competitors’ brand engagement and presence is a vital part of social listening. It allows you to understand why a certain audience is engaging more with their content than yours. These insights play a crucial role for you to work on your Social Media Content.


    8. CRM or Customer Relationship Management

    A brand grows when its customers are happy. Customer Relationship Management is, therefore, a primary lookout for every brand. Enhanced Customer Experience can be achieved through integrated CX Tools. CX Tools are nothing but additional features integrated with your brand app and website to help make the customer experience better.

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    9. Chatbot Integration

    Chatbots for Social Media Management

    When a customer visits your brand website, they might’ve certain queries they’re unable to find answers to. A Chatbot with a list of pre-programmed selections makes it easier for the user to navigate through and enquire about your services. Adding a contact option or a complaint box is a great way to make customers feel heard.

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    10. Discount Generators

    Most websites have a first-use discount, free-trial option, and a “Refer and Earn” option. These features help attract new customers to your website and improve the customer experience.

    This automated response-management system is offered by very few tools in the market; like Locobuzz.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Many brands already have some tools integrated with their website and Social Media Accounts. If those work fine, you may opt for particular tools and features not already integrated with your brand.

    On the other hand, if you don’t have any Social Management Tools or are trying to change the entire Social activities Management Setup, you can opt for tools like Locobuzz which has a complete package for Listening, Data Analytics, and Response Management technologies.

    Locobuzz, NetBase, Brand24, and AgoraPulse are some of the best Social Management Platforms with a variety of the above-mentioned features available.

    Locobuzz, powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, accesses and analyzes social data and user sentiment. It also generates reports helping brand growth and management. NetBase & BrandMentions, too, have some semblance of Machine Learning abilities in their integrated features.

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    Managing your Social Media is all about Response Management in a time-bound and disciplined manner. When you integrate your brand’s Social Media and Website with a Social Media Management Tool, you understand your audience better through analyzed data. The results help you establish your newly launched business as a brand.

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