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Locobuzz provides comprehensive social media Listening and monitoring capabilities to help you track changes in consumer behavior.

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Customer-centricity in FMCG

Companies are expected to be transparent in their motives, conscious of their customers’ values, and mirror a persona that customers can identify with – the objective is to be more purpose-driven rather than success-driven.

Take a look at how consumers’ expectations are changing and how you can utilize your sales demographic to boost your business.

  • The guise of virtual employment: Almost everyone has an online presence, and frequent reviewers are now looking to be promoted to ambassadors or influencers to extensively be a part of the company and contribute to its mission and scale.

  • Trust and confidence: Loyalty has now become a two-way street, where customers are keen on making sure their brands are not acting in self-interest, but rather prioritizing the true needs and values of their customers.

  • Agility in marketing and interaction: Switching to the new normal in terms of marketing involves replacing press conferences, pop-ups, and shows with social media campaigns, livestreams, and more. The pandemic customer now looks for skilled digital interaction to remain a consistent partner.
  • Prioritizing purpose: A purpose-driven company is transparent about its goals, and who they’re aiming to serve. Regardless of the product, a brand with a familial and holistic workforce ensures that any uncertainties resulting from COVID-19 can be handled with innovation, garnering customer respect and loyalty.

Why choose Locobuzz For FMCG

Locobuzz as an Customer Experience tool has proven capabilities in managing the scale, variety, and velocity of consumer conversations.

Why Choose Locobuzz FMCG

Identify emerging feedback trends, root causes of customer dissatisfaction, and aid in the development of data-driven engagement to ensure complete customer delight and assistance with the technology of Locobuzz.

With Locobuzz, gathering and organizing customer data is both quick and easy. Our powerful algorithms systematically organize the stream of customer data from key digital channels and networks across the web and analyze their sentiment, topic categories, location, and more.

With Locobuzz, brands can identify primary call drivers and leverage those insights to improve various processes, educational resources, reduce case volumes, automate routing and assignment of cases as per skill, and unify process improvements for overall CX management.

Locobuzz helps continuously monitor customer concerns and proactively addresses issues on key digital channels. Monitor feedback from across channels to identify conflict drivers or indicators of potential compliance infractions before the issues escalate.

Our campaign listening capabilities allow brands to compare the results of current digital campaigns with formerly run campaigns and draw performance insights. Stay ahead on how your latest offers, products, and advertising are received by your audience and also compare their performance with competing brands.

Prepare your organization for the unpredictable by continuously leveraging social media metrics, insights, and alerts to understand the impact of events. Study market movements, responses to programs and policies so as to be geared with strategic information long before a crisis emerges. With Locobuzz, use carefully crafted workflows to quickly remediate pressing issues.

Digital command centers elevate institutional knowledge of the brand and its customers through displaying real-time data shifts. With visualizations spanning over 16 screens that showcase live marketing and customer insights, Locobuzz will simplify critical-decision making for your brand.

Looking for uniformity in your business?

Locobuzz makes your CX journey unique

View the preferences, interests, demographics, locations, and habits of your consumers to derive a comprehensive picture of your target audiences.

Engage with your existing and potential customers by starting conversations or responding to customer queries.

Identify bottlenecks in distribution across channels and locations.

Get to know what customers are looking for in your product and improve it by integrating product teams into the system.

Discover new user-generated themes for your campaigns and posts.

Assess the health and perception of your brand across various metrics such as campaign performance and TAT for consumer queries.

Monitor your campaign performance and gain insights on engagement, reach, and new user interactions.

The best way to measure your brand’s growth and performance is to benchmark it against your competitors. Gain access to a wide range of comparisons, such as share of voice, sentiment upliftment score, first response rate, engagement rate, new users, and much more.

Our AI-based chatbots will be front and center for customer queries and concerns on popular messaging channels. When a query requires agent support, our bots connect directly to ticketing systems for quick solutions. Our bots are compatible with your pre-existing Sales CRM!

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