Industry Reports

Our meticulously curated industry reports are a powerhouse of vital benchmarks and unparalleled insights, serving as an indispensable tool for businesses striving to deliver a truly seamless customer experience. By tapping into the rich data and unique perspectives presented within, companies can supercharge their operations, unlocking a world of untold possibilities and propelling themselves towards unrivaled success.

Dive into our Tech Hiring Analysis Industry Report!

Discover a treasure trove of invaluable data and profound insights in Locobuzz’s latest industry report on Tech Hiring Analysis.  Delve into the pulse of the tech world as we unravel what techies are talking about and what recruiters are exploring.

When Silicon Valley Bank Fell: A Study of the Digital Buzz

Our latest report analyzes audience sentiments towards the collapse and provides insights into its impact on the financial industry. Discover how media houses covered the story, what experts had to say about it, and more. Read the full report now for a comprehensive analysis of this significant event.

How People Are Leveraging ChatGPT

Discover the reality behind ChatGPT’s buzz and uncover the benefits as well as the problems that come with innovation. This report is a comprehensive view of what people really think about ChatGPT and its applications to real-life situations

From World Cup to Valentine's Day: A Deep Dive into the Beer vs Wine Debate and Consumer Behaviors

Which is more popular, wine or beer? Loccobuzz report compares consumer conversations on Twitter and trends that reveal food pairings, time preferences, occasion associations, and social media behaviour of users.

Unleashing the Shark: Insights from the Market Buzz of Shark Tank India S2

Get the latest on Shark Tank India S2. Analyzes customer sentiment & digital mentions. Highlights most talked-about pitches & categories, user opinions & perspectives. A must-read for staying informed about Shark Tank India.

An Analysis of Cancer Related Conversations Taking Place on Social Media

A thorough report that analyzes valuable data points regarding the types of conversation people are having around the subject of cancer.

Travel & Tourism Trends Analysis - Discover What Twitteratis Discourse About Travel

Explore the latest trends, changing patterns and preferences when it comes to Traveling. Get the answers of Why, When and Where of the Traveling Industry.

Twitter Influencer Analysis 2021-22: Unicorn CXOs Who Impact Millions Online

Discover which founder of 2021-22’s top 10 unicorns (Urban Company, NoBroker, Upgrad, Cred, etc) is acing the Twitter influencer game, and creating a staggering impact on their digital audience.

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