The Unified Customer Experience suite for:

  • Holistic Social Media Management
  • Market research and insights
  • Smart Customer care
  • WhatsApp Business services
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Listening and Brand Monitoring
Unified Platform

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Boost your online presence with Social Listening

Single interface platform to manage your entire digital ecosystem. Locobuzz helps Marketing and CX teams to make data-driven decisions.

Use our social listening tool to manage your online reputation, strengthen the brand image, engage with customers and influencers in real-time, and derive insights to make informed business decisions.

Realtime competitor benchmarking, along with detailed monitoring of digital marketing campaigns to always stay ahead.

Simple to use, intuitive interface, to schedule posts, track key social media metrics, engage with customers, and create brand advocates to boos your online presence.

We got you digitally covered!

Be effectively present and available for your audience across all the social channels. With Locobuzz you will never miss any messages on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram or other digital platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Listen for your brand and topics of interest even across digital channels like News, Blogs & Discussion forums. We also support listening across prominent review websites and e-Commerce websites

Locobuzz Platform also supports important business communication channel like eMail and upcoming customer service mediums like WhatsApp, telegram to help you stay close to your customers!

Engagement and ORM

Are you looking for seamless customer experience management?

Track social profiles, keywords, and/or hashtags on Locobuzz and collect online mentions in real-time.

Don’t miss a single mention – keep conversations flowing and engage with customers

System-generated alerts to pre-empt a viral situation or actively manage influencer engagement

Manage campaigns to evaluate performance in real-time and measure its impact and effectiveness

Automated Reports to help you with detailed insights and analytics around your social footprint

Identify Influencers to build strong relationships with brand advocates and ambassadors

Campaign Monitoring in realtime to ensure best performance for your marketing efforts

Do It Yourself (DIY) Dashboards for creating your own view into data for quick analytics

Grow with Social Listening

Protect your online reputation – Acknowledge and engage on positive comments from your brand ambassadors & respond to dissatisfied customers before things go out of hand. Create an image of a brand that listens and cares for the customer’s voice.

Improve customer satisfaction – Analyze mentions about your business and turn these insights into action. Collect insights directly from the market and boost your business results!

Find new customer – Many people look for recommendations online and most of them remain unanswered. Use Locobuzz to find such conversations and reach potential customers.

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Analytics and Insights 

Turn data into insights
88% of people search online for products and services before buying. Listening to these reviews can help businesses improve the product features and messaging to address the customer’s needs.

Hashtag Tracking
Learn which hashtags are the most popular among your audience – analyze them by countries and social media platforms.

Sentiment Analysis
You can auto-classify positive, negative, and neutral mentions about your business, competitors, or any keyword you want.
Context of the customer opinions
Locobuzz helps you identify words frequently used by customers to engage with the brand – which can help you re-assess your messaging strategy