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Telecom operates in a highly competitive marketplace

Customer expectations from telecom service providers have evolved at a fast pace ranging from choice of channel, contextual support and quick resolution. Telcos are now focused on streamlining CX by offering smart self-service options for low value requests and quick personalized service on digital channels for high value requests.

Here are some of the rapid developments that have taken place in this domain:

  • Number portability has reduced the switching costs
  • Service quality, price and value-added services are key for customer retention
  • An increasing focus on customer data security
  • With smartphone penetration in the market, cheaper data connections are being monetized via ad-supported entertainment services
  • Telecoms are expanding the offerings in internet enabled services

As a result of this many telecom companies find the need to optimize CX touch points across their organization in order to build trust and loyalty at economical costs.

Data in this domain is so vast and rich, that it provides well-prepared organisations with the opportunity to learn infinitely more about their customers, competitors as well as the impact of their marketing strategies and product/services offerings. Data sources such as calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews, online forums, complaints are information that reside in silos. In order to derive the best insights and factors that affect brand equity, most telecom brands rely on an AI-powered unified customer experience management platform.

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Locobuzz for Telecom brands

Why choose Locobuzz if you are a Telecom?

Locobuzz has proven capabilities in managing the scale, variety and the velocity of consumer conversations in the Telecom business.

Why Choose Locobuzz Telecom

We focus on convenience & flexibility. For brands, we encourage customer-loyalty by identifying emerging feedback trends, identifying root causes of customer dissatisfaction, and aid in the development of data-driven engagement to ensure complete customer delight and assistance.

With Locobuzz, gathering and organising customer data is both quick and easy. Our powerful algorithms systematically organize the stream of customer data from key digital channels and networks across the web and analyse their sentiment, topic categories, location and more.

Locobuzz helps brands identify primary call-drivers and leverage those insights to improve various processes, educational resources, and reduce case volumes. We automate case-handling by routing and assigning to agents based on skill and unify process improvements for a holistic CX management cycle.

Locobuzz helps continuously monitor customer concerns and proactively address issues on key digital channels. Monitor feedback from across the digital ecosystem to identify drivers of dissatisfaction or indicators of potential compliance infractions before the issues escalate.

Our Campaign Listening capabilities help brands compare the results of current digital campaigns with formerly run campaigns to draw performance insights. This is also possible with competing brands’ campaigns. This means you can quickly find out how your latest offers, products and advertising are being received by your audience and performing compared to your competitors.

Prepare your organization for the unpredictable by continuously leveraging Social media metrics, insights, and alerts to understand the impact of events. Study market movements, responses to programs and policies so as to be geared with strategic information long before a crisis emerges. With Locobuzz, use carefully crafted workflows to quickly remediate pressing issues.

Digital command centers elevate institutional knowledge of the brand and its customers though powerful visualisations and displaying real-time data shifts. It is a in-house marketing organizational construct that integrates various marketing capabilities under the same roof to drive customer obsession and turn marketing insights into action for growth.

Looking for uniformity in your business?

Locobuzz makes your CX journey unique

Multi-screen view to visualize live data and gain insights like live tracking of Mentions, Live view of occurrences happening across channels and platforms.

Language will never be a barrier for customer experience, with active vernacular analytics and translation no consumer query will be missed even if it’s in a local language.

Compare your brand’s share of voice in the digital market and see how well it is received by the audience.

Quick responses will help you gain the confidence and give a good impression of your brand showing that it cares for its customers.

Concerns of the customer in a whole can give you insights for the product, quality assurance, service teams to serve the consumer with only the best and stand as a brand which does that.

In the digital realm, word-of-mouth marketing has taken the form of reviews, ratings, NPS and CSAT scores. People depend on other people and communities to get opinions on Telecom providers. Identify unmet needs of your competition customers and fulfil them to grow your customer base.

TAT is one of the vital key components when it comes to sustaining and ideal brand image. Locobuzz helps improve the response time for better brand-customer relations.

A brilliant function which enables escalation issues automatically once the bot/agent does have an answer to the queerie/complaint/concerns.

Observe, analyse and compare the works of both your brand and competing brands to garner insights for future branding and marketing. With Locobuzz’s competition listening capabilities, understand what your competitors are doing and improve your strategies on the fly!

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