Often Telecom brands receive customer feedback that ranges from anything between your newest tariff plans or technical issues they might be facing. We help you stay closer to your customer so that you can serve them incrementally better, thereby giving you a significant edge over your competition.

Trusted by leading telecom brands, Locobuzz helps you be in sync with your consumers and constantly learn from their feedback.

Our Clients

Features and Facilities


Streamline your brand compliance strategies and manage a Multi-screen view to visualize Live data and gain insights like Live tracking of Mentions, Live view of things happening across channels and platforms. This also means unifying different customers across the digital realm and supporting them through a single powerful technology that upholds your brand’s best customer service values.

Local Issues

Don’t let language be a barrier to customer experience, with active vernacular analytics and translation no consumer queries will be missed even if it’s in a local language.

Brand Metrics

Know how your brand is perceived through the insightful Metrics and thorough analysis to be a step ahead. This helps you to track consumer behavior and ever-changing online market shifts pertaining to your brand and your competitors to support your strategic adaptation.

Respond In

Conduct a real-time analysis based on location, tag cloud, active conversations, and user insights to swiftly respond to your customers to gain confidence and give a good impression of your brand showing that it cares for its customers.

responses TAT

Measure and improve TAT to swiftly configure and run our conversational bots to reduce ticket volumes and deliver 24/7 proactive support with collaborative problem-solving.


Allow your team to be unburdened, so they can focus on other missions while automation software keeps the wheel spinning. Easily connect your back-office teams via emails to solve the issues of your consumers.

against competitors

Enable yourself to inspect your brand sentiment to understand how consumers perceive your brand which helps you to identify areas of excellence and improvement to stay a step ahead of your competitors who can threaten your patents, brands, or business models.

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