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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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Locobuzz for Travel and Hospitality Brands

As consumers now use their electronic devices to summon a “magic point-of-sale,” travellers can engage with establishments, browse products, test and purchase in innovative new ways.

Smart brands are using technology to gain rich data on consumer preferences and habits, and are leveraging innovative channels like these to reach them in the right place, at the right time.

COVID-19 has been one of the biggest catalysts for digital transformation in the C-suite, and it’s going to be important for organizations to invest in this technology. The ability to navigate this in an agile, customer-focused way armed with data-driven decision-making and digital solutions is going to play a major role in how brands get this right.
Here are the most relevant changes in consumer behavior that have had a wholesale impact on the industry:
Looking for uniformity in your business?

Why choose Locobuzz For Travel

Whether it’s managing the scale, variety or velocity of consumer conversations in this sector, Locobuzz remains deeply committed to providing efficient support to your company.

Convenience and flexibility remain our priority. By identifying emerging feedback trends, pinpointing areas of customer dissatisfaction, and aiding development of data driven engagement, we strive to guarantee customer fulfilment and assistance to your company to ensure it sticks around.

With Locobuzz, gathering and organizing customer data is swift, simple, and seamless. Our algorithms organize the stream of customer data from key digital channels and networks. They analyze sentiments, categorizing consumer data based on location, topics, and more, to provide you with valuable insights on your consumers

Optimize the fundamentals of your company by identifying primary call-drivers. By expanding access to educational resources, reducing case volumes, and automating routing and assignment of cases per skill, Locobuzz uses these insights to improve and unify various processes for overall CX management.

Locobuzz shares your concern for how your brand is perceived. We help you continuously monitor and rectify customer concerns and issues on key digital channels. With this, your company can improve areas of customer dissatisfaction and detect indicators of potential compliance infractions before they escalate.

Compare the results of current digital campaigns with former ones to draw performance insights with our Campaign Listening capabilities; not just for yours, but competing brands too. This allows you to analyse how your audience is responding to your latest offers, products, and advertisements- and pinpoint what you need to outdo your competitors.

Locobuzz keeps your brand prepared to face external events by ceaselessly studying market movements and assessing the impact of programs and policies that may impact your business. Our carefully crafted workflows are tailored to remedy issues as they emerge, and prevent crisis escalation.

Elevate your institutional knowledge of the brand and it’s customers with our digital command centers. Through powerful visualizations spanning over 16 screens and displays of real-time data shifts, key features to help with critical decision making include showcasing live marketing and customer insights- all on the go.

Locobuzz makes your CX journey unique

In today’s digital era, word-of-mouth marketing has also moved on-screen. FAQs are now posted online ranging from credit card queries to bank account recommendations-get a headstart on your competitors with Locobuzz.

Monitor your Campaigns performance and gain insights on engagement, reach and new user interactions.

Analyze the performance of your posts with criteria such as optimal posting time and keywords with maximum engagement.

Stay on top of the game by measuring your brand’s growth against your competitors. Locobuzz provides vision points on sentiment upliftment score, first response and engagement rate, new users, spread, and much more.

A micro influencer can be an advocate, or an incriminator. Frequently, crises arise from bleak shares/retweets. Using algorithm-based response management and categorical mapping, you can manage your micro influencers feedback and keep your operations spotless.

User generated content for your marketing strategies, campaigns, posts, value proposition, and product positioning.

Online, timing is paramount! Our digital customer care reduces the waiting period for responding and resolving a customer’s query, ensuring a loyal and satisfied customer.

Know which part of the world your consumers come from, and what their sentiments are across the nation, city, or state.


Key capabilities

Locobuzz for Telecom Brands

Insights by Property

Get a hold on your customer's likes and dislikes for your properties and garner these insights to boost your company's performance with necessary action.

Understand guest concerns

Listen and resolve complaints and queries of your customers to provide optimal consumer experience, and keep your guests engaged

Propmote productivity

Our platform helps you recognize and reward your agents’ productivity for high-rates customer feedback on problem-solving.

Identify Influences

Identify key micro influencers and turn them into brand advocates with recognition and rewarding systems.

Engage Advocates

Prioritize your brand advocates through special escalation matrices for swift and seamless resolutions.

Benchmark Against Competitors

The best way to measure your brand’s growth and performance is to benchmark it against your competitors, Know how your brand is performing vs competition in terms of share of voice, Sentiment upliftment score, First response rate, engagement rate, new users and much more.

Crisis Alert

Locobuzz provides real-time crisis detection and alerts to combat issues as they arise.

Measure brand health

Measure your brand’s health in terms of campaign performance, TAT for customer queries, and stay atop how your brand is perceived by your consumers.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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