Engage and retain your customers
on a single, unified platform.

Locobuzz is a new-generation digital customer experience management platform that completely transforms your business, and helps build everlasting relationships with your customers like never before.

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single view

A single-view of your brand, consumers, communications, performance, presence, appeal!

A unified and intuitive SaaS platform, Locobuzz helps brands acutely measure brand insights, customer behaviour, competitor insights, performance analytics across all key digital channels to give you a wholesome view of your consumers.

A complete customer experience management suite

Unify the world in a single-view dashboard! Your brand, your customers, your competitors, your organisation – leverage the power of AI-tech to seamlessly integrate data and resources to be the best brand with the best customer service.


Get there first – understand your customers, competitors, campaigns and influencers better, and in real-time.

Listen for trends, market shifts, and overall social data to derive actionable insights that improve brand health, strategies and digital presence.


The easy-to-use workflows help manage your customers with increased responsiveness and effective engagement.

The platform streamlines data-inflow, assigns cases and manage tasks seamlessly while you focus on increasing engagement productivity.


Derive insights that are rich, relevant and measurable for strategic and actionable business decisions.

Measure, compare and study your brand’s ecosystem in a series of versatile, flexible and automated reports to craft your future marketing roadmap.


Schedule, preview, and publish your content and communications across all integrated channels from a single interface.

Plan your content on a centralised calendar, easy-to-access content library and manage social campaigns for your brand effortlessly.


Let automation do all the work and save you from performing time-consuming tasks. AI-led automation helps you with quick assistance to cater to your customers 24*7.

Leverage the best of Locobuzz’s machine learning capabilities and automated features to understand, analyse and respond to your customers.

The value we bring you.

Online Reputation Management

Protect your brand equity across all prominent digital channels. Use advanced capabilities like sentiment analysis and specialised alert mechanisms to boost your online ratings.

Complete Omnichannel solution

Make communication and cross-channel customer assistance easy, effective and in real-time! Manage and measure your brand’s support performance entirely in a single view!

Holistic Social Media Management
Social Media

From content strategies to planning, publishing, analytics, and collaborations we give you powerful engagement workflows to redefine your brand’s social media presence.

Conversational commerce and chatbots
and chatbots

Our AI chatbots digitize and automate self-service for customers in real-time. Generate leads and create opportunities for client retention, upselling, cross-selling and much more.

Marketing Research and Insights
and Insights

Make customer-focused, data-driven decisions faster than before by analysing user data in real-time. derive actionable insights, and identify important trends within your data sets.

WhatsApp Business Services

Make it easy for your teams to manage WhatsApp conversations with your customers. Also use smart bots to deliver contextual notifications upon purchase and service events.