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Customer-centricity in BFSI

BFSI landscape is changing globally and there are rapid developments in many domains making investments in leveraging AI, analytics and smarter platforms to improve overall customer experiences, such as:

As a result of this many financial services, companies need to optimize CX touchpoints across their organization in order to build trust and loyalty while complying with standard regulations.

Data in this domain is so vast and rich, that it provides well-prepared organizations with an opportunity to learn more about their customers, competitors as well as their marketing strategies, product/services offerings. There are numerous data sources such as calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews, online forums, complaints which also create a challenge to provide a seamless and consistent experience across all these touchpoints/data sources.

Improve overall reliability, efficiency and quality
of Consumer Experience

Built to Scale!

Analyses over 2 million conversations every month in this sector

Accurate and Reliable AI Engine

Well trained AI/ML engine which fully understands the nuances of this sector for superior accuracy and automation

Single view of the customer

CRM augmentation and One-View of the Customer for smarter customer segmentation

Holistic Business Insights

Detailed Competitive Intelligence, consumer insights and product/service intelligence

Deep Analytics

Real-time Campaign analytics, brand monitoring and Crisis Management

Automation Across Multiple Channels

Deploy chatbots for FLR interactions

Finding the right customers

Lead Generation and fulfilment

Enable Surveys

Powerful AI-driven NPS and CSAT tracking

Why choose Locobuzz
if you are a BFSI Organisation?

Locobuzz is a foremost partner of some of the largest Fortune 500 and Financial Services brands today. Here’s how we make a difference to players in this sector:

How BFSI get benefit from locobuzz

We focus on convenience & flexibility. For brands, we encourage customer-loyalty by identifying emerging feedback trends, identifying root causes of customer dissatisfaction, and aid in the development of data-driven engagement to ensure complete customer delight and assistance.


We help provide easy access to product and service related information by building user-friendly journeys while deflecting contact centre volumes and saving costs! With the aid of AI-driven smart bots, customers can perform actions on bots such as account setups, bill payments and account transfers.


With Locobuzz, brands can identify primary call-drivers and leverage those insights to improve various processes, educational resources, reduce case volumes, automate routing and assignment of cases as per skill, and unify process improvements for overall CX management.

Locobuzz helps continuously monitor customer concerns and proactively address issues on key digital channels. Monitor feedback from across channels to identify drivers of dissatisfaction or indicators of potential compliance infractions before the issues escalate.

Prepare your organization for the unpredictable by continuously leveraging Social media metrics, insights, and alerts to understand the impact of events, programs and policies long before a crisis emerges. With Locobuzz, use carefully crafted workflows to quickly remediate pressing issues.

Looking for uniformity in your business?

Locobuzz makes your CX journey unique

Measure, analyze and compare branch performances in terms of Customer happiness, quick case resolution and overall Consumer experience. Identify the least performing brand and leverage easy insights to make strategic business decisions.

Measure turn-around-time for customer queries, Engagement levels on Brand posts/Campaigns, understand which keywords consumers associate with the brand and which ones they use to reach out for query resolution!

Customers can sometimes be distressed victims of phishing attacks or unsuccessful transactions. Be intimated of such incidents in real-time and provide relief to customers by responding instantly. Quick alerts and quick responses, lead to a great boost in the brand’s overall image.

In order to ensure a customer stands by the brand in trying times, it is essential to extend the quality and timely service. Garner insights from customer concerns as well as their responses to products and service, build quality assurances, and train service teams to serve the consumer with only the best based on rich insights.

In the digital realm, word-of-mouth marketing has taken the form of reviews, ratings, NPS and CSAT scores. People depend on other people and communities to get opinions on which bank is the preferred choice for credit card services, savings accounts or have the best interest rates online. Access these customers and leverage insights to invite loyal customers.

Automation can take over tasks that can free up human agents to create more valuable experiences for the customer. With Locobuzz, cases can be seamlessly escalated through a variety of workflows and assigned to relevant parties, to improve collaboration among teams, save time, money and provide valuable consumer service.


A micro-influencer can either be your brand advocate or the reason for your next crisis. Hence, manage your micro-influencers using AI-based technology for response management, map them by category and influence and know how to work with brand advocates and diffuse tensions where required – in real-time!


One of the most aggressive and preferred ways to measure your brand’s growth and performance is to benchmark it against your competitors. With the Locobuzz competition listening abilities, benchmark against competitors to study share of voice ratios, sentiment upliftment score, first response rate, engagement rate, new users and much more.

Locobuzz helps to improve your Customer Experience
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