Across the world, Banking Industry has considerably superlative needs as it operates in a highly competitive & ever-evolving ecosystem of digital technology. In order to adapt to these emerging Market changes, Locobuzz operates like a leeway between the brand and its consumers to gather market intelligence around your brand to categorically accomplish key strategic objectives. Following are the copious benefits while using Locobuzz.

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Social listening helps banks to identify how they have been perceived by their consumers, especially those who speak candidly and opine assertively about your brand or industry. We create an opportunity to support your consumers with seamless, smart, and strategic experience across all channels through Locobuzz’s extendable platform.

Human agents have their own limitations, after all, they are humans bound by time and energy, but the limitations can be controlled if there is automation in place to escalate, reassign and forward the tickets to improve collaboration among teams and save time, money and valuable consumer.

The best way to measure your brand’s growth and performance is to benchmark it against your competitors. We help you understand how your brand is performing vs competition in terms of share of voice, sentiment upliftment score, first response rate, engagement rate, new users, and much more.

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your approach

The more context you have about your customers, the more you can personalize their experience. Locobuzz allows you to maintain a unified view of the customer with all the context from their past interaction history across multiple channels.

It also helps you identify and prioritize premium clients by routing them to the priority queues. This actually eliminates their long wait on call-center assistance, other logistical problems, and a brand is perhaps just a click away!

new ideas & segments

In today’s digital world, word-of-mouth marketing has also gone digital where people are asking which the best credit card is or where to open savings account for the best interest rates online? This digital chatter leads to all kinds of new inspiration, and social listening helps track the ever-evolving ecosystem of customers and competitor activity.

Often, crisis for brands arises due to a Share/retweet from micro-influencers, we let you manage your micro-influencers using an algorithm-based technology for response management for these micro-influencers and mapping them according to the category they belong to.

Concerns of the customer as a whole can give you insights for the product, quality assurance, service teams to serve the consumer with only the best and stand as a brand that does that.

Moreover, you can also measure and analyze which branch is performing in terms of Customer happiness, Fast resolution, and Consumer experience/satisfaction and take necessary actions for the least performing branch to overcome certain disputes.

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Enjoy a convenient
digital customer experience

People in distress maybe after a phishing attack or after an unsuccessful transaction, the real-time response from the brand can be a big relief for the consumers and a boost to the brand’s image. Social listening and Customer Experience automation help brands to ensure that satisfaction levels aren’t compromised, no matter where the customer is.

Help your agents manage customer satisfaction and loyalty with a set of features that drives efficiency across the team by monitoring support operations with metrics on real-time dashboards, measuring SLAs and CSAT scores to enable data-driven decisions, and get complete visibility into all changes made on tickets with audit logs/timelines to intensify the customer experience. Locobuzz allows you to configure and run conversational bots quickly to reduce ticket volumes and deliver 24/7 support to provide proactive support by grouping similar issues together.

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