Locobuzz allows you to create a unified view of your consumers and listen and respond to their concerns and queries in real-time all from a single platform. Become a consumer-centric brand by streamlining your operations from one multifeatured interface.

Be present and active on all the channels your customers are on, and never miss out on any chatter that pertains to your brand in the digital ecosystem.

Monitor social updates, listen to what customers are saying about you and keep track of mentions so you can respond as quickly in real-time.

Customer Profiles

Our powerful CRM systems provide you with all cross-channel interaction history, keyword, location, sentiment insights, and a holistic view of the customer who has engaged with you.

This helps you in getting a better understanding of the support customers need, and gather essential information for future engagement.

Effective Contextual Engagement

Access past customer interactions on a systematic ticket-view timeline, all available in a single scroll. Gain easy and quick access to relevant customer data such as contact details, conversation history, sentiment score and NPS to identify the stage of the customer journey.

Modern Communication

Cater to modern customers across multiple digital channels and develop a personalized communication and enhance your brand’s overall CX.

Make it easy for your agents to help more customers at once via intuitive chat windows and quick chat snippets. Know everything about the case like SLA guidelines, case owner & the detailed timeline

Ticket Management

Customer Conversations are neatly converted to tickets that can further be addressed by priority. Specialised teams can effectively address various types of customer concerns seamlessly through powerful escalation models and ticket workflows.

Ensure timely assignment, query resolution and with the help of many automated features, improve TAT scores!

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