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Locobuzz for Healthcare Brands

Consumerism reigns as the top trend in the healthcare industries with increased patient involvement in purchasing and managing their own health and wellness affairs. As costs continue to rise, the healthcare consumer is more conscientious and selective in ensuring that they are getting the best value for their money. Consumers not only demand–but expect greater transparency and choice.
In this highly competitive industry, quickly adapting to new patient behaviors remains critical to the survival of a brand. As brands are racing to stay ahead, digital transformation is the only way to deliver on the promise of premium consumer experience.
Important industry trends that necessitate our technology:

AI and big data analytics is required to understand the market, create a targeted customer persona, and reach consumers online.

In this sector, it is not only product quality––but consumer trust that is paramount.

Healthcare is the need of the hour. Equip yourself to assist customers online.

Why Choose Locobuzz for Healthcare

Locobuzz has proven capabilities in managing the scale, variety, and velocity of consumer conversations in the sector.

Our core commitment to your brand is to ensure unwavering consumer loyalty. From analyzing feedback trends to developing data-driven engagement, Locobuzz is designed to improve every aspect of your consumer’s experience.

With Locobuzz, gathering and organising customer data is both quick and easy. Our powerful algorithms systematically catalogue the stream of customer data across digital channels and analyse its sentiment, topic categories, location and more.

Locobuzz identifies primary call-drivers to reduce case volumes, automate routing and assessment of cases based on skill, and gives your brand unified process improvements.

Locobuzz continuously monitors consumer concerns and works proactively to address issues before they escalate. We analyze feedback across social media channels to identify key drivers of dissatisfaction and indicators of potential compliance infractions.

Our campaign listening capabilities draw performance insights by comparing results of your current digital campaigns not only with your own previous campaigns, but also those of your competitors. Make sure that your latest offers, products, and services are received well by your audience by quick, real-time, and comprehensive performance insights.

Locobuzz gives your brand timely, strategic, and rigorous information about events that may impact your business, from potential market movements to new laws, programs, and policies. Our meticulously crafted workflows help you remediate pressing issues and social media metrics, insights, and alerts will keep your prepared.

Spanning over 16 screens, our powerful visualizations of real time marketing and consumer insights will make sure that you are equipped with context, knowledge, and resources when making critical decisions. We aim to build and sustain a culture of consumer centricity for your brand.

Locobuzz makes your CX journey unique

Evaluate the performance of your retail stores on sentiment scales and scores and gain insights on customer ratings of in-store sales representatives!

Quantify your brand health in terms of campaign performance and TAT for customer queries, and stay on top of how a brand is perceived by consumers.

Identify people who are looking for specific products online across various social media platforms and start conversations with a potential customer.

Manage micro-influencers with a high priority AI-based matrix that escalates, closes, or forwards the ticket to multiple teams and people.

Capitalize on our competition listening capabilities to observe, analyse, and compare your brand with its competitors and improve future branding and marketing.

Make our chatbots on GMB messaging and Whatsapp your front-end soldiers to resolve customer queries and concerns. If a query requires agent support, our bots directly connect to ticketing systems for quick solutions.

Our AI-powered chatbots generate leads from visitors and can be configured with your Sales CRM.

Through collecting and collating practitioner ratings in real time across platforms, our technology will keep you updated on the progress of your service providers.

Our technology simplifies engaging with patients on messaging channels and assesses feedback to develop meaningful connections.

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