Holistic Social Media Management

Locobuzz helps you plan, publish and review content that thrives among the chaos of multiple social media channels. Boost your brand’s engagement by targeting the right audience.

Holistic Social Media Management
Customer Engagement Insights
Performance Review
Sentimental Analysis
Multipurpose Editorial Calendar

Social Media Editorial Calendar

Scale your brand’s presence over multiple social media channels by automating operations from a single collaborative publishing calendar.

The Editorial Calendar lets you plan, schedule, publish and cross-publish content over various modern digital channels from a single view. Collaborate with internal and external creative teams, audit content through various approval workflows & ensure brand guidelines are always met.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis replaces the woes of social media surveys and feedback mechanisms with something even better – Actionable Insights. Actionable insights are rich derivatives that come from keyword mentions, user-generated content, comments, messages. These are tell-tale signs of what your customers are saying, and why they are saying it!

Our powerful AI tools access and track these metrics to give you detailed, visual insights into your brand’s perception among the audience.

Sentiment Analysis
One-view for brand performance measurement

One-view for brand performance measurement

From measuring post-performance to spotting relevant trends and comparing metrics across all channels, our AI helps you in identifying what’s working best for your brand.

Curate the best posts and make real-time improvements to your strategy. Automate all content-labelling across multiple profiles without sacrificing accuracy.

Enhance your brand’s social presence now!

Optimize insights to maximize reach, engagement and ROI.

Our platform is designed to help you save time, strategize communications, and reduce your costs through effortless optimization. Locobuzz uses your first-party data and predictive analysis to tell you the best time to post a specific type of content for maximizing reach.

It also identifies top-performing posts based on engagement and traction to tell you exactly where to spend your budget and which content to promote the most.

Optimize insights to maximize reach, engagement and ROI
Flawless workflows for multiple collaborations

Seamless workflows for multiple collaborations

Eliminate bottlenecks, delays and unclear objectives. Our social media management suite makes it easy to get entire teams in sync, especially on collaborative workflows. It also creates crystal clear approval processes in seconds by catching rogue posts, spelling errors, and off-brand content before they’re published.

Set up custom approval flows and user permissions tailored to your organization with ease.

Automate engagement with chatbot

Easily engage with all your communities members over multiple channels by enabling our chatbot assistance. From answering simple messages to dealing with complex cases, Locobuzz streamlines every community management workflow and eliminates much of the manual processes.

Improve customer satisfaction by cutting down the response time. Our AI chatbots once trained, can be applied across all platforms ensuring brand uniformity and is available to serve your customers 24*7.

Automate responses with chatbot assistance