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Top Social Studio Alternative: Locobuzz

Salesforce Social Studio Alternative

Looking for an Alternative to Social Studio? Schedule a demo with us.

We get it.

Saying goodbye is hard. Learning a new solution from the ground up is tiring. Implementing and integrating everything from scratch is a mammoth task.

However, with Social Studio shutting down its operations in November 2024, it is time to look for a new friend.

At Locobuzz, we love, live, and breathe data.

Our structured representation of data qualifies for quantity as well as quality. This way, you can get information (in abundance) to elevate your brand’s social media as well as customer experience.

From conversational insights to post-categorization, we help you understand what is working, what can be improved, and how you can win over your not-so-happy section of the audience.

While you think it over, know that Social Studio has ceased all updates, despite the one-year closing time.

So, what happens if you don’t make a move now?

If you are currently using Social Studio and do not switch to a new social media management tool, you are likely to experience the following negative impacts:
Getting on the bandwagon effectively immediately is your way to ensure that your hard work perseveres. Locobuzz’s unified platform empowers you with:
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Online reputation management
  • Post categorization
  • Posting and publishing automation
  • Affordable pricing

Locobuzz can be integrated into Salesforce without any data loss and can effectively help you manage your customer experience process.

The Process

Locobuzz when integrated with Salesforce, unlocks the CX professional’s ability to tackle all tickets in one place.

Upon integration, data (customer queries) from different social media channels is channeled via Locobuzz and fed into the Salesforce CRM. This enables CX managers to immediately counter customer queries without logging into Locobuzz and attend to them in real-time.

Since your CX team has too much work and too little time, Locobuzz takes up the grunt work for them.

With the help of this integration, your team can now:

Your CX team can also save time by implementing Locobuzz’s Response Genie to help articulate the right response and offer real-time resolution with a few key prompts.

While it helps your customer experience team offer quick resolution without the hassle of multiple platforms, it also offers the CX head or any other leader an overview of how many tickets were created and resolved on average.

Based on this data, the team can make tweaks in their response process and further fine-tune their customer experience pipeline.

Unearth the data

Marketing without data is bleh.

Who are you marketing to if you don’t know:

  1. What are your viewers saying about you?
  2. What is their experience post using your service/product?
  3. What is your engagement rate?
  4. Are there any media mentions that have sky-rocketed your engagement and impression levels?
  5. Is there any user-generated content with respect to your brand?

These questions set your brand apart from the competition since you are at the crux of the data goldmine.

With Locobuzz, you get a unified view of the sentiments associated with your brand. The solution even extracts posts and content without the tags as well.

How Locobuzz Helps:

Social Media Listening: Locobuzz’s social listening capabilities help social media teams monitor brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords in real time. This enables them to stay on top of customer conversations and respond quickly.

Analytics and Reporting: Locobuzz provides detailed analytics and reporting features, allowing your social media manager to track the performance of her social media campaigns and understand customer sentiment. They can measure engagement metrics and track progress.

Automation: The automation features allow the scheduling of posts, automation responses to common queries, and the management of multiple social media accounts efficiently. This saves time and ensures consistency in online presence.

AI-Powered Insights: Locobuzz’s AI-powered insights help your social media team make data-driven decisions. It can identify trends, customer sentiment, and emerging issues, allowing the brand to respond proactively to potential crises or opportunities.

Sad about Social Studio? Here’s Why You Should Switch to Locobuzz

Locobuzz, in addition to helping you extract insights from your social media, offers unique features that can elevate your brand presence and recall.

Here are the ‘X’ factors that make Locobuzz a game changer.

  1. Automated response to public social posts: This feature involves using automated systems, often powered by AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, to respond to public posts made on social media platforms. It allows brands to engage with their audience promptly, addressing questions, concerns, or comments without manual intervention.
  2. Global Language Support: With the help of Natural Language Understanding, Locobuzz’s customer support framework is available in 45+ languages. This enables your brand team to connect with a global audience without increasing your vernacular workforce.
  3. SLA breach alert to agents: Service Level Agreement (SLA) breach alerts are notifications sent to customer support agents or teams when they are at risk of missing their predefined response or resolution times. This alert system helps agents prioritize and manage their workload efficiently to meet customer service standards.
  4. Skill and conversation-based routing: This feature uses conversational AI to route customer inquiries or issues to the most suitable customer support agents based on their skills and expertise. It improves team efficiency by ensuring that customers receive relevant and effective assistance, thereby enhancing customer relationships.
  5. Personalised GPT-powered agent recommendation: This feature utilizes the capabilities of the GPT) model to recommend specific agents to handle customer queries. Recommendations are made based on historical interactions, agent performance, and the nature of the customer’s request, leading to a more personalized customer experience.
  6. User-generated content management solution: This refers to a system or platform that helps brands manage and leverage user-generated content effectively. It may involve monitoring and curating user-generated content, obtaining user permissions, and integrating it into marketing campaigns or social media strategies.
  7. AI & NLP Chatbots(Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Website, In-App): AI and NLP-powered chatbots are deployed on multiple communication channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, websites, and in-app messaging. These chatbots can engage with customers, answer common queries, and provide assistance, ensuring brands maintain an active and responsive presence on these platforms.
  8. Sentiment analysis and uplift scoring mechanism: Sentiment analysis involves using NLP to determine the sentiment expressed in customer comments, reviews, or social media posts. An uplift scoring mechanism assesses how customer interactions impact sentiment, helping brands understand the effect of their customer support efforts on customer satisfaction.
  9. Media recognition on posts and videos: This feature enables brands to identify and engage with relevant content, even when their brand is not explicitly mentioned. It uses AI to recognize and categorize posts and videos that may relate to the brand’s products, services, or industry, allowing brands to participate in discussions or address potential issues proactively.

Putting Locobuzz and Social Studio Under the Microscope

Time to Make the Power Move

Locobuzz is making social media management and customer experience a breeze for top brands in the aviation, retail, BFSI, and other industries. We have helped them identify their customers’ pain points, zero in on trends, track their engagement metrics, and even identify opportunities that can push their business forward!

Trust us, we have the data.

Make the switch to Locobuzz!

Start your journey with Locobuzz today for a seamless unified CX management experience, on a platform that can integrate with every big CRM in the market.

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