Simplify your CX with personal, real-time, automated support

Effectively manage customer expectations in-person, digitally. The Locobuzz live chat feature is the most compelling way for brands to provide a personalised interaction to their online customers.

Locobuzz ensures a positive customer experience that increases brand exposure and sales prospects.

Agent live chat an integrated approach for holistic and personalized customer service.

Locobuzz live chats extend support for multichannel engagements that can be integrated into ticketing and workflow systems ensuring every conversation is successfully closed. The seamless transition between the Locobuzz bots to a live agent or ticketing workflow ensures customers are informed of agent availability or redirected to other sources of information and support they are looking for. Locobuzz ensures that the chat experience is equally helpful to the agents as well – they are equipped with complete conversation history, past and pending tickets, and are presented with quick response suggestions to drive productive and error-free customer interactions. 

A layer of automation saves you time, and enables multiple conversations to run simultaneously

You can’t improve what you haven’t measured.With every interaction your customers make with the brand over live chat, teams can garner important analytics such as:

  • Ticket volumes
  • Customer satisfaction score 
  • First Reply Time
  • Average handling time
  • Average resolution time, average wait time
  • Chat to conversion ratio and much more!  
  • Let every interaction lead you to a better, understanding of your customers.

    Locobuzz’s NLP engines quickly identify customer information and customer traits from the conversation thread to update CRM records and power analytics.

    Enterprise-grade conversation analytics make way for measuring important KPIs such as customer sentiment and uplift,  customer intent,  predicted NPS scores, and more

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