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Catering to a customer in the Automobile Sector

Auto brands have observed some interesting customer-centric trends develop in the domain:

Competition is extremely high in the auto industry as a major chunk of customer retention relies on the overall quality of the product. The automotive is a long-term investment and therefore an expensive one, which often means that every aspect of both branding efforts and customer experience must be designed to meet their needs and retain them as long term loyalists.

In order for brands to succeed in doing so, garnering the right kind of marketing intelligence is extremely important to observe and learn from changing market trends. What are the drivers of customer behaviour? Where precisely has a market shift been observed? These are insights that real-time social data analytics can fulfil for a brand – especially when the brand aims to win a customer for life.

Locobuzz for Auto brands

Data from key sources

Capture customer feedback from multiple digital channels to identify customer requirements

Detailed journey insights

Observe consumer journeys across touchpoints, study engagement patterns and understand customer decision-making processes

Enable feedback

CSAT & NPS reports help you uncover experience gaps, so you can deliver consistently high after sales service and reduce churn

Be present everywhere

Accelerate your digital transformation through Modern channel adoption

Observe trends

Gain insights from customer data that helps build opportunities for business growth and customer relations

Real-time insights

Track your brand in real-time so you can see how your campaigns are performing

Powerful dashboard

Powerful dashboard to measure factors affecting brand equity

Why choose Locobuzz
if you are an Auto brand?

Locobuzz has proven capabilities in managing the scale, variety and the velocity of consumer conversations in the Automobile industry.

We focus on convenience & flexibility. For brands, we encourage customer-loyalty by identifying emerging feedback trends, identifying root causes of customer dissatisfaction, and aid in the development of data-driven engagement to ensure complete customer delight and assistance.

With Locobuzz, gathering and organising customer data is both quick and easy. Our powerful algorithms systematically organize the stream of customer data from key digital channels and networks across the web and analyse their sentiment, topic categories, location and more.

With Locobuzz, brands can identify primary call-drivers and leverage those insights to improve various processes, educational resources, reduce case volumes, automate routing and assignment of cases as per skill, and unify process improvements for overall CX management.

Locobuzz helps continuously monitor customer concerns and proactively address issues on key digital channels. Monitor feedback from across channels to identify drivers of dissatisfaction or indicators of potential compliance infractions before the issues escalate.

The campaign tracking capabilities, brands can compare the results of your current digital campaigns with previous campaigns and your competitors. This means you can quickly find out how your latest offers, products and advertising are being received by your audience.

Prepare your organization for the unpredictable by continuously leveraging Social media metrics, insights, and alerts to understand the impact of events, programs and policies long before a crisis emerges. With Locobuzz, use carefully crafted workflows to quickly remediate pressing issues.

Digital command centers elevates institutional knowledge of the brand and its customers. It is a in-house marketing organizational construct that integrates various marketing capabilities under the same roof to drive customer obsession and turn marketing insights into action for growth

Dynamic data collection from every stage of the customer journey and from every channel – including email, Social media, WhatsApp etc- so you can have relevant and impactful conversations with customers on their terms.

Intelligent features uncover insights – from voice of customer and performance data – enabling you to automatically identify the key drivers of Brand equity.

Deep insights will present patterns in your data that can help understand customer feedback on products and services. This helps brands optimise revenue and deliver breakthrough experiences for customers.

The platform provides critical intelligence from real-time data analytics that enable quick product and marketing decisions. With powerful workflows and matrixes, rich analytics are shared across the organisation to unify teams and work forces to aid brand growth and strategic decisions.

Make tactical resolutions on the fly through AI-powered analysis on key business drivers, such as product quality perception and feedback, brand experiences, pricing, essential customer-centric metrics like sentiments, NPS scores and more.

Looking for uniformity in your business?

Locobuzz makes your CX journey unique

Know how your dealers are working, gather insights to understand if any issues/ concerns or suggestions needs to be addressed for better brand output.

Leverage lucrative engagement and convert conversations into potential buyers based on rich insights and profiling.

See what kind of sentiments consumers have when they talk about your brand.

Measure performance of campaign and gain insights what kind of consumers are you engaging with, Keywords with which consumers are engaging to the most, Peak and lowest point of engagement for the campaign, What made the campaign success or a failure?

Concerns of the customer in a whole can give you insights for the product, quality assurance, service teams to serve the consumer with only the best and stand as a brand which does that.

Identify key micro influencers and turn them into Brand advocates with recognition and rewarding systems, Provide your brand advocates with priority care through special escalation matrix for quick resolution of their queries and concerns

In depth Regional insights like word cloud, sentiment analysis with vernacular support for tickets in vernacular language.

The best way to measure your brand’s growth and performance is to benchmark it against your competitors, Know how your brand is performing vs competition in terms of share of voice, Sentiment upliftment score, First response rate, engagement rate, new users and much more.

Consumers who love to post pics from their travel diaries with their machine without any tag or mention are lost mentions, with image analytics capture those posts in which brand logo or product can be seen.

Digital customer care is a double edged sword where timing is everything, Your time to respond & resolve a consumer’s question can either make you a great Brand or an opportunity missed.

Automate smart alerts for crisis and any virality across social media platforms.

Provide best customer service with roadside assistance to customers reaching out to brands through multiple channels.

Locobuzz For Auto Dealerships

Effortlessly communicate with your customers
Never miss another conversation from your customers, as all interactions are systematically processed and organised on the platform and prioritized as per various categorizations. Respond to all customers in real-time from a single, easy to use platform to deliver contextual customer support!
Turn your website visitors into sales
Never let a potential customer leave your website and go to a competitor. Locobuzz allows you to engage with website visitors via AI-powered smart-bots that handle critical First-level queries.
The bot’s machine learning capabilities are so powerful that it needs training only once and can be applied across multiple channels where the bot is present, including popular messaging channels like WhatsApp Messenger!
Key Capabilities specially for Dealerships:
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