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Work with the Locobuzz Unified Digital Customer Experience Management Platform and build strong relationships with your consumers instantly.


We are your true tech partners for Customer Experience Management.


We don’t just drive customer-centricity – we sustain it. We are a technology brand that helps align customer priorities and demonstrate profitable transformations in CX management.

Our unified tech platform is oriented towards providing rich, personalized customer experience and collaborative digital practices that delight customers, not just service them. Being omnipresent is a new-age prerequisite – we recognize that by investing our efforts to build smart AI that identifies actionable business insights, and also aids responses – in real-time.

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A Secure, scalable, and seamless CX platform

We’re new to you, not new to what we do! We provide a seamless transition from your existing partners without disrupting your existing operations. This upgrade is completely hassle free!

Locobuzz unlocks immense value for our partners and their consumers.

  • The Unified Platform value

    A single view of information that flows through multiple channels and billions of customers.

  • Customer-Centricity

    Effective customer service, accurate consumer research, seamless CRM augmentation and real-time actionable analytics

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Why Choose Locobuzz Telecom
  • We transition your brand to a holistic CX management platform

  • We help agents offer smart assistance to customers.
  • We help create consistent customer delight via powerful CRM integration.
  • We can effortlessly connect with other apps such as your CRM, BI tools and more!
  • We help measure your CX performance on easy, personalized dashboards.
  • Reduce workload with AI-led capabilities like smart automation and responses!

Here’s some tips on how to remain relevant in the competitive market from Vishal Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of Locobuzz!


Why Locobuzz for omnichannel CX?

We help transform your business to the times and turn customers into brand advocates. With us, you can:

  • Empower lean teams to manage customer experience at scale
  • Move from customer service to forging customer relationships

  • Measure the increase in the lifetime value of customers

  • Improve marketing and strategy with actionable insights
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We align our vision with yours.

Our Unified platform simplifies many processes across functions like service, marketing, CRM and Analytics. We save you time and money and unlock great value for your organization and customers.

The Locobuzz Team works as an extension of your team to provide you with an excellent onboarding experience and seamless transition onto our platform.

Let’s build great customer relationships together!

Deliver Memorable Customer Experience, Effortlessly.