Voice marketing Guide: Why Is It Essential For Businesses in 2023

Voice Marketing Guide

Voice marketing has taken a huge leap and is considered one of the most divisive products to date. Over the past decade, the behavior of our audience has evolved with the use of voice assistant devices such as Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon.

With the digital assistance of voice recognition and natural language processing, a voice assistant device communicates with the user, responds to verbal commands, and enables hands-free activation.

Today, voice assistants are integrated as the most basic feature on smartphones and across many other internet-enabled smart devices such as speakers, televisions, headphones, cameras, Wi-Fi plugs, doorbells, appliances, etc, at homes and offices.

Companies are now adopting voice marketing strategies at unprecedented levels to improve their business growth and customer experience. It helps in personalizing the user engagement process and offering augmented customer insights to the marketers.

What is voice marketing?

Voice Marketing strategy involves tactics that can be used to reach the target audience that uses voice-enabled devices powered by AI assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. The motive is to obtain marketing plans that strive to take advantage of the advancement in people using voice-enabled devices daily.

Voice marketing strategy includes sonic branding, recorded audio content, voice-driven chatbots, and voice search optimization. With the advancement of SEO, brands incorporate voice-enabled technologies into their digital marketing strategies to optimize their content and remain visible to the consumer in the future through verbal searches.

Why should businesses incorporate a Voice marketing strategy?

According to Stanford University Research, people speak approximately 2.9 times faster than they write and spoken queries result in fewer errors than the typed ones comparatively. Moreover, people of all age groups find asking voice assistants to find information easier than looking it up by themselves.

A Voice Marketing strategy in any business can improve the user experience and customer service as the consumers now are switching from text and typing interface to voice assistants, whether it’s for obtaining quick information, playing music, or setting a reminder.

It helps the companies in upselling and cross-selling to the customers with the integration of voice-driven chatbots along with voice assistants. Taking the advantage of the data obtained through the voice-marketing method, businesses can improve their data analytics processes and understand their customers’ expectations and preferences.

Here are some reasons that prove the need of incorporating a voice marketing strategy for your business growth:

Frictionless operation is the all-time consumer expectation.

Consumers gravitate to new technologies like magnets to make their tasks easier and better. They resonate with the products which are more personalized such as voice-enabled devices and software.

Various industries integrate different strategies that include new technology for a seamless customer experience. Say, the retail industry mostly uses omnichannel solutions.

But, Chatbot is AI-powered software that is used by maximum industries, whether it is logistics, retail, or hospitality. It has a voice recognition feature that makes smooth customer engagement, without any language barrier. Since voice technology is new, it continues to evolve with time.

Incorporating voice technology in your digital marketing strategy is an intelligent way to fulfill customer’s expectations and understand their preferences with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence processors in robot communication.

It resolves customer’s predicaments with its innovation, speed, accuracy, trustworthy solution, and quick assistance caliber inclusive of customers’ constantly changing requirements. It eliminates the necessity to type in a proper text-chat manner, saves time, and responds to the consumer’s command with quick, effective, hassle-free, and straightforward audible conversations.

It improves user experience

Voice marketing strategy aims to remain relevant, create a unique and simplified customer experience to encourage customer retention and build brand loyalty. Voice technology can differentiate between voices and make interaction realistic and seamless. It can provide beneficial insights about the consumers and create more personalized content, improving the customer experience.

For example, Whirlpool collaborated with Amazon for developing voice-command features to establish a line of intelligent and voice-enabled appliances that can chat with the users, answer queries, and even provide recommendations and notifications that proactively alert the appliance users with updates and information.

It is driving change in SEO best practices.

Verbal queries tend to be a little lengthier than text searches, and brands can address this by incorporating few longer keyword phrases in their content.

For example, it can be in the form of a full question such as “will it rain tonight?” instead of just ”weather”. This gives the brands an option to use more suitable question keyword phrases that indicate the user’s query.

Voice technology also influences SEO through the growing importance of local SEO as many smartphone voice searches have a local objective, such as locating a nearby business or place. It also presents top results instead of a full search engine result page so that brands don’t have to strive for a place on page one.

As for every search term, it will be on the top result every time. Furthermore, Google Assistant precisely focuses on featured snippets while responding to its users, therefore, businesses will have to integrate voice marketing strategies into their SEO campaigns as well.

Drives higher web traffic.

When a voice assistant responds to a query, it provides the user with a direct website link from which the solution was pulled. So, when the business is well incorporated with voice-optimized SEO, it can boost traffic on your platform if you frequently appear as the top result or featured snippet used for voice responses. Which means if the brand optimizes their content for voice search by using great content and better keyword target.

It can help their website to become a traffic magnet. Even when a page of their website is a voice search result, they can see a considerable traffic increase. For example, on asking a question to Alexa, voice search optimization will not only provide Alexa to show your content as an answer, but also your website page will organically rank high.

Prevent your audience from finding your competitors.

When the brand has a good sense of what their customers are seeking via voice commands in their daily lives, it becomes easy for them to construct the brand’s strategy.  Voice marketing strategy focuses on making customer interactions natural, beneficial, and more humanly with the speedy verbal response being received from voice recognition AI talking robots.

Incorporating voice technology in your digital marketing strategy is not only for ensuring brand visibility among the consumers but to prevent them from discovering your competition. 

When a business has a competitive SEO voice strategy and the potential to integrate new technologies, it becomes capable of dominating the competition. If the brand does not have a voice marketing strategy, then the voice assistants would likely send their audience directly to their competitors.

For example, say you were into a large hospitality business that didn’t have a voice marketing strategy. Then, the customer who’d be looking for a hotel using voice technology, the voice assistant might recommend your competitor instead upon not finding results for your hotel.


From a business marketing perspective, consumers use digital voice assistants for various activities were content, search results and brand advertising can be served.

A voice marketing strategy can define how a business can reach its audience with the use of voice-enabled technology. Voice marketing strategies can deliver businesses with new touchpoints to improve and maintain effective audience engagements.

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