10 Best Customer Experience Tools in 2023

Nowadays, several businesses are taking advantage of the internet using customer experience tools to find out the touch points behind millions of conversations across multiple platforms.

If you are a brand or a start-up, customer experience is the most important KPI for your business.

Whether you are selling products or services, it is important to know how your customers feel about your product or services and what are the touch points of their journey.

There are many touchpoints in a customer’s journey – starting from landing on the website for online purchase to browsing the products or service details on internal pages to getting connected. Each point gives them an experience of the brand.

Based on their experience with the brand, an effective customer-centric strategy can be implemented to generate ROI.

Research says that one in three customers will leave the brand if they have had any negative experience. 

Companies are now more serious about giving their customers the best customer experience.

They invest in the best customer experience tool to provide complete monitoring, measurement, and reporting.

These customer experience tools can help to ensure improved CX and better ROI. To select the best CX tool, you need to understand the needs of the business and the features of the CX tool.

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Best Customer Experience Tools

What is the customer experience tool “CX Tool”?

Customer experience tools takeaway

CX tool or customer experience tool is software that collects the data of customers’ feedback.

These CX tools can optimize sales, marketing, and customer retention rate. Customer experience tools are also known as CX, CEM, or CMX tools.

Why choose the CX tool?

  • Acquire diverse capabilities to manage the customer journey
  • Get contextual help
  • Complete customer analytics
  • Analyze the customer feedback & sentiments
  • Analyze content marketing
  • Get actionable insights

How to select the right customer experience (CX) tool?

Before implementing any customer experience tools, it is important to understand the objective.

Each CX tool comes with a unique feature, and it might be possible some of the features are not capable of catering to specific business needs.

Look for specific features per business niche and get a complete insight into the customers. Check for performance optimization and predictive analytics.

Top 10 Customer Experience Tools In 2023

Recently, many big companies have launched customer experience tools loaded with many features. Here are the top 10 best CX tools for 2023. All these tools are enabled with unique features and can be opted as per the business needs and niche.

1. Locobuzz

Locobuzz is a unified customer experience platform that converges technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Analytics designed to work on a standalone basis or as an integrated solution.

The platform provides rich and relevant insights for key KPIs and customer /competitor intelligence and provides a vast array of reportage, including customized reports and excels thereby, giving brands an overview of brand performance.

Locobuzz has the most effective processes for helping brands make informed and intelligent data-driven decisions for excellent customer experience.

Reasons to opt:

  • Unified View Key digital customer touchpoints 
  • State of the art Ticketing system
  • Real-time Social Listening and Data Analytics
  • Track key marketing insights
  • Powerful  data visualizations
  • Real-Time Campaign management and analysis 
  • Competition Intelligence and Benchmarking
  • Comprehensive workflow management functions
  • UGC and User Interaction Insights

Platform USP:

Locobuzz is a next-gen customer experience tool, it helps to capture the trends and provides actionable insights.

Build a strong digital presence and improve brand health with Locobuzz.

Experience the future of customer satisfaction

2. Zendesk

Zendesk - Customer Experience Tool

Next on the list is “Zendesk”; it is a very popular CX tool and comes with many impressive features. This tool is perfect for production companies as it supports product-led consumer conversations. This tool analyses and manages customer conversations across all platforms.

Reasons to opt:

  • Completely flexible platform
  • Live chat is enabled
  • Build customized CX solution 
  • Complete CRM functionality 
  • Customer insights & data
  • Reporting

Platform USP:

Zendesk provides four different products in one package, which includes a guide, support talk, and chat.

3. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud - Customer Experience Tools

Salesforce service cloud is a sales-based CX tool. This customer experience tool is most popular among big enterprises. This platform provides complete insight into the user at every touch point of the customer journey.

Reasons to opt:

  • Effective customer insights
  • Agent-friendly insights
  • Omnichannel tracking
  • Suitable for enterprise-level companies
  • Multiple productivity tools

Platform USP:

Salesforce is designed with AI-powered chatbots and can be enabled on any medium like web chat, mobile chat, or social media messaging. 

4. HubSpot – Service Hub

Hubspot - Service Hub - Customer Experience Tool

HubSpot is one of the most used CX tools among start-ups and mid-level companies as it provides unique features at a reasonable cost. HubSpot is an integrated customer experience tool and provides more control over data. 

Reasons to opt:

  • Bring all the communication channels to one place
  • Integrate all the channels in the universal inbox
  • Get contextual information

Platform USP:

HubSpot service hub is capable of delivering a frictionless customer experience, and it also provides the CRM to manage everything in one place

5. Adobe -Experience Manager

Adobe -Experience Manager - Tool for customer experience

Adobe experience manager tool combines a digital asset management system with a unique CMS. This CX tool ensures that each customer is privileged and receives a personalized message. 

Reasons to opt:

  • Advanced content management system
  • Personalization is available 
  • Automated experience management
  • Many automated tools
  • Smart tools
  • Effortless Scaling 

Platform USP:

Adobe Experience Manager has both digital asset management and CMS. Create the same digital experience across all the platforms.

6. Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud is a complete cloud center solution that is designed to provide complete connectivity between all the possible channels. This CX tool provides an easy-to-use tool and enables a 360-degree view of customers.

Reasons to opt:

  • Easy configuration 
  • Multiple channels connectivity 
  • Outbound campaigns 
  • Quality management
  • Performance monitoring 
  • Workforce optimization 

Platform USP:

Genesys Cloud follows all compliance and can be configured to provide maximum reliability. Keeps the agents more productive with executing dial mode.

7. Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics XM - CX Tools

Qualtrics XM is the best customer experience management software that can provide insights into customers at any digital touchpoint. This CX tool gives the flexibility to connect with the audience from any medium like SMS, Email, web, or mobile applications.

Reasons to opt:

  • Multiple channels integration
  • Touchpoints 
  • Detailed analytics
  • Automated feedback
  • Predictive analysis 

Platform USP:

Understand customer behavior and get tailored insights.

8. ResponseTek

ResponseTek - Top CX Tools

Cloud-based and customizable to meet all your business requirements ResponseTek provide an unbeatable Voice of Customer program. With ResponseTek you are able to access not just website information as well as information from social networks.

Reasons to opt :

  • Advanced and user-friendly AI-driven analytics
  • Automated & on-demand reporting enables to access customer insights as soon as survey results are received
  • Possibility to ask randomly selected customers in response to various actions, such as filling out a form.
  • Automatic mapping of subjects to survey scores & real-time sentiment analysis

Platform USP :

Cloud-based and customizable to meet your specific business requirements They provide an outstanding Voice of Customer program at scale with four core components: Listen Learn Act and Engage.

9. ClickTale

CX Tool - Contentsquare

Clicktale is now Contentsquare The two companies have come together to form the world’s leading company in digital experience analytics.

Reasons to opt :

  • Offers heatmaps, as well as visitor session recordings, helping understand customer behavior
  • Easy Integrations with multiple channels
  • Connects metrics with actual customer behavior & combines the power of rich data, machine learning & human insight to provide better results.

Platform USP :

By recording every in-page interaction and micro-gestures, the platform can help companies understand the ways and why of user actions i.e Bringing customer behavior to life.

10. ClientSuccess

Cx Analysis Tools - ClientSuccess

ClientSuccess is software for customer success designed to improve the retention of customers and create your company’s own unique customer experience. The software offers solutions to help customer onboarding, integrating customers, renewing customers, and expanding your customers.

Reasons to opt :

  • Provides key data aspects about customer’s health to achieve the desired outcomes
  • A smooth customer onboarding process
  • Integration with CRMs
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Designed to Improve Customer Retention

Platform USP :

A true platform for managing customers that provides a powerful service to front-line customer service managers as well as actionable data for executives.
The Customer Success Management Platform(TM) gives actionable insight and rich customer analytics and the most effective practices to cut down on the rate of churn, boost revenue, and increase the potential of the customers.


Before selecting the CX tool, check for the business and the team’s needs.

Train the team members on the configured tool to handle customer experience seamlessly.

Opt for the one suitable for your business type, as many niche-specific CX tools are available. 

Keep your approach futuristic and opt for an AI-powered customer experience tool.

AI-enabled tools will help you resolve day-to-day queries and enhance the customer experience.

Lastly, select the options by keeping the pricing in mind, go for the annual subscriptions as you can save money.

Customer experience tools not only help to manage the system but also handle the sentiments.

FAQs | Customer Experience Tools

1. Which Customer Experience (CX) tool is right for you?

When you are deciding on the best CX software to download and utilize be sure to consider what your needs actually are and be aware that platforms that are designed to perform several things won’t offer the same variety of tools as those that focus on a specific field.

Following the below steps can help you:

  • Learn about your business’s requirements
  • Assess your present situation
  • Review the features a tool offers to match your needs & also the ease of doing things

2. What does customer experience software i.e CX Tools do?

Software for Customer Experience examines every interaction with the customer and provides valuable information to take steps to improve the customer’s loyalty and enhance the overall customer experience.

The main tasks that tools for managing customer experience accomplish include marketing automation, sales automation, task and project management, monitoring and engaging customers on your website, handling customers’ questions, queries, and complaints, interacting with customers across every social media platform and capturing the voices of customers through feedback systems, monitoring important CX performance metrics and indicators, and then helping you understand all the information you have about your customers.

3. What is customer journey mapping?

The process of creating the customer journey map which is a visual narrative of your customer’s experiences with your company is known as customer-centric journey mapping (also called the user’s journey). This process allows companies to imagine themselves in the shoes of their clients, and to see their company through their customers’ eyes.

4. What are the advantages of customer experience tools?

The top advantages of customer experience tools are:

1. Improved Customer Engagement

2. A Higher Rate of Customer Retention

3. Lower Marketing Costs

4. Gain diverse capabilities to handle the customer journey

5. Analyze the effectiveness of content marketing

5. What are the best Customer experience tools?

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