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Best Data Analytics Tools In 2023 & How To Choose The Best One

Data analytics tools

If you are a blooming business in 2023, then data analytics tools are incredibly platforms that you need to analyze the widely ranging sets of data to develop a suitable business strategy for your firm. It is therefore essential to keep track of the best data analytics tools that empower your business to the highest degree.

What are data analytics tools?

Data analytics tools are used to describe software, programming or applications used by data analysts to develop and perform certain analytical cycles that assist organizations in improving and making smart business decisions, competitive insights, build healthy relations with customers and deduction of costs leading to increased profits.

Data analytics tools: how do they help?

Best data analytics tools

The key focus of all the businesses across the globe is to develop and execute business strategies that put them in the leading positions in the industry they operate in. By analysing the large volume of data that is coming into your business, you can recognise activity and engagement patterns, correlations, ROI and other insights. 

By underlining the focal points of your business, with the help of data analytics tools you can make smarter and more efficient business moves, create marketing strategies and generate better revenue. It also helps you build a healthy and happy relationship with your customers. 

The different ways in which data analytics tools benefit a brand include reduction of operational costs, development, improvement and promotion of different services, and providing the business owners with necessary insights and information to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

8 Best data analytics tools in 2023

Table of Contents

1. Tableau

Tableau is one of the finest data analytics tools out there, it is an analytics platform accessible to everyone and it helps reveal actionable insights from data. Tableau provides a strong data visualisation platform which enables the users to receive observable feedback as they analyse data. Tableau has integrated the VizQL, a technology that they patented, which translates drag and drop actions into data queries. 

Tableau is accessible to everyone in need to analyse data sets, irrespective of their technical knowledge. It has incorporated a wide range of metrics: for simple, go-to analysis to in-depth advanced analysis. It allows the users to integrate with R and Python directly.

The best part about this platform is that it also offers Tableau Mobile for accessing data and analysing on any device. It is a complete analytics solution, it is quick and and smart and it must be on top of your list of the best data analytics tools in 2023.

2. Microsoft power BI

power bi data analytics tools

Microsoft Power BI is a data analytics tool that enables users to collaborate data with goal-tracking. It is a business intelligence platforms that offers rich analytics experience through a strong AI that drives insights everywhere. The BI platform is optimisable to suit the various needs of different business organisations. 

Unlike other data analytics tools, this platform can derive large complex volumes of data for analysis and does so in a quick and efficient way. It helps the brands to create and enforce a data-driven culture and allows them to make accurate data-driven decisions using the advanced analytics. 

Power BI offers various tools and methods for data analytics, including data visualisation, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration and pre-built custom data connectors. A key feature of Microsoft Power BI is the data security capabilities of this platform. It has sensitivity labelling capabilities, end-to-end encryption, and real time access monitoring. It is another strong and useful data analytics tool for businesses to integrate.

3. Locobuzz

Locobuzz is a next-generation data analytics and digital customer experience platform that allows businesses to build strong healthy relationships with their customers. Locobuzz being one of the best data analytics tools in the market provides businesses with an unified view of their customers, communications, performances and presence. 

It enables users to measure brand insights, customer behaviour, competitor insights and performance analytics across the key digital platforms that allows businesses to build a strong and efficient business strategy to suit their needs.

Locobuzz allows businesses to derive rich, relevant and measurable data, helps them to study and measure the brand’s ecosystem through a series of versatile, flexible and automated reports. It enables users to make strategic and efficient business decisions according to their brand objectives. The AI-led automation allows users to analyse and respond to customer data effectively and in a time-saving manner.

4. Microstrategy

Microstrategy data analytics tools

Microstrategy is a modern, open, enterprise tool that allows the businesses to connect the customers and applications to the sets of data. The Enterprise Semantic Graph can be created quickly and can be re-used with relative ease. 

Unline other data analytics tools, this platform works on any device and thus enables quick, on-the-go data analytics solutions for businesses to build a suitable data-driven business strategy. Microstrategy allows brands to connect the teams to the data source, to access data visualisations, and develop a suite of BI applications. 

This tool allows data scientists to build, train and deploy powerful AI across the enterprise, which means brands can quickly have access to data reports and insights with Hyperintelligence. It is a strong powerful tool for businesses to keep track of their performances and customer data with utmost efficiency.

5. Qlik

Qlik data analytics tools

Qlik is a fine and efficient data analytics tool that offers a deep analytics engine, with broad user cases, powerful AI, active analytics and a hybrid cloud platform. The platform offers multiple data analytics tools and metrics such as self-service visualisation, interactive dashboard, reporting and more. The augmented analytics platform enables users to monitor and analyse data sets more effectively, minimising cognitive bias, and maximising discovery. 

Qlik’s AI-generated analytics and insights, automated creation and data preparation, ML and productive analytics puts it as one of the market leaders when it comes to data analytics and generating data-driven responses. 

6. Excel

Excel data analytics tools

Excel is a fundamental well-known and widely-used data analytics tool that is used in almost every industry. If you’re proficient using Sas, R or Tableau it is still necessary to utilize Excel. Excel becomes essential whenever there’s a need for analytics of the client’s data. Excel is able to analyze the complicated task of analyzing data using a preview of pivot tables, which assists in filtering data according to the client’s requirements.

Unlike other data analytics tools, Excel includes the advanced business analytics feature which aids in the modeling process and comes with built-in options for the automatic detection of relationships, development of DAX measures as well as time-grouping.

7. Datapine

datapine data analytics tools

Datapine is a well-known data analytics tool for business intelligence that is geared towards bringing an easy-to-use, yet robust analysis capabilities to the needs of both advanced and novice users who require a quick and reliable online solution for all stages of analysis.

This tool has a visual drag-and-drop interface that lets you build SQL queries automatically. It also gives the option of switching to the advanced (manual) SQL mode.

The key benefit is that it provides AI-powered alarms that go off when an abnormality occurs or when an objective is reached and advanced predictive analytics capabilities interactive charts and dashboards and automated reports.


Knime data analytics tools

KNIME is a top choice as one of the best data analytics tools helping you to manipulate, analyze and design data with visual programming. It allows you to connect different components of machine learning and data mining by using it’s modular pipelinelining idea. This tool also supports programming languages.

This free data analytics tool lets users leverage powerful scripting languages such as R or Python to develop applications in data science. It supports in-memory processing as well as multithreaded processing.

The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use and simple to master for newbies. It also gives users a great method of analyzing and modeling data using visual programming.

Data Analytics Tools - Comparison Table

Data Analytics Tool Main Feature Pricing
  • Create visual workflows with a GUI.
  • Multi-threaded data processing and in-memory processing.
  • Import, export, and access the data from Big Data platforms.
  • KNIME Analytics platform: Free.
  • KNIME Server: Starts at $8500.
  • Built-in security controls.
  • No need to write the code.
  • It has a centralized workflow management.
  • Free for 10,000 data rows.
  • Small: $2500 per user/year.
  • Medium: $5000 per user/year.
  • Large: $10000 per user/year.
  • Track the complete customer lifecycle.
  • Analyze the website's performance with key website metrics.
  • Break down any report in the database.
  • Starter: Starts at $40 per month.
  • Professional: Starts at $800 per month.
  • Enterprise: Starts at $3200 per month.
  • Wide variety of visualization options.
  • Smart modeling and collaborative cross-functional analytics.
  • Basic: $22 per month.
  • Standard: $45 per month.
  • Premium: $112 per month.
  • Enterprise: $445 per month.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Provides stable, automated data pipelines easily, flexibly, and affordably.
  • Starts at $20/data source/month.
  • Interactive data visualization and clever reporting.
  • Exploratory data analysis and many standard visualizations are included.
  • Free.

Benefits & Importance of Data Analytics Tools

Data analytics tools transform unstructured data right into concentrated as well as understandable graphs of essential metrics for project partners to absorb and act upon. Several of the advantages of Data Analysis Devices are:

  1. Data Analytics Tools can empower every professional with self-service analytics and companies can quicken decision-making with data literacy.
  2. By evaluating information from public domains, consisting of social networks, organizations can recognize transforming needs of customers. The tools can execute innovative analyses like nostalgic evaluation to discover how customers feel concerning your products, enabling you to serve customers much better.
  3. Keep an eye out for devices that include artificial intelligence (AI) and also machine learning. These assist your job partners and firm recognize past performance, make forecasts regarding the future based on that knowledge and plan proactively.
  4. Data analytics tools with integrated protection benefit you by obstructing risky tasks that posture dangers to information or data.

How to choose the best data analytics tools for your brand?

data analytics tools

The development of technology has shaped the growth of data analytics in recent years. These data analytics tools have now enforced themselves with the increased use of artificial intelligence, and machine learning. With the influence of the modern-age technology, augmented analytics is a reality at present. 

Data analytics tools provides the brands with deeper understanding of their audience, operations, and other details which enables them to modify their responses to the data sets quicker and in a more efficient manner.

The key to choose the best data analytics tool for your brand is to understand your brand objectives and select the platform which addresses those objectives. Data analytics come in different forms such as data visualisation and modelling, data preparation, business intelligence, statistical analysis etc. Depending on your needs and your target audience, you can select one of the finest data analytics tools for reshaping the future of your business.


Data analytics tools are a powerful business opportunity in the present day for businesses to derive, analyse and monitor volumes of data to create a rich data-driven business model. 

Locobuzz is one of the leading customer experience management platforms when it comes to deriving and monitoring actionable customer insights. This is your one-in-all tool that allows you to manage your brand presence, increase engagement efficiency, benchmark against competitor performance, and have a deeper understanding of your product or service performance. Locobuzz through its powerful ORM capabilities helps brand managers improve brand performance, and improve your brand performance in the digital realm. 

Explore the Locobuzz unified customer experience management platform to put your customer-centricity at the forefront of your of your business and gain a competitive advantage over other players in your industry. Try Locobuzz for FREE today!

Frequently asked questions

Data analytics tools gather raw data and transform it into significant bits of knowledge that organizations can use for more powerful navigation and decision making. This data can have a profitable impact on an organisation.

Data analytics tools benefits businesses in:

  1. Reduction in transportation or operational costs.
  2. Valuable insights into customer behaviour and competitors.
  3. Early warnings of bad market conditions.
  4. Quick and effective decision making.


Data analytics tools are used in every field including logistics, delivery and transportation, internet web results, security, education, military, healthcare, travel, communication and many more.

As large data analytics platform evolve, they make high use of artificial intelligence and also machine learning. This AI and also ML makes it possible for “augmented analytics,” implying query outcomes have higher deepness and detail due to the innovative modern technologies.

Locobuzz is one of the best and leading data analytics tools in the market. It allows businesses to derive rich, relevant and measurable data and automated reports. Locobuzz enables users to measure brand insights, customer behaviour, competitor insights and performance analytics across the key digital platforms

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