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6 Best Sentiment Analysis Tools For 2023 | Pricing, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Sentiment Analysis Tools

Nowadays, several businesses are taking advantage of the internet using sentiment analysis tools to find out the sentiment behind millions of conversations across multiple social media platforms. Monitoring the customers’ sentiment is an utmost priority for all businesses looking to transform into customer-centric businesses and improve their marketing strategy.

Understanding the emotion of customers on your brand’s posts will help you know its strengths and weaknesses. In today’s time analyzing social data has become an important part as businesses have to explore the audience feedback and, most importantly, find their tone of voice.

With the help of several best practices and best sentiment analysis tools of 2022, it has become easier for businesses to track the emotion behind every like, share, and comment of their brand’s post. In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into the six best sentiment analysis tools in 2022 that you can use for your business.

Table of Contents

What are sentiment analysis tools?

Sentiment analysis is a process of text analysis that uses machine-learnings and natural language processings to understand if the tone or sentiment behind a piece of writing is negative, positive, or neutral. And, this process is conducted with the help of sentiment analysis tools.

Sentiment analysis tools perform the job of measuring people’s thoughts or feelings and help significantly to analyze brand mentions, customer feedback, or studying the responses to your recent posts. 

A sentiment analysis tool is an AI software useful for companies that are active in engaging with their customers via live chat, social media and email where it becomes difficult to understand the sentiment or intent behind a message.

How do Sentiment Analysis Tools Work?

These tools track and monitor customer reviews, chat support conversations, survey responses and customer feedback on various online portals. The tools then analyze the data and identify the words in the feedback.

It will identify words that express emotions or intents and create a word cloud to help you analyze them. They assign them either a negative, positive, or neutral tag so that you understand which customer inquiries to prioritize accordingly.
The sentiment analysis tools display a variety of emotions in the data.

Companies can then understand their customer experience and identify areas that need improvement. The sentiment analysis can be used to identify detractors and promoters, and make unhappy customers happy again.

6 best sentiment analysis tools

There are variety of sentiment analysis tools available and all are different. Some are much more user-friendly than others, whereas others require a deep understanding in data science. Let’s take a look at the best tools available for 2022.

1.  Locobuzz
2. Brandwatch
3. Awario
4. Talkwalker
5. Clarabridge
6. Lexalytics

1. Locobuzz

Locobuzz Sentiment Analysis Tools
Name Locobuzz
Type Sentiment analysis tool
Free Trial 15 days
Social Networks Supported Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Locobuzz is a sentiment analysis tool that replaces social media surveys and feedback mechanisms with actionable insight. It comes with powerful AI tools that access all these essential metrics and deliver detailed insights into your brand’s perception among a large variety of audiences.

While several sentiment analysis tools tell you about how customers feel, Locobuzz digs out and differentiates by telling you “Why customers feel the way they do.”

The best part about Locobuzz is that you’ll be able to get a real-time understanding of your customers, capture the latest trends, and using its social listening feature will help you redefine your customer service.

Being one of the best sentiment analysis tools, Locobuzz also comes with a mobile app that is loaded with several features to make your business process simpler. Locobuzz also provides omnichannel customer engagement platforms to connect with people from different channels using one platform. With this, you can manage everything from social media mentions to customer queries right from your mobile device without any trouble.

1. Easy to integrate1. It is slow in terms of updates
2. Comes with powerful AI tools 
3. Robust in analytics and insights 
4. Provides end to end solutions 
5. Smart interactive dashboard 

Start a Free Trial

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2. Brandwatch

Brandwatch Sentiment Analysis Tool
Name Brandwatch
Type Sentiment analysis tool
Free Trial 15 days
Social Networks Supported Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Brandwatch is among the biggest names when it comes to sentiment analysis tools and domain. It features several resources to monitor all different aspects of social media.

In today’s time, several businesses use this tool to monitor and understand the voice of the customer as it helps to detect fluctuations in sentiment 24/7. Apart from this, Brandwatch also has a unique feature called “image insights” that lets you go beyond text data and help you track all logos shared across millions of online sources.

With this one of the most popular social media free sentiment analysis tools, you’ll be able to see where your brand’s images are appearing and how they are performing across your target audience. Also, you can monitor and understand your customer’s perception by tracking positive, negative, or angry emotions.

If you’re really looking to get higher ROI, you can’t ignore this sentiment analysis tool to outshine your business.

1. Helps to detect fluctuations in sentiment 1. Customer service is poor that breaks the company
2. Great sentiment analysis to get ROI
3. It understands the voice of customers
4. Monitor multiple aspects of social media
5. Offers a user-friendly interface

3. Awario

Awario Sentiment Analysis Tools
Type Sentiment analysis tool
PriceStarting at $29 per month
Free Trial14 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Awario is another helpful tool to track sentiment analysis on several social media platforms. It works best for those enthusiasts who like to play with figures and numbers.

This sentiment analysis tool sorts its analysis into three categories: positive, negative, and neutral. You can easily gather any sort of data about your business by detecting the sentiment of brand voice and mentions in real-time.

If you also want to track specific keywords, you can take the help of this tool to monitor the sentiment of these keywords. The dashboard of Awario is interactive and breaks down the sentiment data by topic, brand, keyword and even shows negative mentions or feedback against your competitors.

Awario is one of the most useful sentiment analysis tools to track sentiment analysis that covers almost all the major social media platforms, blogs, forums, and the web.

1. Detects sentiment in real-time 1. There is less integration in Awario
2. Great sentiment analysis to get  
3, Delivers insightful data and graph  
4. Enhances the growth of performance  
5. Covers almost all social media platforms  

4. Talkwalker

Talkwalker Sentiment Analysis Tool
Type Sentiment analysis tool
PriceStarting at $800 per month
Free Trial14 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Talkwalker is another sentiment analysis tool that keeps a check and analyzes social media data. It has a “Quick Search” feature that looks at your comments, mentions, engagements, and other relevant data on how all your customers respond to your social media activity.

Unlike other free sentiment analysis tools, the best part about Talkwalker is it can perform sentiment analysis in 25 different languages. This tool uses AI to analyze the tone of all individual mentions gathered from several social media platforms and blogs, and forums.

It even allows you to track all customer trends and see which features are drawing customers’ attention and which features are turning them away.

1. Detects sentiment in real-time1. Priciest sentiment analysis tool in the market
2. Performs sentiment analysis in 25 different languages 
3. Keeps a check and analyze social media data 
4. Shows relevant & real-time data 
5. Tracks all the customer trends 

5. Clarabridge

Clarabridge Sentiment Analysis Tool
TypeSentiment analysis tool
Free Trial14 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Clarabridge is a customer experience management platform that lets you track customers’ sentiment both on social media and on your customer service platforms.

Clarabridge offers tool that deliver essential metrics about the feelings of all your customers and provides relevant data in all types such as emails, chats, surveys, and more. This tool also focuses on Speech Analytics which means it performs sentiment analysis on audio data that helps the team manage calls and provide better support.

Unlike other sentiment analysis tools , it comes with an 11-point scale that measures the most accurate sentiments based on the people’s words and grammar.

1. Delivers essential metrics 1. Some information can get lost while working remotely
2. Let’s you track the sentiment of customers  
3. Provides relevant & real-time data  
4. Measures the most accurate sentiments  
5. It also performs sentiment analysis on audio data  

6. Lexalytics

TypeSentiment analysis tool
Free Trial7 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Lexalytics can be used for all types of business purposes. After sourcing data from several social media platforms, reviews and surveys, it uses natural language processing to determine whether text is positive, neutral, or negative.

You can integrate the tool with other software via its Cloud API, or use it as an add-on to your Excel sheets. You can customize the tool to your liking, but you will need basic data analysis skills in order to do so.

To perform accurate text analysis, it breaks down the response text into syntax or semantics. Lexalytics, like other sentiment analysis tools visualizes the data results in an easily readable format for easy analysis.

1. Access to all customize NLP analytics features1. Lacks integrations
2. Compatible with Microsoft Excel 
3. Convert reports into tables and graphs 
4. User-friendly UI 
5. Offers support for 30 languages. 

Reasons to use sentiment analysis tools | Benefits

  • With the help of sentiment analysis tools you are able to understand and review the sentiment behind customers’ comments, you can determine how they feel about your brand. A negative or positive change in sentiment could be a sign of a failed product launch or a missed marketing campaign.

  • It is possible to connect sentiment analysis tools with customer support software. This allows you to listen to customers in real-time, prioritize negative comments, create better strategies and improve brand reputation.

  • Online opinions are not limited to consumers. Find influencers who are talking about products similar to yours. With sentiment analysis tools, you’ll be able to search for keywords related to your industry, to find potential brand advocates that are discussing topics related to your industry and product. Reach out to those who are talking positive and establish a relationship.

  • You can use sentiment analysis tools to quantify all of your unstructured data. Data visualization tools are available to turn text data into valuable customer insight. This will allow you to spot trends and patterns over time and identify customer pain points. It will also help you make data-based decisions that will increase brand recognition and propel your business forward.

What to look out for when choosing a sentiment analysis tool?

Various sentiment analysis tools offer diverse services to people and firms and if you require relevant digital consumer insights, your analysis tools must fulfil all your requirements as well.

  • How does it analyze complicated expressions?
    It is possible that only a couple of consumers will certainly speak in a well-defined means like “I am happy” or “I am angry”. They may claim something like ‘thanks to the solution I have actually received, I’m feeling much better than I was when I initially called’, or ‘the firm took too long to return to me’. You want to be sure that your evaluation tool handles these sort of complex expressions suitably and that its classification system makes up intricacies.

  • Can it manage different data sources?
    The sentiment analysis tools must have the ability to process incoming data from lots of different data resources. This provides you the most effective summary of the brand views that are shared each day and also allows you evaluate your very own brand name reputation much more accurately.

  • Can it do real-time evaluation?
    You need real-time speech analytics that can keep up with the speed of those conversations when the objective is to keep track of discussions as they’re occurring. Your analytics devices need to have the ability to provide those real-time understandings to encourage your agents and managers to give a constantly exceptional consumer experience.


These are the 6 best paid and free sentiment analysis tools for 2022 that have their pros and cons. Some have extraordinary features, while some are simple and easy to use.

Locobuzz is the best sentiment analysis tool in 2022 that you can use for your business. It has a simple and interactive dashboard with powerful AI tools that delivers real-time understanding by capturing the latest social media trends.

However, you can use several different sentiment analysis tools, but the above given tools will fit perfectly for any business size and type.

Frequently asked questions

Sentiment analysis is a type of text research which involves using a combination of statistics, natural-language processing (NLP) and machine learning to extract subjective information from text files. It attempts to examine the feelings, thoughts and judgments of reviewers about a topic, an event, or company’s activities, as well as other topics.

The majority of providers use four methods including keyword scoring, calculation based upon predefined categories, humans like us and AI-powered sentiment analysis tools.

Brands employ sentiment analysis tools to measure and track the views of their customers as well as attitudes towards their products, brands or services, and campaigns, and products. Monitoring social media’s sentiment is a great source of data that provides essential digital consumer insights.

The sentiment analysis tools are useful for testing business KPIs, improving marketing campaigns and product messaging, generating leads, preventing a brand reputation crisis, researching product decisions and improving customer experience.

Locobuzz is one of the best sentiment analysis tools in the market. You will be able to get a real-time understanding of your customers, capture the latest trends and using its social listening feature will help you redefine your customer service.

Free sentiment analysis tools can be useful to some extent as they may have limited features compared to paid sentiment analysis tools. Other best tools like Locobuzz, Awario & Talkwalker are providing free trials which is worth to try.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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