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Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Hospitality Industry

Social media marketing tools for hospitality industry

Social Media Marketing Tools have made the biggest difference in changing the game of Brand Management in the Hospitality Industry. From hotel promotions, higher exposure, check-ins, referrals, reviews, to automated hotel bookings and easier Customer Relationship Management, the integration of AI tools has minimized manual efforts by over 40% in the hospitality industry.

To help you gather a better understanding of how this exactly works we have a list of some of the Best Social Media Marketing Tools for the Hospitality Industry which you can use in a combination with one another in ways that help you maximize benefits minimize efforts.


The hospitality industry requires delegating work between multiple teams via a host of different channels to set the basis of primary Social Media Marketing Strategies in place. So, before diving into the primary ways of promoting your brand or hotel on Social Media, a tool that binds it all together like a company dashboard becomes an essential requirement.

Zapier is a tool that creates automated workflows for you and your team, known as ‘Zaps’. You can use this space as a condensed system of all your integrated tools, and reports, starting from primary ones like Gmail, WordPress, Mailchimp, and the like. It is kind of a Social Media Productivity Tool, which helps boost all the manual efforts that go into Social Media Marketing.

Locobuzz is at the top of its game when it comes to Social Media Marketing for the Hospitality Industry. Since it is an all-in-one Social Media Management Tool that helps you manage over half a dozen Social Media Marketing tasks integrated together, let’s have a look at its specific products and how these can help you maximize benefits in the hospitality industry.
Customer Relationship Management is one of the primary needs of the hospitality industry as the business solely depends on how satisfied the customers are with their services.

Many people think that these services begin when a customer enters a hotel, banquet, or restaurant, but that is not the case. In a world where any service a person wants to look up for is available on Social Media in its most elite yet most raw form, the first step people take is to look at the Brand’s Social Media Account.

Social CRM Integration thus becomes primarily important for the hospitality industry and Locobuzz’s Engage feature caters to that immersive experience.
There are a host of Chatbots available in the market today, but integrating an AI Social Media Chatbot with your Social Media Account helps replicate the feeling closest to human interaction and solves user queries without the involvement of manual labor.

Automated data processing

This is another task that is integrated within the Social Media Chatbot feature. However, not many Social Media Marketing Tools provide this feature. With this product from Locobuzz, customer requests like breakfast bookings along with hotel bookings, inquiries, payments, and all other types of tasks can be automated thus negating the need for any manual effort.
Locobuzz’s Social Media Analytics Tool provides weekly analytics reports on a Single-View Dashboard with a categorical selection of data related to user engagement, brand mentions, positive reviews, negative reviews, and activity analysis.

Competitor insights

The competition is very high when it comes to hospitality. Customers look at reviews before they even plan on visiting or booking a certain hotel/resort/banquet or a table at a restaurant. Therefore, it is always a good idea to know where your brand stands in the current market. The Competitor Insights tool gives you an analysis of this data and helps you look into service modification and improvement from time to time.

Brand-user engagement analysis

This product is a rare one that not many Social Media Management Tools offer. It gives you an analysis of your user’s most active and engaging hours with respect to your content, with the help of which you can plan your uploads systematically.
  • Hashtag Tracking and Analysis
    When people check into restaurants or hotels, for leisure or work purposes, they often share these check-ins on their social media accounts followed by hashtags. Locobuzz and other Social Listening Tools generate for you an analysis of these hashtags that you can use in your content to reach out to more people who may turn into possible clients/customers.
  • Sentiment Analysis
    This is one of the holy-grail features of a Social Listening Tool which helps you respond to customer behavior with the help of real-time alerts. When people leave a positive/negative review, comment on your social media, or mention your brand in their posts, this tool filters it through a sentiment analysis tracker to see if it calls for an urgent response. This way you can handle and avoid possible reputational damage to your brand and pin/share the positive reviews to your benefit.

Since here we are covering the Top Social Media Marketing and Management Tools for Hospitality Industry, Locobuzz stands at the top of the charts for it integrates all Social Media Management features into a single platform.

However, for Hotels and Hospitality Brands looking out for alternatives with a combination of a fewer number of the above-mentioned products, some of the next best Social Media Marketing Tools are NetBase, BrandWatch, BrandMentions, and Brand24. For more details on these tools check out our post on the Top 7 Social Listening Tools.

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Buffer is one of the easiest content scheduling and planning tools out there that automates content posting on Social Media Channels which would otherwise take intended manual effort. When you use a Social Media Marketing or a Social Listening Tool (or a combination of both, for example, Locobuzz), you get Analytics reports based on what your primary audience’s most engaging hours are with your brand’s Social Accounts.

This is especially specific for the Hospitality Industry because the highest number of traffic generated on their Social Media Accounts depends on the type of services they provide and the area of hospitality they cater to. After you gain an understanding of this, you can schedule your content an hour prior to your audience’s most engaging and active hours, with the help of Buffer.

This tool can be especially helpful when you have upcoming conference schedules, events, high-priority client bookings, and the like so you can prepare a host of different content posts/stories/reels/videos and more, and bulk schedule it in Buffer’s content calendar.

This way, you stay relieved of missing any deadlines and cater better to high-priority clients. Just add the Buffer Google Chrome extension to your browser and there you have another manual task that can be handled efficiently to up your Social Media Marketing Strategy.
These three tools are among the top of their game of Social Media Marketing for the Hospitality Industry. As these help you tackle completely different areas of management and marketing strategies, minimizing manual effort, you can use all three in combination with one another to get the best results.
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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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