Top 10 Best Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tools 2023 | Free & Paid Tools

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Social Media Analytics is one of the most essential aspects of increasing your Brand Engagement. One of the primary ways to do that on Instagram is to use tools that help grow your business into a brand. Secondly, instagram is mostly known for engagement. But how do you track it?

Here comes the role of instagram hashtag analytics tools to help you track instagram analytics and monitor various stats and results.

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What are instagram analytics tools?

Instagram analytics are the means by which you comprehend and understand the performance of your posts and your account overall. And the way by which you can access analytics about your account is with the help of Instagram Analytics Tools.

Instagram Analytics Tools are an incredible way to see analytics about your account, your posts, supporters and your followers. It shows you a wide range of data, from how many users visited your profile in the last week to when your followers are typically online.

10 best instagram hashtag analytics tools you should use in 2023

The following combination of free and paid instagram analytics tools / instagram hashtag analytics tools can help you step up your data-tracking analytics resulting in better achievement of your goals.

  1. Locobuzz
  2. Sprout Social
  3. NetBase
  4. Brand24
  5. Iconosquare
  6. Keyhole
  7. SquareLovin
  8. Instagram Insights
  9. BrandMentions
  10. AgoraPuls


locobuzz social listening tools

With a multifaceted approach to Social Media Management and Social Listening, Locobuzz stands amongst the highest-rated instagram hashtag analytics tools and tracking and management platforms out there. With integrated Hashtag Tracking, Competitor Insights, Sentiment Analysis, CRM Integration, and Social Media Chatbot, it offers an immersive, conversive, and engaging Social Media experience.

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The AI-Powered technology of this Social Listening and Analytics tool enables you to generate the most authentic and powerful Instagram Hashtag Analytics reports on a single-view platform making it easier for you to accomplish a host of tasks through one multi-dimensional tool. It also enables hashtag monitoring in the easiest ways! Locobuzz is one of the best Instagram analytics tools / hashtag tracking & analyzing tools out in the market.

Sprout Social

sprout social instagram analytics tools

Sprout Social is one of the most powerful instagram hashtag analytics tools empowering you with intuitive Instagram scheduling and publishing features as well as real-time monitoring to support engagement are all part of the package.

Sprout Social is ideal for large organizations that have strict guidelines. It has a central media library and built-in editing tools. You can use the push notification tool to update the person who is responsible for the next step, such as moving the content from draft to preview or from scheduled to publish.

Sprout Social allows you to quickly analyze your Instagram data at the post as well as profile level and dig deeper into your Instagram data by using interactive graphs and metrics. It also includes a social CRM that will allow you to funnel your conversations into a central “smart” inbox. This feature is a great way to boost conversions over time.

With Sprout Social you can measure everything including follower growth, hashtag trends analysis and engagement across multiple brands, products and locations simultaneously or evaluating the performance of your team to optimize operations. It offers a free 30-day trial with paid plans starting at $89/mo.


Netbase social listening tools

A brand management tool as well as a trending instagram hashtag analytics tools that offer great user insights, hashtag tracking trends, and sentiment analysis. NetBase is widely known for analyzing more than just Social Media data and analytics to also cover Non-Social Data from multiple platforms.

NetBase is a little different from other instagram hashtag analytics tools. It helps you analyze all your instagram data including posts text and captions, media and images, likes and comment counts, follower counts, impressions and many more.

It allows you to narrow your search on particular Instagram channels as well as hashtags and keywords which are most relevant to your company. Armed with this information, you are ready to explore current intel and create a baseline to judge your efforts against as you create your new amazing stories and posts. With NetBase you can accrue as long as 27 months since the beginning of your topic’s time frame, so your base will be strong.

NetBase helps you explore who is talking about your brand or overarching category right now and which terms, subjects, topics and people are trending – and for what reason (including positive or negative sentiment). Then you can go deeper to discover the reasons.


Brand24 social listening tools

Brand24 makes social media tracking accessible and precious for everyone. Brand24 collects insights on what Instagram users are saying about your brand. For instance, it can analyze the tone of conversations, screen numerous hashtags and provide a list of trending hashtags to assist you in expanding your instagram reach. Most importantly, it offers qualitative data to go with Instagram Insights’ quantitative data.

Brand24 generates a listing of 100 trending hashtags primarily based on your predefined keywords. Use the hashtags to enhance your brand awareness and increase your product reach. You also can measure your hashtag performance to decide whether or not your marketing campaign become successful and the way the hashtag unfold throughout social media. You ca also analyze your hashtag performance on Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok.

Brand24 is the second most popular Instagram hashtag analytics tools providing analytics through hashtag tracking and sentiment analysis including reputation management, customer feedback and crisis prevention gives you the basic features of a great Social Listening Tool.

You can use sentiment analysis to find out how your content material resonates along with your target market and alter it if your audience imply that your content material isn’t relevant and exact to what they’ve been searching for. Brand24 also provides a 14 day free trial with paid plans starting at $49/mo.


iconosquare instagram analytics tools

Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics tool that’s specifically designed for brands and agencies managing multiple accounts. This tool will ensure that your profile is complete and adheres to the platform’s best practices. The audit evaluates both your 30 most recent posts and your account settings.

Iconosquare even shows you comments and interactions for each post so you can continue the conversation without leaving. You can access a huge library of great content to help you get started. It takes only seconds to search the media library and you can instantly grab stunning images that are high-resolution which you can use.

Iconosquare can be used to find influencers that might help you spread the word about your new posts and campaigns. It will allow you to compare influencers based on their followers and engagement metrics, so you understand what you’re dealing with before reaching out to them.

You can track mentions and tags and gain detailed engagement insights. You can view how hashtags perform, see the best times and days to post as well as benchmark your engagement rates with the competition. It has a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Paid plans starting at $49/mo.


Keyhole is one of the best instagram hashtag analytics tools for giving customers real-time feedback. Keyhole offers real-time keyword or hashtag tracking for Instagram which is perfect for social media contests, brand campaigns and other marketing efforts involving hashtags.

Keyhole can also be used to determine which internal trends are producing the best results. This will give you at-a-glance data on which all activities drive the most followers growth over time. You can also create a feed to track the Instagram accounts of your competitors.

Keyhole makes the setup process so easy and intuitive that you don’t have to retrain your whole team. Keyhole trackers are a great way to make your listening efforts more successful. They allow you to filter and combine search terms in order to get as specific as you need.

Keyhole metrics for competitors comparison includes posts, reach, engagement and impressions. You can also compare the share of voice, sentiment, and top posts. It offers a 7-day free trial with paid plans starting at $79/mo.


SquareLovin analytics tools

SquareLovin will give you additional insights into your account’s growth. This tool provides a monthly analysis of the performance of your Instagram account. A complete history of all your posts can be viewed and how they performed. This information can be broken down by year, month, or hour.

Other instagram analytics tools hows the best time to post content based on metrics, however this tool lets you know when you shouldn’t post. It indicates the time when your followers are most likely to check their Instagram and have a look at your posts. So if you post at that respective time, your latest content will have a higher chance of being seen.

Unlike many instagram hashtag analytics tools, Squarelovin provides data that can be used to promote user-generated content. This makes it easy to view all the posts your followers have tagged you in. It also allows you to see which Instagram filters perform the best.

Instagram Insights

instagram insights analytics tools

Instagram Insights is a free Instagram hashtag analytics tool provided to any user who converts to a business profile or creator account on Instagram. This tool offer a variety of useful information about your followers and the performance of your posts.

Instagram Insights also gives you detail on the performance of any Instagram ads that you run. Instagram Insights reports include engagement , impressions, reach and top posts among other metrics. You’ll have access to your followers analysis and demographics. This will allow you to determine what percentage of your audience is male/female, their age groups and even where they are most concentrated.

Insights is one of the great Instagram analytics tools for free, but it might not be the best Instagram analysis app for serious social media marketers. You can use other Instagram analytics tools to get more detailed, long-term tracking or export your data to create a social media report.


BrandMentions insta analytics tools

BrandMentions is a Social Listening Tool for multifaceted functioning. It has Hashtag Tracking and Sentiment Analysis alongside Comprehensive Competitor Analysis. This allows you to use data strategically to make the best out of a Social Analytics Tool. It’s amongst the most opted for Instagram hashtag analytics tools out there after Locobuzz.

BrandMentions will also allow you to track specific hashtags. This can be useful for any hashtag, but especially  for your own custom hashtags. You can use BrandMentions to determine whether your custom hashtag has become popular and has had much use.

BrandMentions can be used to monitor industry trends, spy on your competitors and to determine which hashtags they have been following and are using frequently. It provides a 7-day free trial with paid plans starting at $99/mo.


AgoraPulse social listeningtools

Another favorite Instagram hashtag analytics tool is AgoraPulse. It generates some of the most detailed yet filtered hashtag analytics reports to make your work easier. It enables you to manage Brand Highlights in a strategic manner. 

The built-in hashtag tracker makes it an ideal tool for social media managers looking to monitor and find relevant hashtags. Searches can include multiple hashtags as well as specifying a language or location. AgoraPulse also links hashtag results to the profiles that created each tweet.

One of the best instagram analytics tools wherein you can also add Instagram and Twitter users to your database. You’ll have a list of potentials where you can dig deeper into their profiles in order to find the right people for your brand. You can also view hashtag performance reports. Reports show total mentions per month and can be compared over time to get deeper insight.

AgoraPulse is also a Social listening and monitoring tool where you can reply to Instagram or Twitter posts to continue the conversation or assign them to other team members for follow-up. It offers a free 30-day trial with paid plans starting at $79/mo.

Pros & cons | instagram hashtag analytics tools


  • Some tools are totally free.
  • Unlimited selection of date ranges
  • Customizable data reports
  • Ability to track hashtags.
  • Justifiable diagrams and charts
  • Available on desktop


  • Some tools can be expensive.
  • Some tools are difficult to explore.
  • All tools do not have an external app/platform to view metrics

What is instagram hashtag analytics ?

Instagram Hashtag Analytics is a beneficial feature that Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tools offer. It refers to the tracking and analysis of data on Instagram to determine trending hashtags among users. An Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tool gives you a detailed Analytics Report about two primary things:

  • Your followers’ most used hashtags in posts, stories, and reels.
  • Hashtags trending on Instagram. These can be an amalgamation of both; the hashtags your audience follows, and those followed and used by potential customers. The latter is what helps you land on the feed of people who don’t already follow you but might have an interest in your content.

Instagram hashtag analytics secrets

We’ve all heard incredible things about how valuable an asset Social Listening is. However, no one tells you what benefits Instagram Analytics especially hashtag tracking & analytics has in store for you and your brand. Let’s give you all the tea, and tell you how you can make the most out of an Instagram Hashtag Analytics tool.

  • Don’t buy individual Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tools

Whenever we read any post about Instagram Analytics Tools, the suggestions direct you towards the best individual tools available for Hashtag Analytics. Integrating a dozen different tools for each Social Media Management activity costs more than your profit. The best bet is to invest in a good and reputable Social Listening Tool that works as both an Analytics Tool as well as a Social Media Management Tool.

Locobuzz is one of the most reputable Social Media Management and Social Listening Tools which provides an ecosystem of dozens of CX Tools’ features at the price of one!

  • Artificial Intelligence is the best to invest in. It was not expensive!

AI-Powered tools are built on technology that replicates human working capabilities and interaction. Features like Sentiment Analysis and Hashtag Tracking are made better with the power of AI.

With AI-Powered Instagram Analytics Tools, you can help your audience feel connected with your brand. Use AI to retain followers as well as to see fast and steady growth in your brand engagement.

  • Create Hashtags for Content, not Content for Hashtags

Your Instagram is a reflection of your niche. Although Instagram Analytics Tools will give you trending hashtags on Instagram, your content shouldn’t become all about accommodating those hashtags. When you start shifting from your niche to create “hashtag-worthy content”, you’ll start to lose followers.

People follow your account because they like what you post. You need to pick hashtags you believe will fit with your content. Add them to posts to increase reach instead of curating according to hashtag trends. A proper hashtag tracking & analytics strategy is what you need for this.

  • These Instagram hashtag analytics tools help you save Brand Management Costs

Most people think that a Social Media Analytics/Management tool is only for luxury brands as it’s heavy on the pocket. Therefore, a workforce of customer service reps is what they prefer over an Analytics Tool. If that’s how you feel, let’s bust some myths for you.

Integrating Social Listening and Instagram Analytics tools help cut back on at least 30% of employment costs. It also works more efficiently than a human saving more than you invest.

  • Competitor Insights an important part of Hashtag Analytics

Instagram Hashtag Analytics reports give you insight into what kind of hashtags and content competitor brands’ followers are most engaging with. It also helps you with hashtag monitoring. This is some of the most valuable feedback you can use to keep up with market trends while following niche content patterns.


Whether you use paid or free Instagram hashtag analytics tools, these tools provide so many ways to dig into Instagram metrics and make more data-driven decisions and have a better marketing strategy.

Choose a multifaceted Instagram hashtag analytics tools which suits your needs and makes the most out of the Social Media Analytics report. Use these lesser-known facts to enhance your brand engagement with a new and improved Social Monitoring Strategy.

Knowing about the 10 above mentioned instagram hashtag analytics tools, hope your search for the best Instagram hashtag social media analytics tools has come to an end!

Frequently asked questions

Instagram analytics tools work by giving you detailed statistics about your followers, competitors and provides in-depth Instagram analytics. These tools can provide a more comprehensive view of your account’s health and help you to analyze the demographics, behavior, and patterns of your audience.

Instagram Analytics Tools are a way to see analytics about your account, your posts, supporters and your followers. Without analytics you may risk investing in strategies that simply don’t work or is unnecessary. You might be targeting the wrong audien, posting irrelevant content or hardly driving any engagement. Therefore, we need instagram analytics tools for proper functioning and handling of marketing campaigns, understanding customers and keeping up with the trend.

Yes, some tools like Locobuzz and Iconosquare are great in managing multiple accounts for brands and agencies. 

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