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Instagram Hashtag Analytics
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    If you’re running an online business or want to build a strong brand presence especially on Instagram, hashtag is the key to your winning game. 

    There are several Instagram hashtag analytics tools, strategies, and proven-methods out there to 

    What’s Instagram Hashtag Analytics?

    Instagram Hashtag Analytics is a beneficial feature that Social Media Hashtag Analytics Tools offer. It refers to the tracking and analysis of data on Instagram to determine trending hashtags among users. An Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tool gives you a detailed Analytics Report about two primary things:

    • Your followers’ most used hashtags in posts, stories, and reels.
    • Hashtags trending on Instagram. These can be an amalgamation of both; the hashtags your audience follows, and those followed and used by potential customers. The latter is what helps you land on the feed of people who don’t already follow you but might have an interest in your content.

    Instagram Hashtag Analytics Secrets

    We’ve all heard incredible things about how valuable an asset Social Listening is. However, no one tells you what benefits Instagram Analytics especially hashtag tracking & analytics has in store for you and your brand. Let’s give you all the tea, and tell you how you can make the most out of an Instagram Hashtag Analytics tool.

    • Don’t buy individual Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tool

    Whenever we read any post about an Instagram Analytics Tool, the suggestions direct you towards the best individual tools available for Hashtag Analytics. Integrating a dozen different tools for each Social Media Management activity costs more than your profit. The best bet is to invest in a good and reputable Social Listening Tool that works as both an Analytics Tool as well as a Social Media Management Tool.

    Locobuzz is one of the most reputable Social Media Management and Social Listening Tool which provides an ecosystem of dozens of CX Tools’ features at the price of one!

    • Artificial Intelligence is the best to invest in. It’s not expensive!

    AI-Powered tools are built on technology that replicates human working capabilities and interaction. Features like Sentiment Analysis and Hashtag Tracking are made better with the power of AI.

    With AI-Powered Instagram Analytics Tools, you can help your audience feel connected with your brand. Use AI to retain followers as well as to see fast and steady growth in your brand engagement.

    • Create Hashtags for Content, not Content for Hashtags

    Your Instagram is a reflection of your niche. Although an Analytics Tool will give you trending hashtags on Instagram, your content shouldn’t become all about accommodating those hashtags. When you start shifting from your niche to create “hashtag-worthy content”, you’ll start to lose followers.

    People follow your account because they like what you post. You need to pick hashtags you believe will fit with your content. Add them to posts to increase reach instead of curating according to hashtag trends. A proper hashtag tracking & analytics strategy is what you need for this.

    • These Tools help you save Brand Management Costs

    Most people think that a Social Media Analytics/Management tool is only for luxury brands as it’s heavy on the pocket. Therefore, a workforce of customer service reps is what they prefer over an Analytics Tool. If that’s how you feel, let’s bust some myths for you.

    Integrating a Social Listening and Analytics tool helps cut back on at least 30% of the employment costs. It also works more efficiently than a human saving more than you invest.

    • Competitor Insights an important part of Hashtag Analytics

    Instagram Hashtag Analytics reports give you insight into what kind of hashtags and content competitor brands’ followers are most engaging with. It also helps you with hashtag monitoring. This is some of the most valuable feedback you can use to keep up with market trends while following niche content patterns.

    Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tools

    Social Media Analytics is one of the most essential aspects of increasing your Brand Engagement. One of the primary ways to do that on Instagram is to use tools that help grow your business into a brand. To make it easier on your pocket, we have 5 Instagram social media analytics & Tracking Tools that will get a lot more done.


    With a multifaceted approach to Social Media Management and Social Listening, Locobuzz stands amongst the highest-rated hashtags analytics, Tracking and Management platforms out there. With integrated Hashtag Tracking, Competitor Insights, Sentiment Analysis, CRM Integration, and Social Media Chatbot, it offers an immersive, conversive, and engaging Social Media experience.

    Also, Read Locobuzz: Messenger API Support for Instagram is Here!

    The AI-Powered technology of this Social Listening and Analytics tool enables you to generate the most authentic and powerful Instagram Hashtag Analytics reports on a single-view platform making it easier for you to accomplish a host of tasks through one multi-dimensional tool. It also enables hashtag monitoring in the easiest ways! Locobuzz is one of the best Instagram hashtag tracking & analyzing tools out in the market.


    A brand management tool that offers great user insights, hashtag tracking trends, and sentiment analysis. NetBase is widely known for analyzing more than just Social Media data and analytics to also cover Non-Social Data from multiple platforms.


    Primarily a Social Listening Tool, Brand24 is the next most popular Social Monitoring Tool. Providing analytics through Hashtag Tracking and Sentiment Analysis gives you the basic features of a great Social Listening Tool.


    BrandMentions is a Social Listening Tool for multifaceted functioning. It has Hashtag Tracking and Sentiment Analysis alongside Comprehensive Competitor Analysis. This gives you the opportunity to use data strategically to make the best out a Social Analytics Tool. It’s amongst the most opted for Instagram Analytics Tools out there after Locobuzz.


    Another favorite Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tool is AgoraPulse. It generates some of the most detailed yet filtered hashtag analytics reports to make your work easier. It enables you to manage Brand Highlights in a strategic manner. It’s also a Social Listening, Monitoring, and Analytics tool.

    Final Word

    Choose a multifaceted Social Listening Tool which suits your needs and makes the most out of the Social Media Analytics report. Use these lesser-known facts to enhance your brand engagement with a new and improved Social Monitoring Strategy. Knowing about the above 5 mentioned tools, hope your search for the best Instagram hashtag social media analytics tools has come to an end!

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