How To Perfect Online Reputation And Response Management

Online Reputation

In the online world, people trust strangers as much as their friends. When a brand’s Online Reputation is low or hampered, it ranks at the bottom of social media-driven customer favor. But, there’s a solution!

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created various data-driven platforms to manage and analyze Online Reputation. But, before reputation can enhance itself, we need to accelerate the response.

A strong building principle for reputation maintenance is response management, but why?

  • Social media users have a higher conversion rate to customers if brands promptly respond to comments. Social Media Online response management plays a key role in today’s fast moving market!
  • Responses are attention-giving tools that inevitably increase conversation rates by 2 folds. Interactions on Social media last for a jiffy but, if you respond quickly, customer satisfaction rates increase by 25%! Also, speedy query and gratification methods keep customers closer while decreasing the chances of you losing them to your competitors by 35%!

Here’s how Locobuzz stands apart from the rest of the ORM platforms.

Functionalities meeting every objective

Locobuzz is a multipurpose platform with one of the functions being Online Reputation Management. Locobuzz provides a skill-based ticketing model. From ticket management, routing, and task completion, everything can be handled by Locobuzz!

Queue management, ticket allocation, agent assessment; we have a bifurcated system that automates it all! With Locobuzz, you can avoid confusion and make sure customers are attended to carefully and skillfully!

Approvals and smart alerts

Businesses are, often, highly scrutinized by customers. Delayed responses are a reason for this scrutiny. Locobuzz’s dynamic approval mechanism ensures the elimination of mistakes and lets you configure approvals via the brand in a matter of seconds.

That’s not all! You can configure alerts to keep you informed about actions taken on tickets attended to by your team.

Multi-channel ticket management

Our Dashboard is your omnichannel solution for seamless response and ticket management. You can switch between tabs and collate social media channels making response and analysis easy and quick.

Customer Sentiment and Analytics can be done within the ticket itself. You can find information like its impact, priority mapping, and the category it comes under. All you have to do is Log In as tickets are auto-assigned!

Analytics cover It all!

Be it micro or macro insights, Locobuzz engineers analytics to drive online reputation. Individual agent analysis, in-depth study of product/service, Customer Satisfaction, TAT, and systematic reputation progression makes a brand the powerhouse in Customer Experience Management.


You get one view of customers even though they have different names across social platforms with our Locobuzz + CRM integration. In this ever-changing world, acquiring a phone number was considered a win but now, tapping on customers’ digital touchpoints is the key.

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