ORM tools for market research

In today’s rapidly transforming business world, it is essential to employ online reputation management and digital technologies to give your brand the support it needs and build a robust digital foothold. One powerful, trendy weapon that businesses can use is the effectiveness of a suitable Online Reputation Management Tool. It redefines traditional Marketing and gives the company a much newer approach to sustaining growth opportunities and customers online.

What is orm?

Online reputation management enhances a company’s online brand persona. It boosts a company’srankings, ratings, search listings, social media, and web analytics by increasing online press and references.

In other words, Online Reputation Management (ORM) aims to closely analyze and enhance a business’s online perception as pursued by the viewers and customers. This can be done using deep analysis that helps assist in strategizing the company’s decision-making and taking safety measures to protect the brand name.

Benefits of orm in digital marketing

  • Builds Trust
  • Increase Revenue
  • Attracts Better Workforce
  • Decreased Risks
  • Better Customer Experience

Different types of orm tools for market research

Locobuzz is a  top-notch digital customer experience management solutions provider for businesses with a CX agenda seeking online reputation management. Locobuzz understands that having a negative online presence is far more destructible to a brand than having no existence at all. To help you grasp a better view of the same and choose the most suitable options, we have a list of some of the best ORM Tools for Market Research.

Locobuzz –  Next on the list, we have our own, Locobuzz, the best in the business. Unlike other ORM platforms, Locobuzz performs in-depth competition analysis to understand better how opposing brands operate to give you an upper hand over your competitors.

They possess full ORM capabilities that take your business to greater heights with exceptional app review management, reports, and insights. In addition, their ORM Tool works to set a benchmark for your business with their strategic brand narrative and active engagement and analysis.

Awario –  Imagine a tool that listens to all communication with your Company and its products and uses just that to precisely track and enhances your brand’s significance. Fascinating? Isn’t it? Awario just happens to be the tool working this magic.

It ensures that you are made aware of the different areas of your business that need working and you also discover your business’s core strengths and products.

Radian6 – An app that does it all, Radian6 is a well-versed Online Reputation Management that works on brand engagement, tracks user conversation, and looks after the brand’s social media management through its social media management tool.

If you are a brand looking to pay well for the most accurate tool in the industry of ORM, Radian6 is your perfect fit.

Reputology – Reputology helps local businesses analyze and check online reviews. Besides the famous, generic reviews generated on platforms such as Google and Facebook, it also observes the industry-specific reviews obtained from sites in the real estate, hospitality, and healthcare departments through its social listening tools.

Suppose yours is a business with branches spread in multiple locations and wishes to manage the reputation and reviews of all your branches in a single place. In that case, Reputology is your tool in service. What’s more? The tool comes in amalgamation with Hootsuite, a master tool in social media marketing. 

Review Trackers – For businesses with a substantial amount of investment for reputation, Review Trackers is an excellent ORM service that gathers customer reviews and sends you a collaborated report of all reviews via email to monitor your business’s reputation personally and the best way there is.

You can also closely view the pattern of customer reviews that will give you a better understanding of their concerns and what they’re looking for.

Sentiment Metrics – Most of the opinions formed on businesses and their products & services are largely influenced by sentiments. These sentiments may be based on word-of-mouth publicity, online reviews, and so much more. 

Sentiment Metrics surfs through a series of blogs, articles, and other forms of online forums to establish, track, and analyze the customer’s sentiments to give you a graphical representation that depicts their positive and negative sentiments about your brand. Sentiment metrics are also known as sentiment analysis tool.

The list of these ever-evolving ORM Tools is a large one varying in needs of the business, their investment in Reputation Management, and other factors. A thorough study is performed to choose what suits the business best. However, keeping up with the trends, timing one’s content, and customer satisfaction is the key to having a significant Business Reputation.

Locobuzz is an omnichannel solution provider that provides omnichannel customer engagement strategies to manage and segregate such a huge amount of data.

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