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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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Locobuzz In-Depth Analytics to Strengthen Market Strategy

As businesses continue to evolve, so do their marketing strategies. Gone are the days when a simple billboard and a print ad were enough to drive sales – or a survey to understand what your customers are thinking and feeling. 

In today’s digital age, businesses must be constantly exploring new and innovative ways to reach and engage with their customers. 

Table of Contents

The Link Between Social Media Management and Analytics

One of the key components of a successful marketing strategy is social media management. In order to effectively reach and engage with customers on social media, businesses must have a deep understanding of their audience and the content that resonates with them.

 This is where Locobuzz’s analytics dashboard comes in – our Unified #CXSuite provides businesses with an in-depth look at their social media metrics, such as: 

Allowing brands to make informed decisions about the content they produce and share.

But it’s not just about the metrics.

Data Holds Answers, Avenues, and Strategies

The real power of Locobuzz lies in its ability to provide businesses with a complete picture of their social media presence. With the ability to monitor and analyze mentions from a variety of social media channels, review sites, and discussion forums like Quora, Tiktok, etc, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of what their customers are saying about them and make the necessary changes to improve their reputation and reach.

Another key feature of Locobuzz is the ability to customize and personalize analytics dashboards to meet the specific needs of each business. 

Understanding data can be so, so simple

Locobuzz provides fully customizable DIY analytics dashboards, allowing businesses to select the metrics they want to track and choose how they want to view the data. This level of customization means that businesses can focus on the data that matters most to them, rather than being bogged down by irrelevant information. 

At Locobuzz, we understand that the world of analytics can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve made it our mission to make the process as simple and accessible as possible. With AI-generated insights for post-level or campaign-level performance, it’s simple for even those new to analytics to quickly understand the results without manual effort.

Bring in more perspectives to make the most of your findings

Finally, we value the importance of collaboration when it comes to marketing and analytics. That’s why we’ve made it easy for businesses to share their analytics dashboards with others, in any desirable format like PPT slides, PDF images, etc – to their teams, partners, or clients. This secure way of sharing information, while managing the access controls for each, ensures everyone is on the same page when it comes to the data that drives their marketing strategy, and contributes in a transparent, collaborative way.

Locobuzz is more than just a platform for social media management and analytics. 

We’re a platform that provides businesses with the insights and data they need to make informed decisions and to drive success, all throughout their organization. Whether you’re a marketer, analyst, or business owner, Locobuzz has the features and functionality you need to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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Talk to Our Expert
Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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