30 Social Media Listening Statistics You Need to Know

Social Listening Statistics
Explore the realm of the 30 Essential statistics of social listening. Imagine having access to timely insights that influence global discourse, comprehend sentiment, and identify key opinion leaders. Learn about the various ways that this technology boosts brands, from enhancing products to interacting with clients and handling crises. Continue reading to embark with us on a voyage of wise judgment and digital dominance.

Social Listening Statistics

  1. Approximately 58.4% of the global population actively engages with social media platforms. Presently, there are nearly 4.62 billion active social media users.

  2. Close to 61% of businesses have implemented social listening systems to monitor keyword mentions.

  3. An astounding 96% of dissatisfied customers choose not to express their concerns directly but rather share them with approximately 15 of their acquaintances.

  4. If customers have a positive experience with a brand on social media, around 71% of them are more inclined to recommend the brand to others.

  5. Data from Stackla reveals that an impressive 79% of individuals believe that user-generated content significantly influences their purchasing decisions.

  6. According to TrackMaven’s findings, Instagram posts that include at least one hashtag receive a 12.6% boost in engagement compared to posts without hashtags.

  7. Businesses are achieving a remarkable ROI of $5.2 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing. Among the top 13% of businesses, the return on investment is even higher, exceeding $20 for every $1 spent.

  8. Social Media Examiner’s annual report indicates that a staggering 92% of marketers consider social media crucial for their business. Of these, 72% claim that it has led to increased website traffic and a growth in subscribers.

  9. Self-employed individuals (59%) and small business owners (58%) are more likely to witness reduced marketing costs when utilizing social media marketing strategies.

  10. Only 25% of those who are new to social media experience the formation of new partnerships, in contrast to 80% or more among individuals with three or more years of social media experience.

  11. According to Statista’s data from 2021, mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of global web traffic, underlining the significance of mobile-friendly content and social media strategies.

  12. Our findings reveal that 71% of Twitter users anticipate a brand’s response within an hour of tweeting a query. Impressively, 63% of those who tweeted a brand about customer
    service received a response within an hour, with over a third of them getting a response in just 30 minutes.

  13. A substantial 71% of social media marketers affirm their capability to provide consumer insights gathered from social media channels to other departments.

  14. Unfollowing brands on social media can be attributed to various factors, including poor product quality (49%), irrelevant content (45%), excessive advertisements (45%), privacy concerns (39%), negative publicity (29%), and corporate scandals (26%).

  15. Surprisingly, nearly three-quarters of brands (71%) do not incorporate messaging apps into their marketing strategies.

  16. Based on ReviewTrackers data, a staggering 94% of consumers admit that a negative review has deterred them from engaging with a business. Furthermore, 53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week, with one-third anticipating a response within a mere three days.

  17. As per a study by The Social Habit, 42% of consumers utilize social media to voice their concerns, with the expectation of receiving a resolution within 60 minutes. Additionally, 32% of them expect a response within just 30 minutes.

  18. An impressive 94% of consumers acknowledge that a positive customer service experience plays a pivotal role in their continued loyalty to a brand.

  19. An overwhelming 96% of customers assert that excellent customer service contributes significantly to building trust.

  20. In terms of influencer marketing, 61% of respondents find relatable personalities to be the most appealing. This suggests that consumers are gravitating towards influencers who share relatable experiences.

  21. The Social Media Listening Market is poised for substantial growth, projected to increase from USD 7.41 billion in 2023 to reach USD 14.21 billion by 2028.

  22. A significant 71% of companies find value in social media monitoring, as it provides them with valuable customer insights that can be shared across different departments.

  23. According to 63% of social media marketers, social listening is expected to gain even greater significance in the upcoming year, reflecting its growing importance.

  24. Engaging with customers on social media can boost their likelihood of making a purchase by as much as 21%. 

  25. Active social media engagement from consumers has the potential to increase their spending by up to 40% compared to non-engaged customers.

  26. Notably, 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level/vice president (VP) executives surveyed use social media to make purchasing decisions.

  27. In terms of future investments, the largest share of respondents, at 46%, intend to prioritize the adoption of innovative data analysis technologies.

  28. Globally, the count of social media users increased from 4.62 billion in January 2022 to 4.72 billion in January 2023, marking a 3% year-over-year growth, equivalent to an impressive addition of 137 million users. Projections suggest further growth throughout the remainder of the year.

  29. An overwhelming statistic reveals that nine out of every 10 consumers make purchases from brands they actively follow on social media platforms.

  30. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have integrated data management services for the storage, organization, and presentation of business operations, sales, and customer data have witnessed a remarkable boost in productivity, reaching up to 60%. In contrast, SMEs that relied on e-business and social media initiatives experienced comparatively lower productivity gains, with increases of approximately 27% and 26%, respectively.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the domain of social listening statistics highlights its transformative potential. From tracking brand sentiment to capitalizing on emerging trends, it empowers businesses. For instance, by embracing influencer insights or harnessing viral potential, we can navigate this digital landscape with precision. The lesson? In the age of data, listening truly is learning.
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