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Embracing Social Media Security Factors with Dedicated Data Scientists

Recent statistics have confirmed that more than 70% of users will suggest a brand to their contacts if they have a positive experience with that brand on social media sites. This figure clearly shows the importance of the social media marketing strategy of a business on social media. However, as companies rely increasingly on social media platforms to build their business reputations and identities, attackers take advantage of the platforms’ built-in trust and openness to launch attacks.

This scenario has made data scientists’ participation important to increase the social security of businesses by preserving their valuable data. Here is a quick guide to help you to understand how data scientists play a vital role in preserving social media security.

Table of Contents

What Is Social Media Security, and Why Is it Important?

  • Social media security refers to the practices that businesses employ to analyze data from active social media sites. This helps them protect against cyber attacks and security breaches.
  • Social media might be a form of data communication that is open to abuse. Social media is susceptible to scams and abuse since it is advantageous to create both legitimate and fake accounts. Hackers and fraudsters are utilizing social media to propagate malware and launch online attacks.
  • They also start impersonating people and mislead followers and business personnel into disseminating false information or disclosing vulnerable business information as well as personal information.
  • These vulnerable factors have made social media security important for businesses. 

What Is Data Science, and What Do the Data Scientists Do?

  • Data science focuses on creating and using algorithms and strategies to analyze large data sets. It also examines the information to find patterns and trends, along with analyzing the information to seek solutions and possibilities.
  • Data scientists assist business organizations in resolving challenging issues by extrapolating and disseminating data-related findings. Data scientists provide answers to big problems that assist firms in making unbiased decisions by integrating computer science, modeling, statistical analysis, informatics, and math skills—along with viable business logic.

How Can Data Scientists Shape the Future of Social Media?

Businesses make several social media posts to make their presence relevant to the customers. This is a part of their social marketing strategies. Businesses take assistance from data analysts to help them with their social media and big data analytics to employ the right marketing strategies. The data analysts also help businesses achieve social media security that helps them to combat online hacking and security breaches. This is how data scientists take control of social media data to safeguard businesses. Image Source

What Are the Social Media Security Factors?

  • Different malware attacks: The chance of an online attack spread by malicious software, spyware, and viruses through social media and other related platforms. Although it’s difficult to spread malware via LinkedIn or Facebook, it’s simpler for cybercriminals to infiltrate any apps your employees might have installed on their cellphones that let them publish to such websites.
  • Using social media for business communication: Employees from any business organization risk suffering significant losses if they communicate about work or exchange files on social networking sites.
  • Absence of up-to-the-mark encryption facility: Chats are not obligated to the same level of encryption and other security measures found in project management tools, and social networking is in no way as protected as cloud services. These websites make discussions and files far more susceptible to cybercrimes.
  • Absence of organization’s proper social media policy: Every business organization needs to employ strong social media policies for their employees after the training session is complete. You can’t properly educate your staff on how to prevent system vulnerabilities if you lack any policies regulating how Facebook, Google+, and other websites can be utilized at work.

Role of Data Scientists in Preserving Social Media Security

  • In conventional fraud detection procedures, fraud testing teams combine and integrate previous data using fraud detection technology. This is not very impactful. However, data scientists use algorithms and AI-powered solutions to detect online fraud more precisely, thus reducing the overall data loss rate.
  • Data scientists are developing and growing data infrastructures, conducting in-depth assessments, and refining statistical algorithms and models to achieve the utmost social media security for businesses.


93% of marketers claim that their business has skyrocketed after they have refined their online presence through social media. However, social media also makes businesses susceptible to online attacks. This is why it is very important to safeguard business data with data science experts.

You can check out Locobuzz, a social media management platform if you want to safeguard your business’s social security with the best guidance from experienced data scientists.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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