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Social Media Trackers vs. Social Listening Tools

Social Media Analytics And Listening Software

What is social media analytics?

Social Media Analytics is a record that all brands keep for their social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. These Analytics refer to a brand’s statistical data. It maps and analyzes brand activity, follower growth, new customers, brand engagement, and more, over social media. The accurate calculation of Social Media Analytics requires a Social Media Tracker and a Social Media Listening Software.

Social media listening software vs social media tracker

Let’s understand what is social media listening software & how is it different from social media trackers?

A Social Media Tracker or a Social Media Management Software/Tool is used to track basic Social Media Analytics. For example, what percentage of people are talking about your brand, or are interested in your brand, and other similar analogies.

A Social Listening Software helps you not just track your Social Media Analytics in a better fashion, but also gives you specific ways of improving them. Listening Software is just another way of referring to a Social Listening Tool.

These tools give real-time alerts about brand mentions and issues like User Queries, Complaints, Tags, Comments, and more. A Social Listening Tool filters through millions of social media posts every day to give you instant alerts for anything that may cause your brand some reputational damage and should be handled on priority.

Investing in 2 separate tools for social media listening software & tracker?

There are many Social Media Management Tools available that provide great results for Social Media Analytics and Tracking. However, not all Social Media Trackers will provide a Social Listening Tool facility. As Social Listening is a pretty important part of Social Media Tracking, every CX Tool, or Analytics Tracker, will offer a few features for Social Listening.

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One company that has a Social Listening Tool as part of its Social Media Management Tool is Locobuzz. Locobuzz is an AI-powered Social listening and data analytics platform that will change the game for your brand’s Social Media Performance. As a Social Media Tracker, it has CRM Integration, Automation and Chatbot Support, Feedback and Historic Data Analysis, and Sentiment Analysis Features.

Locobuzz provides a categorized list of Brand Mentions by Users/Followers/Subscribers, concerning your Social Media and other Public Accounts. Locobuzz warns about Reputational Damage or a significant opportunity at growth notifying brands to act on it. With dozens of features, this is one of the most loved and best-reviewed tools used by Leading Brands like Titan, Yes Bank, Godrej, HDFC Bank, Taj Hotels & Resorts, and many more.

locobuzz logo

Likewise, Social Media Management Tools like NetBase, Brand24, and SproutSocial have Social Listening Tool features like Hashtag Tracking and Context Analysis. They’re mostly used for Social Media Tracking rather than a specialized Social Listening Tool.

How can I use social media management tool & listening software to improve brand’s social media analytics?

Social Media Analytics is all about your Brand’s Social Media and Public presence, whether it’s on Social Media Website or a Blog. Social Media Management Tools are all about enhancing Customer Experience which is key to growth in Brand Performance.

Make a choice

The first step to using a Social Media Tracker/Listening Software would be to choose one.

  • Research the Top Social Listening Tools and Social Media Management Trackers.
  • Analyze your needs and what you’re looking for in particular software. Mark a Budget for Investment on Monthly Plans offered by these Tools.
  • To make it more Economical, you must choose software that offers the Dual Benefit of a Social Media Tracker/Management Tool as well as a Social Listening Tool.
  • Integrate the Software with your brand’s Social Media and Public Accounts

Analyze and integrate the features offered by the software chosen

Every Social Media Tracker has some CX (Customer Experience) Tools to offer. These tools help improve CX while retaining customers and attracting new ones. Some Social Listening features help you Analyse Social Data Better. Here are some CX and Listening features to integrate into websites and Social Media to Improve Social Media Presence.

Automation and chatbots

Add Chatbots to your webpage with a list of automated responses. These help customers navigate through your webpage in a hassle-free manner. Add an option for them to contact you in case they didn’t find what they were looking for. Once they reach out, respond as quickly as you can; preferably within a day. These features make customers feel heard which helps brand loyalty.

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Sentiment analysis

This is one of the most potent features offered by a Social Listening Tool like Locobuzz. You’re given a list of data generated by customers that relate to your brand in a categorized fashion. A Listening Software sifts through customer engagement data to tell you what needs immediate attention and what can be handled at a later time based on the kind of sentiments a post or comment represents. It’s the analysis of a Customer’s Sentiment towards your brand. Answering this data as per the priority rating of these tools helps manage customers better.

Customer Rating

Hashtag tracking

Like Sentiment Analysis, a Social Listening Tool tracks the most popular hashtags used or followed by your customers. This data can then be integrated into your posts to attract prospective users/followers/subscribers

Auto-generated analysis reports

Every Social Media Tracker gives you weekly or monthly growth reports for Social Media Analytics. This is the data you need for managing your audience and Social Media Content in a better, more organized fashion.

Implementation of social media analytics reports

After you’ve added these CX Tools to your Brand Page, you’ll see growth in Social Media Analytics reports. Along with that, the Social Listening Tool integrated into your website will give you analysis and management techniques. You can apply these to your website and Social Media Activities for building a Brand Voice, attracting new users, and retaining the ones you already have.

Analyzing Social Data in the right way can be tricky. These Social Analytics and Social Listening Tools help you make constructive progress in the right direction. With this Management Softwares, gathering reports on your Social Presence and implementing the Best Practices for Social Media Management is now easier.

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Explore how Locobuzz CX Suite, a truly Unified CXM can help increase your customer's lifetime value, effortlessly.

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