3 Tiers Of Tracking Social Media Campaign Performance

Social Media Campaign

We actively campaign on Social Media for mainly three things: visibility, new customers, & business ROI. It’s a space where you can actually convert millions of data points into actionable insights.

Let’s dive deep into essential KPIs bifurcated into three tiers to track Social Media Campaigns effectively.

Tier 3: activity

Your campaigns are ineffective without activity. The likes, shares, and impressions are prime.

  1. Likes: Your content efficiency and campaign attractiveness are determined by this component.
  2. Reach: Defined by how many unique users have seen your post, this component indicates the visibility that your campaign has gained.
  3. Impressions: Attributes the capacity of your advertisement/campaign to impress your audiences.

Tier 2: action

There is no result without action. In this stage, your shares, comments, and engagement are prime.

  1. Shares: Indicates that your branding and communication have connected with your audiences.
  2. Comments: Probes actionability. To make things smarter, compliment it with Sentiment Analysis, enabling you to analyze what consumers actually feel about your service or brand.
  3. Engagement: Higher the engagement, the greater the interest. Also gives you key insights on potential conversions.

Tier 1: people

“When you have no one to buy, the business will die”. Here comes the most important benefit of Social Media Campaigning; reaching the right people at the best time and choosing the best social market space.

  1. Right Platform: Each platform has its own benefits. Connecting the campaign agenda to the right platform is key. Interconnecting every platform with a singular motive but different approaches will enable an omnichannel way to drive more traffic and enhance awareness among various segments.
  2. Page Visits: After promotions and audience targeting, if you have an increased number of profile visits you know your campaign has the potential to acquire new customers.
  3. Audience Growth: This is the periodic overview that enables measurement and ROI over Marketing and Brand performance. A higher growth percentage doesn’t only increase the customer database but also amplifies the brand’s popularity on social platforms.

Social Media is where your online Marketing, Branding, & Customer Service can amplify Offline Sales.

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