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Achieving Excellence with Locobuzz #CXSuite

Locobuzz has made the new year even more special for brands by elevating their CX game. We have launched #CXSuite, a solution curated for all your customer experience requirements that will completely transform your business and help you build everlasting relationships with your customers like never before. Our CX Suite is all about enabling brands to win customers across every interaction across each touchpoint.

Table of Contents

One-Stop Customer Experience: CX Suite

Locobuzz #CXSuite revolutionizes your business by delivering a truly Unified CXM Platform that provides endless capabilities for brands to leverage and stay ahead in the CX game. With our platform, you’ll have access to more data, better and superior analytics, custom widgets, seamless dashboard sharing and collaborating with team members, and much more!

But that’s not all, our platform also includes powerful ticket and agent productivity features that make your team more productive. And when it comes to publishing, you can now publish reels and carousels on Instagram and most importantly, Hyperlocal publishing that enables bulk publishing across multiple profiles on Facebook, Instagram, GMB, etc. is possible now with only Locobuzz CX Suite.

What is Locobuzz CX Suite?

#CXSuite is a next-generation unified customer experience platform that empowers businesses to design and operate robust omnichannel customer experiences and manage customer interactions across a wide range of digital channels. Built on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and advanced analytics, our #CXSuite allows businesses to optimize their digital care and marketing efforts, gain valuable insights, and take their customer experience to new heights.

 The new upgrade brings more functionalities to ensure comprehensive channel coverage, more efficient workflows, smarter UX, improved algorithms, and seamless processing of billions of conversations while enriching data in real time. This allows businesses to eliminate data silos and delve deeper into customer data to target the right customers and provide personalized service and recommendations. With the power of #CXSuite at their fingertips, businesses can achieve greater success and stand out as an industry leader in a constantly competitive market.

 Our #CXSuite opens a huge opportunity to leverage a wider range of channels like social media, review sites, discussion forums, messaging platforms, etc. with seamless collaboration of your teams.

 Here are the main three functions we cater through our #CXSuite:

Unified Communications (Marketing)

Locobuzz Unified Comms harnesses the power of advanced AI to revolutionize the marketing lifecycle. With capabilities including campaign execution and tracking, performance analysis, risk management, and content optimization for social media and customer outreach strategies, this comprehensive solution helps businesses maximize their marketing efforts. In addition, the platform doubles down on personalizing the brand experience, creating seamless journeys, and delivering unparalleled customer experiences across all the touchpoints. These efforts help attract new customers, retain existing ones, reduce churn, and increase customer loyalty, enhancing the overall lifetime value of consumers.

The Unified Comms enables brands to increase engagement and retention, monitor and improve reputation, increase revenue, uncover competitive marketing strategies, and save on marketing and operations cost. With its advanced features and capabilities, it makes it easy for businesses to manage their digital presence across ever-evolving social and non-social media channels, news/blogs, discussion forums, review, and complaint sites, and much more.

Some of the key highlights include social media campaigns optimization, which helps businesses to identify the most effective strategies and tactics for their social media campaigns; scalable social media management, which allows businesses to manage multiple social media accounts and campaigns from a single dashboard; and advanced performance analysis, which provides in-depth insights into campaign performance.

1. Brand Monitoring on autopilot

With Locobuzz CXSuite, businesses can put their brand monitoring on autopilot. The platform harnesses the power of advanced AI technology to automate the tedious task of tracking brand mentions across various social and non-social media channels. This includes popular platforms such as Quora, Glassdoor, discussion forums, app stores, and complaint sites. 

The alert mechanism in the Unified CXM platform is designed to keep teams informed and responsive to customer needs. The system can be configured to send real-time notifications of key events, such as changes in customer sentiment or service disruptions, to relevant stakeholders. 

This ensures that teams can quickly identify and address any issues that may arise, and provide a better experience for the customers. The alerts can be customized to suit the specific needs of the organization and can be delivered via email, SMS, or in-app notifications. This enables teams to stay informed and respond quickly to any potential issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience. 

2. Wider channel coverage

Locobuzz CXSuite offers wider channel coverage than most competitors, with support for over 25 social and non-social media channels, news and blog sites, discussion forums, review and complaint sites, and more. This enables businesses to manage their online presence at a larger scale and gain an in-depth understanding of their brand’s online reputation.

3. Campaign Optimization

CX Suite offers advanced features for optimizing social media campaigns. It helps businesses identify the most effective strategies and tactics, compare the performance of paid and organic buzz, and streamline the publishing process with advanced workflows. The smart publishing feature includes a content calendar, allowing businesses to plan and schedule social media content in advance and ensure consistency and relevance.

With Locobuzz CXSuite, businesses can optimize their social media campaigns for maximum engagement, which contributes to better ROI. The social media management feature in the Unified CXM platform allows businesses to track their campaign performance in real-time, gather insights, and make course corrections as needed. 

With the ability to map campaigns with relevance and custom categories, it becomes easy to track the performance of different campaigns and strategies. The platform also allows you to fetch historical data up to 7 days, which allows you to compare the performance of different campaigns and make informed decisions. Furthermore, the platform allows you to create campaign reports in both PDF and HTML format for easy sharing with your team and stakeholders. This feature makes it easy to keep track of your social media campaigns, stay on top of performance, and make data-driven decisions. 

4. Scalable Social Media Management

With Locobuzz CXSuite, businesses can scale their social media management to meet the needs of their growing online presence. The platform offers a range of features to help businesses manage their online presence at scale, including hyperlocal publishing, which allows businesses to bulk-publish content across multiple locations. It also includes a content moderation feature with a maker-checker facility that helps businesses maintain brand standards and effectively respond to negative online activity.

Additionally, the platform offers crisis management alerts to help right teams in your organization quickly respond to negative activity, and maintain their brand reputation even during times of crisis. These features allow businesses to manage their social media presence at scale and ensure that their brand’s reputation is maintained. With Locobuzz CXSuite, businesses can have peace of mind knowing their online presence is in good hands, even as it grows.

Modern Digital Care (Unified CX)

The Locobuzz CX Suite is an AI-powered customer experience management platform that provides a unified experience for enterprise customers. It analyzes billions of customer conversations across multiple channels in real-time, including social media, messaging, in-app chat, email, and voice, to identify customer intent and sentiment, and direct them to the appropriate support. The platform’s focus on customer-centricity facilitates digital care across social and messaging channels for improved engagement.

It also allows businesses to automate brand monitoring and listening across digital channels, streamlining the workflow and making it easier to manage customer interactions. Other features include content moderation, crisis management alerts, and no-code automation that can be integrated with leading CRM and CDP platforms. The platform also provides a unified customer profile, allowing businesses to have a complete understanding of their customers and their needs.

The Locobuzz CX Suite also includes an improved interface for agents, with features like disposition, skill and language-based routing, and an AI-powered platform that suggests suitable responses, which help with better team collaboration and increase productivity and efficiency for agents.

Improved Customer Engagement

The Locobuzz CX Suite is designed with customer-centricity in mind, allowing businesses to improve customer engagement by providing a more personalized and efficient customer support experience. With rich customer engagement information available to each agent, businesses can facilitate digital care across social and messaging channels for enhanced customer engagement.

Unified interface for agents

The Locobuzz CX Suite includes an improved unified interface for agents, allowing them to manage customer interactions across multiple digital channels in a more streamlined and efficient manner. With a range of features to enhance productivity and efficiency, agents can easily manage customer interactions and improve their overall performance.

Flexible Integrations

With Locobuzz’s flexible two-way CRM integrations, you can easily collect rich social information and context from any CRM and CDP platform, and also push it back to any CRM and CDP you may be using, allowing you to have a single, unified source of truth and a complete, accurate view of your customer. This way, you can easily  provide personalized experiences that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

No-code Automation & Workflow Tools

The Locobuzz CX Suite includes no-code automation, which allows businesses to easily automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and improve agent productivity in the following ways: 

  • Smart Support: Equip chatbots with the ability to provide quick and accurate answers to FAQs surrounding pricing and menu options, for example.
  • AI-powered auto-responses: Provide customers with instant support, even when human agents are not available.
  • Escalation of complex queries: Chatbots can seamlessly escalate complex queries to the right person, ensuring that each customer’s needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Market and consumer intelligence (Analytics)

The Locobuzz CX Suite provides businesses with a range of tools and capabilities to understand and analyze their customers, and decipher market trends. This includes audience analytics, which allows businesses to gain insight into their target audience and their behavior. Competitive intelligence allows businesses to keep track of their competitors and understand how they are performing.

Digital Command Centers provide a central hub for businesses to monitor and manage their digital presence. Social Performance Analytics enables businesses to track and analyze their social media performance. PR Analytics helps businesses to measure the success of their public relations efforts, as well as compare with their competitor’s PR activities. Automated reportage allows businesses to easily generate reports on various metrics.

Advanced Reporting provides businesses with a range of modern reporting options, including customizable dashboards and a widget maker, which allows creating dashboards with unlimited widgets that can be customized with machine-learning generated attributes even beyond social media channels’ attributes.

The platform’s best-in-class technology also performs analysis on all charts and dashboards to provide AI-powered insights and analysis. Overall, The Locobuzz CX Suite’s analytics module is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses to better understand their customers and make informed decisions.

Advanced Reporting

The Locobuzz CX Suite offers advanced reporting options, including customizable dashboards. This feature allows businesses to create personalized dashboards that showcase the metrics that are most important to them. Additionally, businesses can use the widget maker to create dashboards with unlimited widgets that can be customized with machine learning-generated attributes even beyond social media. 

The platform’s best-in-class technology also performs analysis on all charts and dashboards to provide additional insights and analysis. The advanced reporting feature also includes new alerts – filters for GMB locations, this will help to monitor and analyze the performance of your business on Google My Business, and Sentiment analysis, understand changing trends by analyzing past data, which will help businesses to identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions. 

Customizable Dashboards

The Locobuzz CX Suite offers customizable dashboards that allow businesses to track and analyze their social media performance. This feature allows businesses to monitor their social media metrics in real-time, and make data-driven decisions based on the insights they gather. The customizable dashboards also offer a wide range of widgets, which can be tailored to the business’s specific needs. 

Digital Command Center

The Locobuzz CX Suite offers companies a centralized hub known as the Digital Command Center, which is crucial in implementing customer-centric policies in practice. This feature streamlines the flow of information among teams and stakeholders, enabling faster decision making and action tracking. 

The Locobuzz CX Suite’s Digital Command Center offers real-time insights, monitoring, and communication tools to help businesses stay ahead of the competition. With features like visualizing insights as they happen, monitoring brand reputation, and breaking down data silos, teams can quickly respond to customer needs and drive campaign success. Additionally, it allows tracking key industry players, analyzing real-time competitive insights, and streamlining data analysis from multiple sources. The Digital Command Center is a vital asset for any business looking to stay agile in today’s fast-paced environment.

Comprehensive Analytics Solution

The Locobuzz CX Suite is a comprehensive analytics solution that helps businesses to better understand their customers and make informed decisions. This feature includes Competitive listening, which allows businesses to uncover the competitive social strategy. It also includes Smart alerts, which protect your brand with an early warning for potential threats and crises. The AI-powered analytics feature helps businesses to reduce time to insight, and Campaign analytics, which simplifies the reporting process with real-time dashboards.


The Locobuzz CX Suite offers a comprehensive digital customer experience management platform that can help businesses to achieve excellence in their social media management and analytics efforts. 

With advanced social media listening, content scheduling and publishing, engagement, analytics, and real-time understanding of customers, competitors, campaigns, and influencers, it provides businesses with the tools and capabilities they need to understand and analyze their customers, competitors, campaigns and influencers, and make informed decisions. 

If you’re looking to achieve excellence in your social media management and analytics efforts, consider trying Locobuzz CX Suite. Sign up for a trial today and see how it can help your business to better understand your customers, make data-driven decisions, and reach a wider audience.

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