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Benefits Of Social Media Monitoring For NPO

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring for NPO

Few of the many challenges non-profit organizations face is lack of funds, absence of strategic planning and growth, poor networking, and experts to create and execute detailed social media strategy.

These challenges can be countered with the combination of social media monitoring, as it is a process that aids the organization by recording actual data from multiple channels and allowing them to reply accordingly; facilitating a better strategic plan and effective decision-making process.

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How can non-profit organisations create an impact with social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is a process of computing and determining how the brand and its organization is perceived by the audience. It involves using social media monitoring tools from technology platforms like Locobuzz, mentionlytics, Netbase, etc, to extract data from the social media platforms and different online channels to identify and track these online brand mentions.

For non-profit organisations, raising awareness about their initiative, having people trust and donate them for their cause can be a difficult task. In fact, during the Covid-19 pandemic,  collecting donations, providing services, hosting fund-raising events etc became even more challenging for non-profit organizations.

Social media primarily helps them in the following aspects –

  • Raise awareness among the audience ;
  • Improve fundraising results;
  • Recruit volunteers and beneficiaries to support the cause;
  • Collect donations;
  • Demonstrate your work to a global audience;
  • Create a global conversation.
  • Broaden their network, community and reach out to other respectable Philanthropy platforms globally.
In 2020, other than domestic violence issues during the pandemic, globally several natural disasters struck the world. Storms, earthquakes, explosions, floods etc. This was the time when many non-profit organisations came forward and helped the people in need. Also, non-profit organizations are known for social work, solving social issues and supporting initiatives that have helped and have an impact on society. Social media monitoring can be an effective marketing process for non-profit organisations that particularly targets in-
  • Finding out the popularity of their initiative, monitor growth, engage and subsequently respond.
  • Monitoring issues and sentiments posted online, and identify the places that need help and focus.

With the help of an effective social media monitoring strategy, non-profit organizations can effectively reach out and create an impact.

Benefits of implementing social media monitoring for non-profit organisations -

Monitoring social media mentions and sentiment.

Social media monitoring can provide non-profit organizations with an insight into their initiatives and their impact. It tracks the sentiments and keywords related to non-profit organizations.

That way the subsidiaries can have a comprehensive idea about their non-profit organization’s position in the public’s consciousness. Whether it is positive or negative discussions, social media monitoring enables non-profit organisations to listen to what, who, where and how people are mentioning them across all touchpoints.

So that the non-profit organizations can respond to it and rectify their image. If the mentions are negative, then they can use the data to modify their media, marketing and communication strategy accordingly to regain the public trust.

There are four key targets where non-profit organizations need social media monitoring to track mentions and sentiments to guard their online reputation and promote positive stories about them-

  • News channels, Reports, Blog Posts covering non-profit organizations.
  • Crucial Discussion Forums
  • Public conversations about their initiative and services.
  • Posts and Comments on Websites, subsidiaries, and other platforms.

Monitor potential Individuals

Non-profit organizations consist of several people who contribute actively to achieve their goals. These people are mainly organisational administrators, volunteers and influencers who connect with people who dress their problems to them over their personal accounts.

Social media monitoring helps in tracking these individuals as well when they are mentioned in people’s posts, likes, comments, social media groups, etc. Moreover, non-profit organizations have started incorporating Facebook strategies and Instagram trends that involve influencer marketing.

With the help of potential influencers, they can achieve their mission by using social media monitoring strategy to identify the right influencer for their initiative and promote their awareness message to society through them.

For instance, during the pandemic, many celebs came forward to promote several non-profit organizations’ causes to help fight depression, supply oxygen cylinders, vaccines, online fundraising events, etc.

Monitoring trending social media campaigns

Social media helps in expanding the network and community, which is extremely important and useful for non-profit organisations to run their campaigns. With an effective social media monitoring plan, non-profit organizations can track their campaigns, discover your reach, and influence the campaign on your prospects.

However, to have a detailed analysis of your campaign’s results and mentions, the non-profit organisation must be determined about their social goals. As before measuring every aspect on social media whether it is a single tweet, comment on your Facebook post or reviews, there should be a certain clarity with the organization’s expectation from the social media.

So that you can measure these Goals and monitor them. Social media monitoring keeps your organisation’s mention at the top of threats so that you can report, respond and fix the issue before it is widely spread.

Using monitoring as a research strategy

To discover feasible solutions to social problems, create awareness as well as the problems themselves, non-profit organizations often research social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in form of surveys, conversations, group discussions, etc, on various topics.

Using trending features of these platforms like polls, Twitter, and Instagram hashtags also helps, as social media monitoring targets a specific region, and generalizes the coverage according to the views, experience, and beliefs of the followers who participated in the surveys and conversations.

Monitoring the efficiency of social media actions

Social media monitoring also measures the effectiveness of your strategies such as daily audience engagement details, geo-mapping, timing etc. It provides the visualisation of all the data and location accurately. Especially, when non-profit organisations are operating across multiple countries, monitoring can help them to cover news from several places and connect with current events in each specific country simultaneously.

Locobuzz provides social listening and monitoring tools that allow the organisation to study their audience sentiments, analyse campaign insights and online performance. Along with tracking and understanding social influencers to differentiate organisations’ supporters from other influencers on a real-time basis. Non-Profit organisations can use these AI-driven insights to strategize and enhance their social media engagement and presence.


Social media monitoring enables the organization to connect with the communities better and strategize to create awareness of their cause. Without monitoring mentions and sentiments, service provided by non-profit organizations would be poor.

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