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Top 6 Brand Mentions Tools in 2024 | Pricing and Pros & Cons

brand mentions tools

Have you ever thought about what people are saying about your brand? Brand mentions tools help you to track what people have been continuously talking about your brand forever: complaining, spreading positive or negative comments, or exchanging recommendations.

Chances are you don’t have any idea unless there’s a major complaint that has come directly from your customer support department, or your brand is missing a social media interaction leaving it vulnerable.

We all know brand mention is a critical part of running your brand, especially in today’s digital world. But how can we take advantage of it? By having the correct and reliable brand mention tool, you can read, analyze and respond to every single brand mention across the web.

You can easily track each time someone mentions your brand and overall reach with the help of special brand mentions tools. Below you will find the best brand monitoring tools to help you understand every brand mention while saving precious time and effort.

Table of Contents

Unlock Locobuzz brand mention tool

What is brand mention?

brand mention

Brand mention means an occurrence where a particular brand is “mentioned” or “referenced” on several social media platforms in the form of articles, blog posts, websites, and social media posts.

These brand mentions are generally published in the context of positive or negative feedback from customers, complaints, reviews, or posts which educate the audience.

Several businesses use brand mentions in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build a reputation and get a stronger domain ranking.

What are brand mentions tools?

Brand mentions tools are precisely the same as they sound: tools that let you stay on top of the opinions by helping you listen and keep track of your business on various social media platforms. Although there are numerous methods of doing this, the tools that are used to mention brands (often known as social listening or Social Media Monitoring Tools) tend to be the most simple and most efficient.

These brand mention tools were designed to track, identify and respond to conversations about your brand. It will allow you to better engage with your target audience.

How to use brand mention tools effectively?

To use brand mention tools effectively, set up alerts for specific keywords, monitor multiple channels, engage with mentions, analyze data, and integrate with other tools.

This will help you stay informed about mentions of your brand, respond to questions or comments in a timely manner, understand your online presence, and streamline your workflow.

6 Best Brand Mentions Tools in 2024

These five tools will engage, track, analyze and find out what others are talking about your brand on several social media platforms.

  1. Awario
  2. Locobuzz
  3. Mention
  4. Brand24
  5. SproutSocial
  6. BrandMentions
Locobuzz Brand Mentions Tool
TypeBrand Mentions tool
Free Trial14 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Locobuzz offers social media listening and monitoring capabilities to improve your brand presence on social media and achieve your goals. This platform gives you instant, powerful analytics for any topic filter by demography, location, influencers, and languages.

It comes with a smart and interactive dashboard that gives you a clear idea of understanding, discovering, and making business decisions to establish your brand as a thought leader.

Unlike other brand mentions tools, you can easily make informed business decisions with its analytics, insights, and intelligence just at your fingertips. This helps your brand to get better results and delivers better value.

Locobuzz gives you automated alerts when someone is talking about your brand on any social network and provides advanced analytics reports to save your precious time in finding and analyzing

Awario Brand Mentions Tool
TypeBrand Mentions tool
PriceStarting at $29 per month
Free Trial14 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Awario collects all mentions of your brand from social media, news, blogs, and forums. It searches for mentions of any particular keyword by walking through the web, providing real-time mentions. You can also see past mentions in its history section.

A very interesting feature of Awario is its reach metric that lets you know the influence level of the author when it’s mentioning your brand. It also lets you know through which social site your mention has come from and shows the traffic and level of popularity if the mention has come from a non-social media site.

Awario keeps track of all your mentions and gives you insights on the increase and decrease of your mentions by comparing their popularity on several social media sites. You can set up and export data anytime as this tool is compatible with all devices.

Mention Brand Mentions Tool
TypeBrand Mentions tool
PriceStarting at $25 per month
Free Trial14 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Mention is one of the most popular and well-known social media monitoring tools because it monitors all delivers real-time data of a particular keyword for mentions.

It is excellent and probably one of the best brand mentions tools with affordable pricing. This tool allows you to share mentions with every team member and assign a task to them.

Mention offers Boolean search mode to search for a particular query and several settings by language, date, and another source for mentions. Moreover, this brand mention tool gives access to all users for API to easily integrate with any other marketing software they use.

They aim to remain “24/7” online, so it will automatically send all the mentions via email. You can also keep track of all your mentions with their mobile app. Mention also shows sentiment analysis and instantly notifies you when there is an increase in the number of mentions.

Brand24 Brand Mentions Tool
TypeBrand Mentions tool
PriceStarting at $40 per month
Free Trial14 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Brand24 goes beyond social media monitoring and walks through the entire web for all the mentions. This tool saves historic data of all your mentions and works in real-time data.

Similar to Awario, Brand24 recognizes people and shows the most influential and active authors. This tool is highly known for its “sentiment analysis” feature that filters out and sorts your mentions based on positive and negative words.

Brand24 even provides an instinctive representation of changes in reach and discussion volume. The good thing about Brand24 is they offer data export along with PDF reports to keep track. You can get a mobile app or set up an email notification to never miss your conversation.

In short, this platform allows you to gather, analyze, and react to every online public mention of your brand. By tracking all these essential mentions, you can examine which channels generate the greatest buzz for your business.

TypeBrand Mentions tool
PriceStarting at $89 per month
Free Trial30 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

SproutSocial is a social media management platform which is ideal to make side-by-side comparisons between social media channels in comparison to competitors. If you’re looking for an easy method of reviewing and analyze the performance of your social media channels, Sprout Social is an ideal choice.

This brand mentions tool comes with a variety of options to handle social media accounts better using information collected from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You can schedule and publish social media posts with calendars or edit your posts (text or images), manage content posted by other users and add tags to make it easier to organize your content and integrate third-party applications. You can also make customized reports and conduct competitive analysis using engagement and growth metrics like comments, shares, or likes.

BrandMention Brand Mentions Tool
TypeBrand Mentions tool
PriceStarting at $49 per month
Free Trial7 days
Social Networks SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

BrandMentions is a powerful and robust brand monitoring tool created especially for brands to monitor their mentions. It is by far the best to help you manage your online brand reputation.

It helps you manage multiple social networks and sources to analyze and measure the sentiment of the conversations. BrandMentions keeps you updated with everything necessary in your market and anything connected to your company by sending real-time alerts straight to your inbox.

This platform helps you know your customer’s interests and create products to meet their exact desires and needs and even tell you about promoting your products. It gives you the entire access of your competitors with real-time insights and even sorts negative items quickly from the positive ones.

That’s why BrandMentions monitors every corner of the Internet to track conversations and mentions around your brand and your competition. And every corner means social media, blogs, news, forums, the web, etc.

How to react to positive mentions?

When receiving a positive mention of your brand, show appreciation by thanking the person and sharing their mention on social media.

Respond to questions or comments in a timely and helpful manner.

Reflect on what the person liked about your product or service and consider offering them a discount or promotion as a way of thanking them for their support.

This helps to build loyalty among customers.

How to react towards negative mentions?

When dealing with negative mentions, respond quickly, apologize if necessary, offer a solution, stay professional, and follow up to ensure the issue is resolved.

This helps to protect your reputation, maintain customer trust, and demonstrate commitment to a positive customer experience.

What makes Locobuzz the best brand mention tools?

Locobuzz allows you to monitor and analyze the mentions of your brand across all digital and social platforms, including popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as millions of data sources such as news articles and blogs.

With real-time social media listening and on-demand historic data retrieval, you can easily get started and make informed business decisions. 

Locobuzz also uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide real-time sentiment analysis in multiple languages, along with attributes like influencer, topic, location, gender, and more. 

With powerful analytics and the ability to measure campaign performance in real-time.

Locobuzz helps brand managers improve their social media marketing and engagement strategy. 

Additionally, automated alerts and advanced social media analytics reports help you analyze your campaigns and get better value for your investment and effort.”

What are the Merits of using Brand Mentions Tools?

  • What do customers hate or love about your brand? And what should you improve upon? With the help of brand mentions tools you can get all the inside track.

  • You can track glowing mentions in real time using live data. Brand mentions tools allow you to quickly thank those who support your company and repurpose the mention as user-generated content.

  • On the other side, you can quickly catch negative sentiment (true or false) and take action to stop negative news spreading resulting in reputation management.

  • Analyzes the performance of your brand online using your mentions data. Monitor your brand’s reach, engagement and how people interact with it

Final thoughts

With several people getting online and stepping into social media every day, brand mentions have become an essential part of monitoring what people are talking about your brand in every corner of the world.

With the right brand mentions tools, you can build brand awareness and reputation, which can have a positive and powerful effect on your business’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand mentions tool allows you to listen to and track what is being said about your brand online and on various social media platforms. It is a software that helps you interact better with your target market by tracking and finding conversations about your brand.

The main feature of a brand mentions tool is that it tracks and creates alerts for every mentions of your brand in real time across multiple platforms and monitor the data as well.

Locobuzz is one of the best brand mentions tools in the market. It comes with a smart and interactive dashboard that gives you a clear idea of understanding, discovering, and making business decisions to establish your brand as a thought leader.


Awario, Social mention, Hootsuite and Talkwalker Alerts are some of the most popular free brand mentions tools in 2023.

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