Busted! Five Ai Myths That Should Stop Existing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the game of the future. There have been various recent developments in this new technology destined to be used in every walk of life.

However, history is a crude witness to the fact that every time humanity is graced with the marvels of innovation and invention, it comes with the curse of myths and rumors. AI too hasn’t been spared.

People trying to understand and perceive AI in their own ways lead to false beliefs. Keeping this in mind, Locobuzz, an AI-driven firm, clears the air providing readers like you great insights into the world of AI.

Here, we break the walls and smash the wrong notions held against AI. So, let’s discuss the five biggest myths around AI!

Myth 1: AI will replace human jobs

When was the last time when you heard someone say that your job will soon be eaten away by robots? Well, we all hear such things almost every day in context to AI. Well, worry not! Humanity isn’t going to embrace such a situation.

AI is just a tool. It doesn’t possess the power to think and act as humans do. In fact, with the development of AI, there are new jobs in the market that involves humans utilizing AI for various purposes. Surely, few human-driven tasks are going to be done by computers, but that will only make way for the up-gradation of human jobs with better returns and opportunities.

Myth 2: AI is only for large scale companies

When was the last time you chatted on Facebook with a local brand? Were responses provided instantly? In that case, it’s possible that you were interacting with a chatbot which is, again, a marvel of AI. In fact, it’s the byproduct of applying AI in Marketing & Customer Experience.

AI is not just meant for Fortune 500 companies. Small businesses, too, can make the most of it. In fact, a new tool from an Indian start-up specially meant for small or medium-scale businesses is also available! This tool, named CX Monk, is AI-driven and guarantees NextGen Marketing and Customer Experience.

Myth 3: AI can find a solution to everything

This is a big no! By now, you must have realized that AI is not a magician’s rabbit. It’s a technological marvel which, like other innovations, is driven by human skills and intelligence. In fact, AI is powered by the human brain and its functionality is inspired by the way we think.

Now, answer this: Can you find the answer to everything? No! Similarly, neither can AI. The tools and bots that are AI-driven are trained for specific purposes. They can’t do anything more than that and, thus, can’t solve all problems.

Myth 4: AI and machine learning are the same

ML, an abbreviation of Machine Learning, is a sub-set of AI. The problem is that we’re exposed to a lot of new words making things confusing. While AI deals with the intelligence part of any machine, ML deals with operations. We can further explain this with a relatable example.

If you teach a kid to say “I am fine” when asked “How are you”, it’s an example of AI. But, over the course of interactions, the kid notices people say “I am fine, thank you” and learns to the same. This learning, achieved with experience, is ML.

As the name suggests, ML is only possible in cases of machines that are powered with AI. So, ML is part of AI and not its synonym.

Myth 5: AI will take over the world

Are you a fan of The Terminator or The Matrix series? There’s no sin in being a fan of those titles, but applying those concepts to real-life can be scary! AI is not going to take over the world!

AI is like any other technological advancement. It is driven by a human command under human control. Why would we want our own extinction? That too at the hands of machines! That’s not happening. AI is utilized to ensure the advancement of the human race.


These were the top five myths around AI being discussed widely and our counter to bust them! Hope you are convinced! So, if you are impressed by the capability of AI and want to experience its further potential in terms of Marketing and Customer Experience, go ahead and visit our site! We provide enthralling AI-driven Marketing and Customer Experience tools that are being utilized by many multinational brands!

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