Explaining Enterprise SaaS Platforms and Why it is Essential To Know About Them

Explaining Enterprise SaaS Platforms and Why it is essential to know about them

Enterprise Software-as-a-Service, or Enterprise SaaS, is a digital application or solution for a specific enterprise business need. It is typically a cloud-based service deployed over the internet and available as a paid service. It grants the same benefits as an in-house software solution minus the hassle of development and maintenance. Here’s a look at the importance of enterprise SaaS and how it can help businesses.

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Enterprise SaaS Benefits

Saas Benefits

How is Enterprise SaaS Different from Enterprise Software?

Enterprise SaaS is slowly emerging as a replacement for enterprise software. However, they are not the same. Here’s a quick look at the primary differences between the two:

Difference Between Enterprise Software and Enterprise SaaS

  • Development: Enterprise software is typically created by an in-house or outsourced development team. Enterprise SaaS is available as a white-label solution that can be configured from business to business.
  • Maintenance: Since businesses own enterprise software and its assets, it is their responsibility to store and maintain them. With enterprise SaaS, the solution is maintained by the vendor.
  • Customization: Enterprise software is highly customized as they are developed specifically for the issue at hand. On the other hand, while enterprise SaaS offers customization options, these are fairly limited.
  • Cost: The cost of developing and maintaining enterprise software is quite high, whereas enterprise SaaS works out to be cheaper due to its pay-as-you-use model.

Why Should You Invest in Enterprise SaaS?

Here’s why you should invest in enterprise SaaS:

Faster Time to Value

Migrating to enterprise SaaS is often seamless as it is mostly done using cloud technology. At the same time, the platform, modules, and other assets are distributed online, which makes it easier to install and use right from the get-go. This minimal downtime makes it possible to extract more value from enterprise SaaS.

Lower Costs

Whether you use SaaS for enterprise marketing, employee management, or accounting, the pay-as-you-use model makes it highly affordable. Plus, you do not have to bear the costs of a development team or for the maintenance of the solution, as it is all handled by the experts employed by SaaS vendors.

Scalability and Integration

While enterprise SaaS is easy on the pocket, they are also highly scalable. They follow a tier-based subscription that allows businesses to scale up and scale down depending on their requirements. For more advanced features and functionalities, you can handpick add-on services. And if you still want more, enterprise SaaS can be easily integrated with other digital solutions.

Quicker Upgrades

As with the case with deployment, subsequent updates and software upgrades are easily released on the cloud. As such, they can be easily installed by anyone to enjoy the latest features and functionalities with zero downtime.


Enterprise SaaS is not platform-dependent since most of them are browser-based. As such, you no longer have to worry about device specifications while settling on a solution. All one needs is internet connectivity, which is a compelling point in its CX marketing strategy in the present world of remote operations.

Reporting and Analytics

Both enterprise software and enterprise SaaS come with powerful data analytics and reporting capabilities that help visualize performance. However, the scope of enterprise SaaS is far more widespread as it can leverage internet connectivity. For instance, you can use it to track your influencer marketing efforts across social media channels, which may not be as easy with enterprise software. Plus, it is easier to share the insights collected. Thus, enterprise SaaS is more collaborative.

Closing Thoughts

Enterprise SaaS could prove to be a game-changer for businesses burdened with the task of developing and maintaining bespoke solutions, even for generic challenges. Its cost-efficiency, paired with high performance, will surely propel it to new heights as businesses of all shapes and sizes embrace it as the key to success.

If you are looking for a unified customer experience platform, rather than developing a tailored solution from scratch, you can opt for an enterprise SaaS like Locobuzz that you can customize according to business requirements.

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