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Five Reasons To Use Social Media Analytics Software

Social Media Analytics Software
Table of Contents

Why social media analytics software matters

It’s 2023, and the internet is flooded with data. Every second, the amount of content posted on social media sites alone is impossible to analyze manually (if that wasn’t already apparent). Be it photos, videos, tweets, reels, memes; social media has become an inseparable part of people’s lives. But we already know that. What we’re interested in is trying to make sense of all the data being posted online every second.

If you’re a marketing buff, I’m sure you keep a close eye on official Twitter handles of brands like McDonald’s, Netflix, Burger King, Oreo, or Smirnoff, to name a few. The way they engage with followers, embracing the weirdness of internet culture with open arms, is a result of powerful Social Media Analytics tools.

Netflix India, for instance, a Locobuzz client, leverages our Social Media Analytics Software to find out exactly what their customers are feeling about the service. They also know what it is fans want through the use of Social Media Analytics.

For instance, when a follower tweeted numerous times asking Netflix to add Al Pacino movies to the platform, the company listened and even responded! It’s since become a meme trend of users asking Netflix India for Al Pacino movies (and they keep obliging!) What better way to increase engagement?

There are many reasons to use Social Media Analytics software. Some are:

  • to improve your Online Brand Reputation
  • optimize Social Media marketing campaigns
  • deliver personalized and tailored content to audiences
  • outsmart competitors

Let’s find out why your brand, no matter the sector, needs Social Media Analytics Software.

Five reasons to use social media analytics software

Automates social media listening

Social Media Analytics software automates Social Listening. Through Social Listening, businesses can capture, track, and assess what people are saying about them on Social Media. You can tap into Social Media conversations and unearth thoughts and emotions associated with your brand, product, or service.

A Social Media Analytics software, Locobuzz for example, uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to find specific keywords or hashtags in conversations and comments. Then, by interpreting and classifying the information, it shows whether a statement is positive, negative, or neutral

Centralizes analytics data

You can perform an in-depth analysis using Social Media Analytics Software without moving between multiple systems to collect and transfer data. This is because all Social Media Analytics Data is centralized.

Let’s say you need to check which social platform is generating the highest traffic to your website. With Social Media Analytics Software, you don’t need to access Google Analytics; you can simply optimize Social Listening.

Monitors key influencers

One of the prominent features of Social Media Analytics Software is Audience Segmentation. With this, you’re able to define specific groups of individuals or companies from your large pool of social media followers. Those belonging to a certain segment share attributes and characteristics not found in those classified under other groups.

Each group may have individuals or companies with a large network of fans, supporters, or followers. These can broadly be classified as Influencers. The more general definition of an influencer is an internet celebrity known for being fluent or efficient at a certain segment like make-up, fashion, technology, news, entertainment, sports, etc. Kylie Jenner, for example, is the biggest influencer in the world known for endorsing high-end fashion labels. There are also fitness and motherhood influencers who endorse brands like protein & vitamin supplements, and baby products, respectively.

A Social Media Analytics Software allows you to identify influencers and utilize their reach and engagement to your own benefit. No matter what segment you’re in, there is an influencer out there – be it on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter – occupying your niche. Influencers, when utilized wisely, help expand your business. They can hugely affect the buying decisions of consumers. This is the main reason why 39% of brands have increased their influencer marketing budget.

Also, you can track an influencer’s social media activities including blog posts and video content. Imagine how influencers can impact the way you promote products or services! This empowers you to fine-tune your Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Optimizes social media marketing

A Social Media Analytics Software simplifies the optimization of Social Media Marketing Strategies. It gathers quantitative and qualitative metrics about the performance of your Social Media Content.

You can dynamically analyze your performance by accounting for the interplay between various factors. For instance, it lets you discover if you are serving high-quality content to the wrong audience or posting low-quality content.

Enables competition analysis

The best Social Media Analytics tools gain useful insights into your competitors’ Social Media activities. You can identify patterns of how they execute product placement on various social platforms.

If you apply Social Listening to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can with your competitors as well! You can verify if their products/services are getting negative feedback from prospects or customers. You can draw these people into your business and nurture them into brand ambassadors.

Why do you need to use social media marketing software?

Social Media is built on powerful technologies. It’s a viable source of information for businesses desiring to grow. However, businesses deal with noisy, raw data that must be processed before making sense of it to generate actionable insights.

Social Media Analytics Software plays a vital role here. It removes the challenges of discovering, collecting, preparing, and analyzing data. Leveraging NLP and ML, it helps businesses analyze interactions and activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms.

Social Media Analytics Software has the level of sophistication and automation needed to understand customer sentiment. It enhances Social Media Marketing Strategies, improves Online Brand Reputation, and competes well in your industry.

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