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Integrating Google Business Messaging To Improve Customer Engagement

Google business messaging locobuzz

How often have you shopped from an online platfrom?  In 2021, the total number of digital buyers was 289 million in India. The number of digital buyers is likely to increase to 378 million by 2025.  In 2021, the total number of digital buyers was 289 million in India. This number of digital buyers is likely to increase to 378 million by 2025.

In the ever-evolving Indian market, skyrocketed by the rapid growth of online marketplaces and constant technological advancements, e-commerce has emerged as a vital pillar of the modern economy. It offers both buyers and sellers unprecedented convenience and accessibility, reshaping the way we engage in shopping and conduct business.

This dynamic landscape continuously influences our shopping habits and business practices. However, in this modern era, personalisation stands out as a pivotal element in the buyer’s journey. Exceptional eye care brands, for instance, can employ cutting-edge techniques like 3D try-ons, personalised email campaigns, customised promotional offers, and AI chatbots on their websites. These approaches create a tailored shopping experience that resonates with customers.

In today’s business world, what truly matters is providing diverse avenues for customers to engage with products, ultimately leading to successful transactions. Amidst all these advancements, it’s essential to recognise that one of the primary tools people use to search for products is Google search. Without the need for any third-party applications, Google search displays products directly, allowing users to seamlessly transition to e-commerce platforms.

Herein lies the untapped potential of Google Business Messaging, a component often overlooked by modern businesses. While this feature exists, many brands fail to realise its profound impact on the buyer’s journey. Google Business Messaging represents a critical space where customers can directly connect with brands, making it a key player in creating a seamless and engaging path toward product purchase.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Google Business Messaging

Enter Google Business Messaging (GBM), a game-changer in the realm of customer communication. Imagine a world where your business can connect with customers seamlessly, answer their questions in real time, and even facilitate purchases—all through a simple chat interface. That’s the promise of google business messaging. Whether you’re a tech-savvy marketer or a business owner looking for the next big thing in customer engagement, GBM holds the key to unlocking a new era of connectivity and convenience.

How does Google business messaging work?

Why do Leading E-commerce sellers have GBM?

GBM allows businesses to display a messaging icon directly in Google Search and Maps results. This increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and better discoverability.

Customers can initiate conversations with businesses directly from Google Search or Maps, eliminating the need to visit the website or make a phone call. This convenience is especially appealing to mobile users.

Businesses can use GBM to capture leads and inquiries from potential customers who are actively searching for products or services. This can lead to increased conversions and sales opportunities.

Google business messaging is  a tool that can enhance the overall customer experience and contribute to business growth and success.

Why do brands use Google Business Messaging?

Research & Recommend

Brands employ Google Business Messaging to craft immersive customer journeys. This facilitates product exploration with engaging features such as car availability showcased in a carousel, requesting specific product information, and obtaining pricing quotes. It transforms the process of learning about products into a captivating experience.

Booking Appointments

Google Business Messaging empowers brands to optimise sales and deliver exceptional customer experiences through appointment booking. Customers can seamlessly book test drives or service appointments, enhancing convenience and driving sales.


Brands leverage Google Business Messaging to provide rapid and top-tier customer assistance precisely when it’s needed. This includes offering personalised support through live agents and employing bots to automate frequently asked questions with rich media elements. It allows customers to engage at their own pace, ensuring a tailored and efficient support experience.

Step-by-Step Guide for Setting up GBM

Step 1 Verify Your Business on Google

Ensure your business is verified on Google My Business. If not, go to the Google My Business website  and follow the verification process.

Step 2 Update Your Business Information

Log in to your Google My Business account.
Click on the location you want to enable GBM for.
In the left-hand menu, select “Messaging.”
Provide a reliable phone number for customers to reach you. This should be a number where you can receive SS messages.

Step 3: Download the Google Business Messages App

Download the Google Business Messages app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Log in using the same Google account associated with your business.

Step 4: Set Up Automated Greetings
In the Google Business Messages app, navigate to “Automated Greetings.”
Create personalized automated welcome messages for customers.
These messages should be warm and informative, guiding customers on how to use GBM to reach you.

Step 5: Enable GBM on Your Website

If you have a website, integrate the GBM chat widget. Google provides code for this integration.
The chat widget will allow customers to initiate conversations with your business directly from your website.

Step 6: Train Your Team

Ensure your customer support or sales team is trained to respond promptly to GBM inquiries.
Familiarize them with the GBM app and its features for efficient communication.

Step 7: Monitor and Respond to Messages

Regularly check the GBM app for incoming messages from customers.
Respond to inquiries promptly, providing helpful and relevant information.

Step 8: Gather Feedback and Improve

Use GBM’s analytics tools to gather insights into customer interactions.
Analyze data to identify areas for improvement in customer engagement.

Step 9: Promote GBM to Customers:

Let your customers know that they can reach you through GBM. Promote it on your website, social media, and in-store if applicable.

Step 10: Maintain Consistency and Quality

Ensure that your responses via GBM align with your brand’s tone and values.
Aim for a high level of customer service and engagement to build trust and loyalty.

Now having this as a great business message experience, one of the essential elements is to monitor these conversations.

Having various platforms to monitor customers and reply to conversations like emails, responding on Social platforms, and responding on your own company’s website can be a major challenge and adding Google business messaging will be an additional platform to monitor and respond to customers.

Having such a necessary platform, a key factor is to centralize all of your conversations across all channels into one single thread with an Inbox & case management system.

Challenges for managing GBM

Analytics Monitoring

Effectively overseeing conversations across multiple platforms like emails, social media, and your website is already demanding. Adding GBM as an additional communication channel can compound this challenge.

Response Handling

Introducing GBM means your customer service team has to manage yet another channel for customer queries. This can potentially overwhelm them and lead to delays in responding, resulting in unsatisfactory service.

Data Collection and Access

To maintain a comprehensive customer record, agents may need to manually input information into your CRM system during GBM interactions. This can be time-consuming, especially when trying to determine if the customer has prior interactions with your business, leading to potential inefficiencies.

Omnichannel Presence

In some cases, a customer might initiate a conversation on GBM and then switch to a different platform while seeking a resolution. This can complicate the continuity of the conversation and the customer’s experience. In summary, managing GBM presents challenges in terms of analytics monitoring, response handling, data collection, and maintaining a seamless omnichannel presence. Addressing these challenges effectively is crucial to providing a top-notch customer experience.

GBM enhancement with Locobuzz

Locobuzz’s Integration with Google Business Messaging (GBM) offers a host of powerful features that can revolutionize your customer engagement:

Respond to Customers Right From Search

Provide customers with immediate answers to questions about your business, including hours, products, services, pricing, and directions. GBM even supports high-quality videos and images. Customers can inquire, receive support, and make purchases directly through GBM, enhancing convenience and engagement.

Centralize Conversations in Inbox

Locobuzz simplifies the handling of Google Business Messaging (GBM) conversations by centralizing them into one convenient inbox. This efficient organization allows your team to manage inquiries effectively without the need for multiple inboxes. Additionally, there’s the possibility of implementing a case management system for customers.

Power of Smart Automation with Bot Journeys

Unlock the power of intelligent automation and workflows with Bot Journeys. These automated processes are designed to assist in managing common queries and tasks, reducing the workload on your team. This results in quicker responses, increasing customer satisfaction, regardless of the time of day.

Instant, Easy-to-Read Reports

Locobuzz offers immediate access to concise and easily understandable reports. These reports provide valuable insights into your GBM interactions, empowering data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement of your customer engagement strategies. Customize reports to focus on specific metrics with personalized widgets, and even schedule automated report deliveries for convenience.

Serve customers, anywhere, anytime

With Locobuzz’s integration, you can effortlessly extend your customer service to various channels. Whether customers reach out through GBM, social media, your website, or other platforms, Locobuzz ensures a consistent and efficient response. Allowing you to respond to customers within a single platform without the need for tab-switching, this streamlines agent efficiency.

Connect CRM with Data Collected Over Chat

Enrich CRM profiles with data conversationally collected over chat. Locobuzz enriches your CRM profiles with conversational data collected over chat. This means you have access to valuable customer insights and histories, enabling you to provide a more personalized and effective customer experience. The data can be automatically stored in your CRM without switching tabs to your CRM system. This integration to the CRM is code free making the hazel less in implementing this feature.

Distinguish Your Brand

In the fiercely competitive business arena, seizing every opportunity to differentiate yourself is paramount. By opening multiple entry gates for your customers, including chats from Google Maps, chats from Google Search, interactions from your website, and via your mobile app, you’re not merely engaging with customers; you’re offering a rich and diverse experience. This multichannel approach positions you as an accessible and customer-centric brand, setting you apart from the competition and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Final Thoughts

By having this powerful tool, the need to connect with your customers seamlessly and meaningfully has never been more pressing. Locobuzz is an emerging leader in pivotal solutions to elevate your brand’s customer engagement.

By bringing this powerful tool into your arsenal, you’re not just meeting customer expectations; you’re exceeding them.

The ability to centralize conversations, harness smart automation, access insightful reports, maintain an omnichannel presence, and enrich CRM data lays the foundation for remarkable customer experiences.

The key to success in the modern business landscape lies in adaptability and innovation. With Locobuzz and GBM, you’re not only keeping up with the times; you’re forging ahead, ready to offer exceptional service to your customers, anytime, anywhere. Embrace this transformative duo, and watch as your brand’s reputation soars, customer satisfaction skyrockets, and your competitive edge sharpens.

Don’t wait for the future; seize the moment, and let Locobuzz empower your brand to thrive in the age of customer-centric excellence. The hour to implement this dynamic combination is now, and the opportunities are boundless.

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