Here Are The Essentials To Decode A Cx Pitch


Why’s a cx pitch important?

Usually, a CX sales guy might speak to intimidate while creating curiosity. But what you don’t know is that you’re falling into a trap of false promises.

An unsatisfactory and old-fashioned human-only Customer Support approach is no longer good for any competitive brand. It creates many bottlenecks in the process while also slowing it down. Remember waiting in line for a Customer Service Representative? What a tiring experience!

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You must think quickly and get ready for cues while shortlisting CX tools. A great CX platform can transform your brand. There are benefits like delivering a superior Customer Experience as an organization.

Below, we discuss a list of instances you might come across during a CX pitch. Read carefully!

“You will benefit from the analytics”

For starters, ‘analytics’ means a statistical representation of data conclusive in nature. But, how to identify it? Or check the accuracy and plausibility of the projected data? Are they statistical or inferential in indicating an action? Are they aligned with your research and evaluation objectives? Well, it depends on you how you answer these.

“We give an overview of your competitors’ activities”

So, to begin, if they speak of an overview, don’t settle. Competition Tracking can be seamlessly characterized as follow:

  1. Extensive
  2. Inclusive
  3. Resourceful

An in-depth Competitor Analysis is like an undercover mission into their digital space. From storyboard approaches, audience sentiment, hashtag penetration to distress points; you should have a report ready of them all! And, over and above, the tool should tell you what your competition doesn’t yet know about themselves! Quite sly, right? It’s what Competition Benchmarking should do for you. Strike right at the bullseye!

“We deliver insightful reports”

When it comes to reports, ask what they mean by “insightful”. What they infer might just be a documentation of what the Artificial Intelligence analyzed. What’s important is to find out if the reports are insightfully humanized.

The true definition of an insightful report is being dynamically detailed and categorized to address situational immediacy. It must enlighten you, uplift, and motivate your brand to perform; report after report.

“You should definitely consider a Command Centre”

The ideal way to decide Command Centre deployment is:

  1. NOT that it’s fancy and creates an attraction point for the organization
  2. NOT because you think it’s an integral business investment
  3. NOT for it being a DIY Dashboard

But, in actuality, it should boost your brand performance with a real-time Digital Intelligence Hub.

“Your brand reputation is at risk”

An old sales trick is using “scare tactics”. Again, don’t be intimated; be sure. Even if your brand is undergoing a Digital Crisis, don’t choose with haste. Instead, learn the Why, When and Hows of Crisis Management and take decisions based on the scope of actionable data.


A comprehensive Social Listening platform will help you listen to negative, positive & neutral sentiments all in one place. It’ll make a wholesome collation of crisis-related touchpoints enabling aversion & course correction. It’ll be an ensemble of elements needed to fully repair the broken pieces. Furthermore, your brand will derive profitable outcomes with Big Data, Analytics, and Insights.

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