How to Use Sentiment Analysis For Brand Building

Companies want their brand to be perceived positively in the public eye and stay ahead of the competition. To keep the consumers interested in their products and services, the brands strive to tap into their emotions, such as satisfaction, appreciation, interest etc.

It plays an important role in determining the longevity of the brand. However, customer experiences differ from one another, and you may receive positive, negative and neutral emotions altogether for your brand. Thus, it is crucial to manage and monitor, which can be achieved through sentiment analysis.

It enables brands to gain an overview of a larger audience with comprehensive data and prioritise the brand mentions according to their urgency. Right from posts, reviews, feedback, to blogs, and articles. So the brands can strategize the plan of action to respond them

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is the process of recognizing customers ‘ emotions and their tone about the brand’s products and services expressed through online platforms. To deduce effective conclusions it helps in –

  • data mining
  • filtering results
  • extracting the opinion of the consumers out of the data.
  • monitoring conversations
  • evaluation of languages
  • voice inflection to measure attitudes, feelings and opinions.

It is the most important process as all other key social media strategies and website analytics like image recognition, social media analytics, customer experience analytics, social listening and monitoring depend on it and are more insightful.

Importance of sentiment analysis in brand building

According to, 2.5 quintillion bytes of unstructured texts and data is created every day.Understanding and sorting this data in form of reports can be tough and time-consuming.

This is where sentiment analysis comes into the picture; making it manageable for brands to procure valuable data using AI-driven automated tools and algorithms. Sentiment analysis that can benefit in building your brand more effectively because –

  • With the help of automated processes it enables the brand to process data efficiently with a time frame.
  • It is cost-effective and consumer-friendly as the brand can sort all kinds of online data at scale.
  • It allows the brand to maintain an objective approach by keeping the algorithm accurate, and equal for all mentions.
  • It allows the brand to set real-time alerts to get prompt notifications of the mentions.
  • It helps the brand to understand its audience by primarily targeting them with the right demographics, track their conversational tone, optimize the content and modify the approach before negative comments blow up.
  • It provides customers’ history, past behaviours and strategic data of the competitors so that the brand can create effective future marketing strategies.
  • Helps in instant customer service, especially during a crisis.

How to use sentiment analysis for brand building?

Social media monitoring

Social media platforms give consumers the liberty to express their experiences and emotions freely regarding a brand’s products and services. Monitoring these online consumer sentiments is one of the most pertinent criteria to quantify the brand’s online marketing results and efforts.

It centres around not only the brand’s online content but also the context of the user’s opinion. Technology platforms like Mention, Locobuzz, Social Searcher, RapidMiner, etc provides social monitoring tools to analyze consumer sentiment and offer clear data visualizations. Brands can execute sentiment analysis strategies in social media monitoring in the following ways –

  • analyze tweets and facebooks posts of targeted audiences to observe the sentiment analysis in a certain period.
  • perform sentiment analysis on all the brand mentions over social media platforms, websites, apps, etc, determine the order of urgency and subsequently respond.
  • Generate insights by using other filters to have a better understanding of the audience.

Customer support

Even though you’ve integrated chatbot, mail support and call centre, social media is the place where consumers seek solutions to their queries most of the time. This is where sentiment analysis can be useful to identify people who are looking for online assistance. 

A seamless customer experience results in revenue growth and improves customer retention. A brand can boost its credibility by performing sentiment analysis on customer support to analyse customer interactions; arranging unsatisfied customers and their complaints on the top. 

Brands can oversee their support team using filters to redirect tickets, target each customer to provide uninterrupted experience and services. Locobuzz is a unified customer service platform that provides multiple AI-led services like social media management, social listening tools, analytics and insights, and conversational chatbots to grow your business. 

With these features, no comments, questions, complaints or issues remain unanswered. It provides comprehensive data to quickly visualize customer’s sentiment regarding the brand’s marketing campaign, posts, ads, etc.

Customer feedback

Listening to what consumers have to say about their experience with your brand is crucial to improve and make a mark. The voice of the customer (VOC) involves gathering feedback, data, direct observations, Surveys, Interviews, Focus groups, Complaint data, review data etc. 

It mainly functions on sentiment analysis, a positive voice results in opportunities, whereas negative leads to adverse effects on the business and higher churn. However, having a customer-centric approach stimulates customer satisfaction, thus, better feedback and customer experience. 

With the help of sentiment analysis, a brand can identify the voice of customers, respond instantly and design actions to improve services and natural data flow in future. It provides a plethora of data, which empowers the aligning the customer support as well the sales team to work more efficiently to fulfil customers needs and desires.

Competitors benchmarking

Every brand strives to stay ahead of its competitors. Sentiment analysis helps the brand with market research so that it can create better marketing strategy content for its product and services to be competitive. 

It provides the algorithm that enables the brand to analyse customer’s attitudes towards new content, product and services in the market by your competitors and understand their opinion. This helps in anticipating how consumers would perceive your brand if you were to launch updates or new products.

Product analysis

Negative sentiments are one of the aspects that ruin the online brand reputation. These unsatisfactory emotions of the consumers can lead to higher churn rates; radically affecting the sales. Now, this can be considered critical customer feedback. Because, it can be possible that several customers are facing an issue with your product and services, which could be a significant suggestion for updates.

Implementing sentiment analysis on product analysis can lead to the evaluation of all the brand mentions for a specific product, analyze all the online comments, group conversations, and posts, and track customers’ opinions about your product. Moreover, procure all the required data to offer your product development team to improve and make customers happy.


Sentiment Analysis identifies customer sentiments with the combination of Natural Language Processing, artificial intelligence, and biometrics.

Locobuzz enables building the brand with its sentiment research that analyzes consumer sentiments not only about your brand but also your competitors through all of their online mentions over posts, reviews, comments etc. 

It helps you in setting a benchmark against your competitors by comparing the voice of consumers, sentiment scores and customer relatability. This helps the brand to understand their customers’ interests, purchase journey, and overall experience. So that it can build the brand customer friendly from all aspects.

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